[WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTO] Premature Baby Girl – Severely Disfigured After 2 Doses of Pfizer COVID Vaccine

February 21, 2023 in Adverse Reactions, Deaths

A seven month old baby was born 2 months premature after the mother had 2 doses of the Pfizer COVID Vaccine.

A few weeks ago the mother started having eye sight issues, and noticed the baby was not as active as she was before.

The mother had two doses of the Pfizer Vaccine, and described the baby after being born prematurely like she was “burned” in the womb.

There is a long list of things women should not do while pregnant:

  • Alcohol
  • Fish high in mercury
  • Unpasteurized foods
  • Raw seafood and eggs
  • Raw sprouts
  • NSAID pain relievers
  • Botox and chemical peels
  • High heat beauty treatments
  • Injury-prone sports like skiing and horseback riding
  • Hot yoga
  • Smoking and recreational drugs
  • Clean the cat litter box
  • Hot tubs

But magically somehow the COVID Vaccine, a brand new, experimental gene therapy is ENCOURAGED for pregnant women? Make it make sense.

If you think these have been well tested on pregnant women, think again.

Rest in peace sweet angel. Justice will be served, your death will not be in vain.

Illinois Congressman’s 17 Year Old Daughter Gwen Has Died Unexpectedly In Her Sleep

June 16, 2022 in Deaths

Congressman Sean Casten recently announced his daughter has died suddenly in her sleep. She had just graduated high school. This is so heartbreakingly tragic.

“There are no words to describe the hole in your heart when a child dies. Gwen was a happy, healthy, well adjusted young woman who was looking forward to starting her freshman year at the University of Vermont where she was planning to study Environmental Science. Her two great passions in high school at Downers Grove North were music and activism. She played trumpet in the Jazz Band, the Wind Ensemble and the Pit Orchestra in this spring’s production of Mary Poppins. She was inspired by the student efforts in the wake of the Parkland shooting to create an Empowerment Club in her high school which became one of the largest clubs at DGN, focusing on everything from gun violence prevention to environmental protection to LGBTQ allyship to organizing Black Lives Matter rallies to registering students to vote.

She had the good fortune to have a community of good friends, teachers and family and the good wisdom to realize how much she owed them. If her light seemed a bit brighter than most it was because she was so generous in reflecting back the light and love that so many gave to her.

On Sunday night, we had dinner as a family and then she went out with some friends for a few hours. When she got home, she said goodnight to Kara and I, texted a friend to make sure she got home OK, and didn’t wake up on Monday morning. The only thing we know about her death is that it was peaceful. And the only lesson we can take from that is to savor the moments you have with your loved ones. We want purpose. We want to believe in a brighter tomorrow. But the only thing we can control is our present.

We are grateful to all who have reached out with thoughts, condolences and help. To all asking what they can do, we ask only that you live your lives as Gwen lived hers. Savor the moments. Use every ounce of energy you have to ensure a better, more tolerant, more generous, more loving tomorrow. Not because you know that your tomorrow will come, but because you know that someone else’s will. Lead with Love.” – Sean, Kara, and Audrey Casten

Losing a child is something no parent should go through.

His whole family was vaccinated per his statement below.

The University of Vermont also required all students for the Summer of 2022, and Fall of 2022, to be fully vaccinated as well.

May she rest in peace, and her family have comfort through this heartbreaking situation.

Justin Bieber, only 28, Stricken With Rare Case of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

June 10, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

Justin Bieber, who’s only 28, just announced he’s got a rare case of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, and he was forced to cancel some upcoming shows due to facial paralysis.

What is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?

“Ramsay Hunt syndrome (RHS) is a rare neurological disorder characterized by paralysis of the facial nerve (facial palsy) and a rash affecting the ear or mouth. Ear abnormalities such as ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and hearing loss may also be present. Ramsay Hunt syndrome is caused by the varicella zoster virus (VZV), the same virus that causes chickenpox in children and shingles in adults. In cases of Ramsay Hunt syndrome, previously inactive (dormant) varicella-zoster virus is reactivated and spreads to affect the facial nerve.”

There have been a lot of reports of shingles outbreaks (varicella-zoster virus) post vaccination.

I had a large thread on Twitter of a few hundred comments about others having a shingles outbreak post vaccination, however yesterday Twitter suspended my account, and now no one can see the 21,000+ tweets I had about adverse reactions from the COVID Vaccine.

Here’s just one of the many articles with an excerpt below. The researchers reveal that they diagnosed a previously healthy 37-year-old man with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (RHS), two days after he got his first dose of the COVID vaccine.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome Following COVID-19 Vaccination

“We recently diagnosed Ramsay Hunt syndrome (RHS) in a 37-year-old previously healthy man. Two days after his first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech (BNT162b2) vaccine, he noticed fever and a pain in the right ear. Vesicles were then developed in his right ear and canal, together with vertigo, tinnitus and loss of hearing. He complained of facial palsy, tongue numbness and dysgeusia. On examination, he had grade 4 right facial nerve palsy of the lower motor neuron type with right sensorineural hearing loss (figure 1A). There were no other neurological deficits. Vesicles with serous discharge were found over the right concha and external auditory canal (figure 1B). A swab of the exudate was positive for varicella-zoster DNA on PCR, while throat saliva was negative for SARS-COV-2. A CT scan of the brain was normal. The diagnosis was RHS leading to peripheral facial nerve palsy, vestibulocochlear neuropathy and glossopharyngeal somatic sensory neuropathy. As his symptoms developed 2 days after vaccination, we suspected the vaccination triggered RHS. This would be the first reported case of RHS after COVID-19 vaccination.”

Here’s another medical journal studying if the COVID Vaccine can increase the risk of reactivation of VZV:

Can SARS‐CoV‐2 vaccine increase the risk of reactivation of Varicella zoster? A systematic review

“A total of 54 cases consisting of 27 male and 27 female patients have been reported. There were cases with known risk factors for herpes zoster, which included age more than 50 years (n = 36), immunological disorders (n = 10), chronic disease (n = 25), metabolic disorder (n = 13), malignancy (n = 4), and psychiatric disorder (n = 2). The mean (SD) period between development of herpes zoster and COVID‐19 vaccination was 7.64 (6.92) days. Majority of the cases were from the high‐income and/or middle‐income countries. 86.27% of the cases of HZ were reported due to mRNA vaccine. Thirty‐six patients 36/45 (80%) developed herpes zoster following the priming dose of COVID‐19 vaccine among those who received mRNA vaccine.”

Herpes zoster following BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in patients with autoimmune inflammatory rheumatic diseases: a case series

A study conducted in Israel found that six participants out of 491 experienced mild shingles for the first time after getting their first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

Increased number of Herpes Zoster cases in Brazil related to the COVID-19 pandemic

Data gathered in Brazil showed an increase of approximately 10 cases of shingles for every one million residents during the pandemic.

There are however, natural remedies that inhibit replication, of both herpes viruses and also pox viruses, as demonstrated in this paper here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-020-76151-w

As we have already shown after his wife’s ‘mysterious blood clot & stroke’ situation, both the Justin & Hailey attended the Met Gala in 2021, which required guests to be fully vaccinated. You can read more about her health scare HERE.

Hailey and Justin did attend the Met Gala September 13, 2021.

Which according to PEOPLE: The Met Gala to Require Attendees to Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19 and Wear Masks

Hailey and Justin both attended the Met Gala, this below image came from VOGUE.

Justin also required fans to be vaccinated to attend his concerts.

So it would seem that Hailey and Justin have been Vaccinated, just given the facts above.


Wishing Justin a quick recovery.

Lorand Suto – 30 Year Old Suffered A Minor Brain Stroke Following The COVID Vaccine

May 19, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

This is his story:

Hello, my name is Loránd Sütő. I am 30 years old, and this is my story.

I live in the small European country of Romania. Last year I had the opportunity of my life to move to the United States for employment, however, my plans and my life has changed drastically when I decided to take the COVID vaccine to protect others and myself.

I not only I missed a career opportunity of a lifetime but even worse, my life and health was absolutely ruined.

I got the COVID vaccine on April, 22, 2021 and after 8 hours the mayhem started to unleash itself.

One of my very first symptoms was Tinnitus, never knew or heard about this until my left ear (the same side that I got the vaccine in) has exploded with a high-pitched continuous noise. I was panicked at that point but little had I knew what was coming down the road.

In the following days my overall health state had worsened.

I had severe neurological issues including:

  • Brain Fog
  • Concentration Issues
  • Depersonalization
  • Vertigo
  • Memory Loss
  • Verbal Issues
  • Cognitive Issues
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Muscle Twitches
  • Pins and Needles
  • Burning Sensation all over my body
  • Night Time Adrenaline Rushes
  • Severe Body Pain

All of that was bad, but I wasn’t prepared for the episode that scared me the most.

Not long after getting the COVID Vaccine, I was rushed to the Emergency Room because I had a Transient Ischemic Attack, a minor brain stroke.

Instead of actually listening to me, the doctors told me that I was suffering from anxiety and post-vaccination stress. They told me to see a psychiatrist.

I started having chronic insomnia episodes. I went from being a healthy young man that regularly slept 6-8 sometimes 9 hours a night, I was “sleeping” only 2 hours on tops per night.

I was, and I still am, mentally and physically exhausted.

Because I live in a country where are the average wages are minimal, and where you can barely survive from month to month I started to burn my savings on doctors, protocols, expensive meds, doing MRI’s and CT scans. I have had 2 MRI’s and 2 CT Scans in the past 9 months.

My savings and bank account has dwindled to nothing, as insurance never paid for any of this.

The problems have been only getting worse.

I started to have severe arrhythmias, tachycardia and bradycardia at night, severe chest pains, and shortness of breath on a daily basis.

They did a Cardiac MRI on me, and I was told I now have pericarditis, which to be honest wasn’t a piece of fun news to get. This was a shock to me, as I did not have any prior condition, and my overall health was great.

I started to have groin pain and anal bleeding, doctors thought I might have colon cancer, however fortunately that wasn’t the case.

I have had several suicidal thoughts.

I tried asking for help from doctors, from the manufacturing company, I did all the legal stuff but I was treated like I was suffering from depression and anxiety and I was actually made to feel guilty for doing the “RIGHT THING”.

What can I say… when life makes a U-turn and all of your dreams and desires fall apart in a matter of days… it can get to you.

I’ve spent everything I had and went into debt in the pursuit of my regaining my health.

After 10 months, I still have Tinnitus, Pains, Neurological issues, vascular inflammation. I’m on the verge of not being able to fulfill my job duties because of my general health.

I want to start treatments that have helped a lot of injured people. Unfortunately, it is not covered by insurance either, and I need to pay the blood panels + meds from my own pocket, which, unfortunately, I’m not able to do.

Some days are “good days” and some are bad.

Going from no health issues and being active to feeling sick with no energy has definitely been a challenge. I am asking for your kindness, gratitude and support on my road to recovery.

Thank you for reading my story. Also, please share this story so fewer people will get hurt!

Forever grateful, Lorand.

Please follow his journey here:

Levi Best – 22 Year Old With Debilitating Injuries Following the Pfizer COVID Vaccine

May 18, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

This is Levi’s story:

Hi everyone, on the 17th of August in 2021 my life as I knew it changed forever.

I got the 2nd Pfizer vaccine as I thought I was doing the right thing with the pandemic and even though I wasn’t scared of COVID at all, I just assumed if I get the vaccine and I get COVID I’ll just get “less worse symptoms” so decided to move ahead with it.

Also I’ve always been a big fan of travelling so I wanted to make sure I’d be able to travel and I assumed I’d need the for that to happen.

I got the vaccine, and as soon as I got it done when I sat down on the chair for 15 mins I started to feel really strange and “out of it”, I felt like my whole body was going into shock but I tried to not think about it and relax as best I could.

I soon stabilized after that and then went about my business as normal for a few days. Around 3/4 days after the vaccine though, I started getting these intense chest pains on the left and center of my chest.

These pains would be really constant and come in waves of severity. I also had various other issues such as extreme nerve pain (which I still have).

I got checked up by a couple doctors and nothing was found which seems to be what a lot of people get told.

At this point I still wasn’t putting anything down to the vaccine as I didn’t put 2 and 2 together, even though the pain was so severe and I’ve never experienced ANYTHING like this before, I was very tempted to go to the ER many times but I just decided to ride it out and try to see doctors as soon as I could.

These pains crippled me and left me unable to do anything. I started getting skipped heart beats at this time as well and a racing HR.

Two of my biggest passions in the world are bike riding and going to the gym, and at this point I was physically incapable of doing either of those because the second I started it my HR would flair up really fast from barely doing anything and my chest would REALLY start to hurt.

When November 2021 rolled around, this is when it really started getting bad. I started to see lots of footballers collapsing and then I started to put 2 and 2 together with the vaccine and the heart problems I had been experiencing.

It was a really scary realization because I didn’t know what to do, I immediately went to A+E because at this point I was aware of what was causing the issues. I went in and explained how after the vaccine I’ve been having all these issues and even though I had really high HR and high blood pressure I was sent away with no answers and they just gaslit me and said this was just anxiety even though I’ve had anxiety before so knew this WAS NOT anxiety causing this. 

Ever since then, I have been back to the ER 10+ times with excruciating pain daily. My symptoms have developed over time and became not only more severe but ever changing as well. I spoke to one “out of hours” doctor who said it’s almost certain I have extreme chronic inflammation amongst various other issues in my body, as if I perform any sort of strenuous exercise my body can’t take it and starts tensing up and tightening to the point of not being able to breathe. Various other issues as well such as eye pains, 24/7 stomach cramps, fibromyalgia amongst LOADS of others.

I have had no answers and ZERO advice from any clueless doctors on how to treat my conditions. The only good bits of advice I’ve been receiving are from fellow injured people and even injured doctors themselves. A few of which have given me the advice I’ll need in which to fully heal.

They have suggested that I undertake 3 different forms of healing which have been seen to massively improve peoples conditions in similar situations to mine.

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy (to reduce the chronic inflammation in my body and organs, and to and reduce CRP which is very high for my age
  • Ozone treatments to start to put some oxygen back into my cells.
  • EB02 therapy to take all the junk out of my blood which shouldn’t be there from the vaccine such as heavy metals and other horrible things.

Because of my situation I’m unable to work, and therefore I have 0 income. Because of the constant leg cramping and the unpredictability of when I’m going to get severe heart pain and skipped beats my mobility has gotten to the point where I’m pretty much bed bound 95% of the time.

I can’t even afford to live at the moment but I’m powerless to do anything about it.

I need to have a full autoantibody panel work up done in Germany to see exactly what’s going on with my body, 30-40 rounds of HBOT to reduce severe inflammation and circulation issues, various ozone treatments and 2 rounds of EB02 therapy.

EB02 is one of the deepest full body detoxes you can do as it filters out everything in your blood which shouldn’t be there aka heavy metals, toxins, etc, and I have seen several injured make extremely good progress using this treatment.

All 3 of these treatments combined have been told to help many others struggling make a full recovery and just be themselves again.

I’m only 22 and was supposed to have my entire life ahead of me.

If anyone reading this could be generous enough to donate towards my recovery it would mean the world to me. Your donation no matter how big or small could genuinely be the difference between me being able to fully heal or not.

My situation is slowly getting worse day by day I’m really concerned and want to get it underway as soon as I possibly can as I have no other sources of treatment. Also, if there’s ever a day that I’m better, I’m going to be putting all my energy into making sure that these things stay well away from innocent children that DON’T need them and it hurts me so much to see people even younger than me struggling with these horrible issues.

Thank you all very much for reading

Please follow his journey here:

LeeAnne Barnett – Debilitating Novavax Adverse Reactions

May 11, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

Hi my name is LeeAnne and I had the Novavax when it became available in February.

I waited because I believed this was the better option for me but as I have pre-existing heart condition of bicuspid valve disease and aortic stenosis. I’m also on chemo until July for skin cancer.

In February when I had the vaccine, I felt sick straight away, but then about 5 days later I started to get a burning red rash over the lower part of my body that was incredibly painful.

I went to the hospital and they dismissed me as they didn’t know enough about the vaccine at the time.

I now live in constant pain. I’m also now getting mysterious bruises and I look pregnant, I am not. My stomach was rock hard. I could not sit down with out my legs wide open. It’s very uncomfortable.

My eyes are weeping what feels like acid and is so painful.

All of this has caused me extreme depression as I can not enjoy anything anymore. I just want to sleep.

My only option is to go into a detox center and to also see a hematologist and immunologist which I have to do privately.

The pain is unbearable. The government won’t do anything to help me.

I just want to live again.

You can follow her journey here:

Arthur Grice – 22 Year Old Required To Get Vaccinated For a Work Visa, Died 6 Weeks After 1 Johnson and Johnson COVID Vaccine Dose

May 3, 2022 in Deaths

This is his story:

My son Arthur, who was only 22, had his first and only dose of the Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine on January 18, 2022, as a requirement of a work visa for the United States. I didn’t approve of him getting the COVID Vaccine. The only reason he got it was because it was required to work abroad in America.

The day after the vaccine his nose started running and he did not feel well.

He had episodes of vomiting and February 13th, 2022 was his last ‘healthy’ day. His health deteriorated very, very fast his last weeks.

He died February 24th, 2022, just 6 weeks after his first and only Johnson & Johnson vaccine dose.

He complained he could not sleep since he got the vaccine, that his brain did not switch off, and he felt strange.

He went to the Doctor where they treated him for a stomach ulcer. He was vomiting the whole time and severely dehydrated with severe stomach pain.

I took him back to another Doctor a few days later, and told him he had the vaccine. He had a stomach x-ray that determined there was no movement in his bowels. They treated him for paralytic ileus. This is a condition that occurs when the muscle contractions that move food through your intestines are paralyzed.

The hospital released him to come home, but on a liquid only diet. I took him back to the hospital twice after his paralytic ileus diagnosis.

My son had difficulty swallowing, he could not eat, he had no stools, he stomach was protruding and he was still vomiting. His whole body was shutting down, his kidneys, brain, etc. He looked like a cancer patient.

My son died in my arms.

The first picture below was his normal healthy self. The second picture was 2 days before his death. He was severely dehydrated and his body was shutting down.

We are still waiting for the pathology report as all organs was sent for histology.

Chimena – 35 Years Old And Suffered Two Strokes 6 Days After The Pfizer COVID Vaccine

May 3, 2022 in Deaths

This is Chimena’s story [Translated]:

“Hi, my name is Orlando and I would like to report what happened to my wife, Chimena.

After 6 hours of being inoculated with the first dose of Pfizer, my wife started having headaches.

She went to sleep feeling very bad. In the morning, she felt nauseous. She only had coffee and at lunch she could not eat anything.

On the third day she felt pain in his legs had abdominal swelling, and started to feel chills in the afternoon. That night, she had more headaches.

On the fourth and fifth days, she could only sleep with her legs stretched out due to the pain.

On the sixth day she woke up with a terrible headache, and later that afternoon she suffered an ischemic stroke. We took her to the hospital.

There she was treated and transferred to another hospital, where she had the second stroke, this time a hemorrhagic stroke.

She spent 10 days in a coma, struggling to live. She died on August 28, 2021.”


Jeff Jackson – Lichenoid Dermatitis and Extreme Skin Reactions Following Moderna COVID Vaccine

May 3, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

This is Jeff’s story:

On September 28th, 2021, I received my second Moderna COVID vaccine.

Within 30 minutes and getting home, I started feeling heated, itchy and had hardening and skin color changes from the top of my head to my shoulder where I received the vaccine.

I called the vaccine administrator and was told it was normal and would go away. After a few days the itching got worse and the rashes started to appear.

Multiple doctor visits suggested it may be Plaque Psoriasis, I was contacted by a friend on Facebook and told to come to the doctor she worked for, to get things going starting with the biopsy. I had 2 separate biopsies, both confirmed the diagnosis and also confirmed it started when I got the vaccine.

I’ve been out of my house maybe 5 or so times since then and it’s going on 8 months now.

I’ve lost 2 layers of skin, and I have to sweep my apartment 3-4 times a day because of the loss of skin cells.

Officially, I’ve been diagnosed with Lichenoid Dermatitis.

My right eye stays blurry because the skin I’m shedding, gets in my eyes. I’m losing my hair which will never grow back due to extreme scarring.

Please follow Jeff’s journey on Instagram:

Ryleigh Jones – 8 Year Old Girl With Functional Neurological Disorder Following 1 Dose of Pfizer COVID Vaccine

May 1, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

This is Ryleigh’s story:

Ryleigh had the COVID Vaccine January 6, 2022 and was diagnosed with COVID on January 12th. During COVID she had a straight 48 hour fever and lethargy.

My heart tells me that she has developed something from the COVID vaccine or disease itself. The VCU medical community will not dig further into our hypothesis.

Between the February 15, 2022 and April 20, 2022 Ryleigh has been admitted to VCU Health system 11 times and they have been unable to diagnose her properly. They say that Ryleigh has a disorder called Functional Neurological Disorder. We do not believe this to be true as she is only 8 years old and this diagnosis would be unheard of at this age.

Ryleigh has been through extensive medical procedures such as EEG, MRI and a lumbar puncture which have all come back clear.

We still have no diagnosis for our beautiful loving girl. If you’ve known Ryleigh you know that she’s loved life, school, friends, baseball, and dance.

Ryleigh has suffered significant memory loss to the extent some times she doesn’t remember her dad and I or her family and beloved dog Buddy.

Ryleigh began having massive blackout episodes and being unable to return herself to a normal state.

March 23rd, 2022 Ryleigh lost feeling and ability to walk. With the diet change she has begun to walk again but the limbs have no sensation. Ryleigh no longer feels when she urinates. She is 8 years old. this is a tragedy to her Mom and Dad.

On March 24th, we took Ryleigh to Johns Hopkins Hospital where we were quickly shut down because they pulled our record from VCU Health System, so they were unable to truly do an extensive workup on Ryleigh. JHH was not much help to us other than running tests that suggest Ryleigh may have Porphyria and Celiac disease. 

To date I have bills upwards of $ 11,000 plus we have medications/vitamins that we must pay for to help Ryleigh recover.  Ryleigh currently has a functional medicine doctor. We are giving it a try as we have been ridiculed by VCU and now have PTSD to even walk into a hospital. We never knew Doctors and Nurses could be so cruel. 

On 4/22/2022 I had Child Protective Services show up at my door accusing me of not treating Ryleigh or giving her un-prescribed medications. The hospitals won’t give her medications. How could I possibly give her something I don’t have? This is the lowest of the low that I have seen from VCU.  To disagree with some of the other doctors opinions that we have received is one thing, but it’s another to be unethical and throw other licensed medical professionals names in the trashcan. The chief pediatric hospitalist at VCU Medical center deliberately googled our Dr. From New York and found that he had an incident with his taxes and told me about it to discredit his work.  She then decided to call CPS on us because I didn’t agree with her diagnosis of FND. She lied to the CPS worker by stating that I said I was giving her un-prescribed medication.  The government should not be able to intervene in a parent-child medical decision making process. Doctor’s have opinions. It’s up to the parent to make the best choice for their child.  To have the additional burden of CPS on my shoulders it makes it even further distressing to use the medical system.  It’s a very sad situation, but we will continue to fight to find the appropriate care for our daughter to receive the medications that will assist to remove the spike protein from her body. We have started working with a functional and integrative medicine doctor. 

As of 4/25/2022 – Ryleigh has improved slightly because we made significant changes to her diet. Gluten Free foods and plant based organic foods is all that Ryleigh is able to eat as of now. As you can imagine for an 8 year old this has been significantly challenging. 

We have several upcoming outpatient appointments coming up to further determine what damage has been done to our loving little girl. 

Ryleigh’s blood work has not been explained to us and there are no explanations for the reasons that her SED rate and CRP and other tests are elevated. 

VCU has been rude and disrespectful to us. We have been laughed at and told we are crazy for believing our daughter. Ryleigh’s life has changed dramatically and she’s too talented to let her suffer in this agony without fighting with everything we have to get the proper treatment for our girl. 

Please consider helping us figure out what is happening with our child. We have accumulated over $13,000 in medical bills and her treatment is ongoing and we may also have to have an attorney in the future. 

Thank you and hug your child tight because tomorrow may not be the same.

Please follow her journey below.

Please follow Jennifer on Twitter. Any insight and advice navigating Ryleigh’s healing is much appreciated.


Vanessa Martins Figueiredo – 13 Year Old Girl Dies 2 Months After Pfizer COVID Vaccine

April 29, 2022 in Deaths

Vanessa Martins Figueiredo was only 13 Years Old.

Five days After the Pfizer vaccine, her symptoms started. She didn’t improve, she just got worse. She passed away on 1/10/2022, two months later.

The teenager from the city of Araranguá suffered facial paralysis and weakness on one side of her face just five days after the Pfizer vaccine and was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. She underwent treatment with the medicine corticosteroids (an anti-inflammatory) for her condition.

This is her story [translated]:

My daughter, Vanessa Martins Figueiredo, 13 years old, received the Pfizer vaccine on 11/9/2021.

Symptoms appeared 5 days after being vaccinated, it started with vomiting. One of her eyes became paralyzed. Then it got worse and worse. She only got worse from there.

Her voice weakened and she lost her ability to move. She had to wear diapers, use a wheelchair, and couldn’t move completely.

However, her health worsened over the weeks and she was hospitalized on December 29th. The 13-year-old was then intubated and transferred to the Joana de Gusmão Children’s Hospital in Florianópolis on January 2nd.

Vanessa passed away eight days later on Monday, January 10th, 2022.

I asked her to fight for her life.

The doctor put his hand on my shoulder, and said “mom, her little heart stopped”. She then breathed another sigh and then died.

She passed away on 1/10/2022, just two months after the Pfizer covid vaccine.

Her mother, Alice Romano, said:

“They tried everything all night, but in the morning, her condition worsened. Then they called me into the room and said that nothing more could be done, as the infection had reached an important part of her brain.

At 10:15 am my daughter passed away.”

From when she was admitted to the hospital, until the day of her death, they did many tests: blood, tomography, resonance, X-ray, ultrasound and the hospital could not tell me the reason of what caused her to deteriorate so rapidly.

“My daughter was healthy, and she got vaccinated. My daughter then got sick and died. It was the vaccine.”

The report the family received from the hospital listed her death as “inconclusive”.

STORY SOURCE: https://t.me/oscasosraros

7 Year Old Girl Oozes Blood From Her Eyes, Ears, Nose and Skin Following the Pfizer COVID Vaccine

April 20, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

A 7 Year Old Girl in Thailand is having horrific reactions to the Pfizer COVID Vaccine just 1 week later. The parents are asking for help after their daughter began developing mysterious symptoms related to hematohidrosis, a rare condition characterized by oozing of blood from intact skin. 

On April 1, the seven year old girl received a dose of the Pfizer COVID Vaccine.

Then on April 7, her mother Pimpakarn Khotphakdi, had started to develop dark purple spots on her skin and began sweating blood 1 week after receiving the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. She was taken to the hospital for diagnosis, and prescribed Vitamin C and sent home.

On April 8th, the girl began showing symptoms again, this time blood pouring from her nose, ears, eyes, and skin.

The mother took her to a different hospital hoping for a more clear diagnosis, yet, all test results came back normal. The girl’s mother is worried about her daughter’s condition and is calling on specialists to look into her case.

This is a developing story.


Ryan Campbell – 50 Year Old Former Australian Cricketer Fighting For His Life After A Heart Attack

April 19, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

Ryan Campbell, 50, former Australia Cricketer is now fighting for his life, after suffering a heart attack.

“Ryan Campbell, the head coach of the Netherlands cricket team, has been hospitalized in the UK after suffering a heart attack on Saturday. Campbell, who represented Australia in two ODIs, remains in coma.”

The 50-year-old was at a playground with his children on the weekend when he collapsed.

Ryan recently got COVID and also recently received his booster.

“After nearly 2 and a half years of avoiding COVID….all 4 of us down within days…hoping double vax & booster will make it a smooth next few days 🤞🏻🤞🏻 #GetVaccinatedNow”

Akhlad Khan – 28 Year Old Times Of India Journalist Has Died After 3 Heart Attacks

April 16, 2022 in Deaths

Akhlad Khan was only 28.

His death was announced on his Twitter account, by his brother.

“Hello, This’s Akhtab, @BawaNaaved younger brother. I’m deeply saddened to inform you that he isn’t here with us anymore and it’s unreal for me and my fam.

This was his 3rd and the last heart attack, he was on the ventilator for a day. On 11 April around 9:30 pm his soul departed.”

Akhlad announced he had an acute heart attack on March 24th:

“Just 2 days ago, On 24th March, I suffered another acute heart attack. Was on complete bed rest, feeling much better now Alhumdolillah. Back to work! And guess what? My story leading tomorrow TOI 😀. Need your love and prayers..”

A Twitter user ask him if he was fully vaccinated, to which he replied that he was.

May he Rest In Peace.

Danylo Zinneck Nobre – 15 Year Old Died After Pfizer Induced Brainstem Encephalitis

April 15, 2022 in Deaths

Danylo Zinneck Nobre, was 15 years old.

He took 2 doses of Pfizer, the first on 08/24/2021 and the second on 10/19/2021.

Eighteen days later he had some slight fatigue. Then weakness in the legs. And then he began to experience blurred vision and heaviness in the head.

Then on 01/06/2022, he had a seizure and was intubated with difficulty swallowing and slurred speech.

He was taken to Hospital. There, an examination was performed without the presence of bacteria or virus. He had normal resonance, and he had several CT scans all with nothing abnormal.

He had daily biomedical exams, all normal.

He was left with paralysis in the diaphragm and upper and lower limbs, and was tracheostomized.

He was diagnosed with Autoimmune Bickerstaff Brainstem Encephalitis (BBE), a rare neurological disease that affects the central nervous system and peripheral.

He underwent plasmapheresis treatment, a procedure aimed at filtering the blood, removing the substances that are causing damage from the plasma.

However, in the 5th session he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke, which was reabsorbed 80%, and an EVD lead was placed.

When changing the EVD, however, there was bleeding followed by brain death.

My son was totally healthy, he had never been sick, he didn’t even know what a fever was.

I stayed with him for 2 months in an ICU room until he died on 03/03/2022.

Izabella da Silva – 11 Year Old Girl Coerced By School To Get Vaccinated, Dies 4 Days After Being Vaccinated

April 13, 2022 in Deaths

Izabella da Silva, an 11-year-old girl, died four days after being inoculated with the vaccine against COVID19.

According to reports, the girl was being threatened by the direction of the school where she studied. 

Izabella, was a healthy girl, without any comorbidities, in perfect health, and her parents did not want to vaccinate her. But the school’s management pressured her, threatening to make a complaint to the guardianship council, as directed by the Paraná Public Ministry, that she could be removed from her parents care”, said the deputy during a speech to the Legislative Assembly of Paraná.

Izabella came home terrified and asked her father to allow her to get vaccinated, says the deputy, who keeps in touch with Izabella’s parents.

Izabella received the vaccine on April 4, a few days later she began to experience severe headaches, and she died unexpectedly on April 8, just four days after the vaccination.

The parents did not want to vaccinate her. And now, because of the school’s coercion, she’s been taken from her parents permanently.

According to data from the CDC and FDA, the survival rate of children infected with covid-19 is 99.99%, while the adverse effects of vaccination are still not yet known.

Izabella was at virtually no risk from COVID-19, and yet now, her parents are without their 11 year old daughter.


Matías Attem – 43 Year Old Journalist Died Less Than 7 Months Following The COVID Vaccine

April 13, 2022 in Deaths

Matías was only 43 years old.

There were a few differing reports online about what illness he was fighting, one report says prostate cancer, that was only diagnosed two months prior, and was in a very advanced stage.

A few other articles online said it was a lung illness he had been battling for the last month and a half of his life.

“After the disease was detected in a very advanced state, his family remained low and in recent days they tried to contact a healing priest because in medical terms there was not much to do anymore.”

He was vaccinated less than 7 months prior.

On March 11, 2021 he posted a picture online of his vaccine card saying:

“One year after the world completely changed, today I can say I got vaccinated! Let’s continue to take care of ourselves!”

May he Rest In Peace.

He passed away October 6, 2021, less than 7 months after his COVID Vaccine. It’s unclear if he had more than the dose he posted on his Verified Facebook post.

SOURCE: https://t.me/vaccineinjuriesca/373

Salvo Nicosia – 52 Year Old Fashion Publicist Dead After Heart Attack

April 8, 2022 in Deaths

Salvo Nicosia, a highly respected and well-liked communications director of Alberta Ferretti, died on Friday after suffering cardiac arrest in Milan, aged 52.

Reports online from Italy state he allegedly fell ill two days ago on the way to work. The ambulance arrived within 30 minutes to help him but he was already in an irreversible coma. He died while at the hospital.

Friends remembered his healthy lifestyle, a non-smoker and regular gym-goer and attentive to nutrition.

“Heartbroken and shocked over the sudden passing of my dear longtime friend Salvo Nicosia,
He will be greatly missed by so many of us.”

“Me at work today. Back from Cannes fresh and vaccinated but with so much damn work to get done, busy AF… leave me alooooone.”

His final Instagram post was from a few days ago, of his metaverse avatar.

“My MetaBearded NFP (Non Fungible Person) version isn’t too bad, definitely younger and way more hipster than the real one and with blue eyes.

Let’s see what kind of game ThemaVerse has in mind for my badass jailed alter ego.”

May he Rest In Peace.

Justine Ezarik – 38 Year Old YouTube Vlogger Had A Pulmonary Embolism With Blood Clot In Lungs

April 7, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

Justine, better known as iJustine just announced today to her 1.8 million twitter followers she’s had a major blood clot scare.

In her words, a recollection of what’s happened to her:

“TLDR; I was in the hospital for 5 days with a blood clot in my shoulder that traveled to my lungs (PE). I have a potential diagnosis of paget schroetter syndrome, and may have to have a rib removed

1/20 – Here’s the thread of events that occurred this past week:

2) Tues: Texted my sister who just landed from Germany that I thought I had a blood clot. My arm was swollen + felt a little faint. Took my BP – it was normal. I showered, rested and swelling went down. I went to a nice web3 dinner that evening

3) Wed: Spent the day at NFTLA convention, hung out with great people, met new friends. I was so tired that I actually got a hotel room in the afternoon and took a nap before the events in the evening. I felt fine, just a little off.

4) Thurs: I was supposed to go back to the convention but was too tired. I had light saber training at 7am and then I cleaned my garage, assembled a push sled. By afternoon my arm was not looking good. I went to another web3 dinner hoping it’d resolve itself.. (it didn’t)

5) Fri: I was a little scared falling asleep Thurs night and when I woke up it wasn’t much better. My sister and I were supposed to record a podcast. I couldn’t lift my arm up to brush my hair and knew this could be very severe if I didn’t get help fast.

6) We rolled up to the ER telling them I have a blood clot in my arm, they think I’m crazy because “young and healthy” until they saw IT. They quickly got me a bed and ordered an ultra sound.

7) Ultra sound did in fact prove my theory correct, blood clot in my shoulder. I waited for hours until they could get transport and a bed to a larger hospital. They also wouldn’t let me eat or drink incase they needed to do a procedure immediately upon arrival.

8) Many hours later, I’m in an ambulance to big hospital. They start blood thinner medication. By 10pm they finally say I can eat something because my procedure won’t be until the morning. My wonderful sister @jennaezarik got me everything from the cafeteria menu!

9) Got a room, lots of test, 10pm meal. Lost my shirt, almost passed out trying to get a shower. Things are going GREAT. Arm still SWOL..

10) Sat: Had no idea what procedure they were doing because no doctor would come up to talk to me. They wheeled me down to the OR. I’m in a mild panic because I know nothing about this procedure, the drugs they’ll be giving me or what recovery will be like..

11) Panic mode in the OR deciding if I should do this procedure I know NOTHING about. I call my pharmacist sister and YouTube friend @DrChrisNicholas WHO ACTUALLY DOES THIS EXACT PROCEDURE AS HIS PROFESSION!! My Dr was NOT happy abt my hour long consult with other Drs lol

12) Procedure happens, they run a catheter into the vein to the clot injecting tPA to dissolve it. I was so loopy coming out of anesthesia and I kept asking everyone if they have any NFTs. I do recall someone saying they have a @BoredApeYC but I think he was lying..

13) At this point I’m now in the ICU and I can’t move either of my arms. I’m completely helpless and on strict bedrest until the follow up appointment the next morning. My sister has to feed me, brush my hair and teeth and it was just an overall very sad sight.

14) That night was terrible bc they had to do a potassium IV which caused my arm to cramp and burn with the worst pain I felt the entire time being there. I just counted down the hours until it was over..

15) Sunday: Procedure round 2, clot still not dissolved. Tried to bribe my Dr to check at 12 hours instead of 24 but he didn’t accept my $100 or 5 $ETH offer.. 24 more hours of bedrest, clot drugs and not moving my arms. I’m pretty defeated tbh

16) Most of Sunday was staring at the clock waiting for 8am the next morning. I had surprise visitors @rosannapansino and @husky! I wasn’t really in any mood to see people but Ro brought a special Hawaiian surprise for me since I had cancel my trip to Hawaii this wknd with her.

17) Monday: 3rd time is hopefully a charm! They put me out again and I wake up to the good news that it’s gone! Or, so I thought because later that evening I started having chest pains, they ran a CT at 1:30am and found a piece of it broke off and went to my lungs. COOL

18) Since I did end up having a PE, they kept me until Tuesday afternoon for monitoring. They were still letting me go home even with the clot in my lung. They said the treatment would be the same and the extensive amount of blood thinners I’ve been on should clear it up

19) So, here we are. I’m out of the hospital. Now on blood thinners for months, a possibility of having a rib removed and all my favorite activities are on hold. I’m feeling really great all things considered and will be back to making videos in no time!

20) A huge thanks to my incredible medical team that made this experience much less scary and saved my life. Special thanks to @jennaezarik for taking care of me for 5 days and to everyone who knew what was happening that checked it. Now, let’s hope I can keep my rib..

Justine’s thoughts on COVID Vaccines, Masks, Testing, and COVID.

Justine announced on Instagram 4/23/21: She was a “fully vaccinated” proud #vaxhole.

“Second shot ✅ I’m officially a proud #vaxhole! What’s everyone else’s status? You full vax? Half vax? Anti-vax? #modernamama

In the below video Justine used a filter to make fun of vaccine injuries, not once, but twice.

“I’m doing well. I’ve been getting covid tests before seeing friends, family or working. I also take the OTC ones every few days just to be extra cautious.”

“This is me.. every few days, freaking out at every single cough or if I feel extra tired. Now I’m just extra paranoid and anxious even when I haven’t left the house since the last time I got COVID test..”

“Hope no one has any small chance to live because your life was already decided by the anti-maskers and people who continue to party and act like they are above COVID.”

We wish her a full recovery.

A pulmonary embolism is a blockage in one of the pulmonary arteries in your lungs. In most cases, pulmonary embolism is caused by blood clots that travel to the lungs from deep veins in the legs or, rarely, from veins in other parts of the body (deep vein thrombosis). Because the clots block blood flow to the lungs, pulmonary embolism can be life-threatening.

Here are a few articles regarding Pulmonary Embolism:

  1. A Case of Acute Pulmonary Embolus after mRNA SARS-CoV-2 Immunization
  2. Three cases of acute venous thromboembolism in females after vaccination for coronavirus disease 2019
  3. Acute Ischemic Stroke Revealing ChAdOx1 nCov-19 Vaccine-Induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia: Impact on Recanalization Strategy
  4. Isolated pulmonary embolism following COVID vaccination: 2 case reports and a review of post-acute pulmonary embolism complications and follow-up
  5. A rare case of COVID-19 vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopaenia (VITT) involving the veno-splanchnic and pulmonary arterial circulation, from a UK district general hospital

Nike – 24 Year Old Athlete With Severe Adverse Reactions to Pfizer COVID Vaccine

April 7, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

This is Nike’s story:

Since my COVID vaccination, my life has been upside down. I was in the peak of my physical fitness and I never could have imagined falling as far as I have.

I was vaccinated with Pfizer on 5/18/21 and 6/24/21.

At first I played down all the symptoms, continued to work and exercise and thought that with a little break everything would be fine again. That wasn’t the case:

The list of symptoms is still long today months later:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Body Aches / Feeling like my entire body is being squeezed
  • Constant pain
  • Constant dizziness
  • Permanently inflamed mucous membranes
  • Several infections
  • Complete absence of periods
  • Symptoms of exhaustion that I could never have imagined – and by that I mean the constant need to sleep, even after the smallest, everyday processes such as showering or eating
  • An inexplicable permanent fever
  • Coordination difficulties
  • Severe physical pain
  • No functioning immune system

It was only after 4 weeks of this suffering like this when none of it went away on its own, that I decided to go to the doctor.

After tests and examinations, the doctors actually suggested that I was suffering from “Long COVID” through the vaccination, despite not having been directly infected with the virus?

I’ve been told I have “Adjustment Disorder with Emotional Crisis CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Adverse Reactions from COVID-19 Vaccine Use, Post-COVID-19 Condition, Allergic Reaction.

For the past six months I have been unable to keep up with my job and my studies, and the current costs for everything that Pfizer has done to me and my health. This exhaustion is DIFFERENT. Sometimes I have to sleep after the shower because my body is so exhausted.

What I love most, namely sport and exercise, has been completely off the table for months. I have to absolutely ‘nothing’ anymore.

Every step was too strenuous, I could only “push through” the few training hours that I tried to do, because even crouching down caused the dizziness of my life. My heart rate is a whole other problem. During a short and slow walk, it’s usually between 190 and 205.


I have been in the healing phase for 8 months now. I looked for a functional, holistically oriented doctor after being ignored by doctors.

My blood values have FINALLY improved and, above all, the inflammation values are finally down.

Let’s get to the essentials: What supplements and therapies am I doing to return to peak condition?

  • Phosphatidylcholine active PC Liquid
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamin D & K
  • Vitamin C with Shitake extract
  • Ubiquinol Q10
  • Fatigue complex
  • Omni Biotic Pro Vi
  • Omni Biotic Power
  • MSM
  • Black Cumin Oil (Blackseed Oil)
  • Iron, Zinc & Selenium
  • L-Tryptophan & 5-HTP
  • Glucosamine
  • Glutamine
  • Intravenous Amino Acid Complex
  • Intravenous Vitamin C
  • Intravenous Chelation therapy
  • IHHT (Interval Hypoxia-Hyperoxia Therapy
  • MT and KG device
  • Matrix Rhythm Therapy
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • IRT
  • Shock Waves

Has anyone else tried the various treatments above Nike has?

Joyce Culla – 24 Year Old Nurse and TikTok Star Dies After Ruptured Brain Aneurysm Following AstraZeneca Vaccine

April 7, 2022 in Deaths

Joyce Culla was a 24 year old nurse, and a viral TikTok star with 1.6 million followers, fully vaccinated and recently boosted.

Recently, she was hospitalized. She was reportedly having seizures, in a coma, and was under observation to see if another brain surgery would improve her condition.

Joyce posted a video appearing completely fine on TikTok on 3/26/22.

On 3/27/22 an update was posted informing people she had been hospitalized.

“Good evening everyone. I know it’s late. I just want to inform you that one of our dear friend / my bestfriend suffered from ruptured brain aneurysm and is in critical condition right now. She is admitted at Mt. Carmel Hospital in ICU. She underwent operation this morning and still hoping for better improvement. I know this is all sudden and shocking to find out but OUR JOYCE CULLA will need our help now, may it be financial or a prayer. Both will do. Our support will go a long way to extend our love to her.”

Family posted online: “Joyce, I just need you to wake up please 😭

An update on March 28th, said:

“She’s still in coma hooked to mechanical ventilator. Vital signs are within normal range. She’s still on strict monitoring. We still ask for your assistance spiritually, financially. Thank you so much guys!”

On March 31, 2022, another update was provided:

“Update: Hate to be the bearer of bad news guys but she had seizures last night, her level of consciousness dropped again from 7 to 5 🥺 (coma)

The health care team is really doing their best to take care of Joyce. *She’s under observation till tomorrow PST, if no improvement and still seizing she is to be subjected back to another brain surgery (decompressive hemicraniectomy)

As of now, let’s pray for her to bounce back. Thank you so much everyone!”

Her death was announced on April 1, 2022:

“We love you so much nini Joyce Culla Rest in peace with our Lord Jesus 🙏🏼🙏🏼 where there is no more suffering. Lord Jesus, Thank You for the 24 years that you gave me life. 🙏🏼🙏🏼😭😭💔💔 Thank you🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Joyce had a booster recently per her Facebook page on 12/22/21:

She had a previous dose on March 15, 2021.

May she rest in peace.

Reports online are trying to say what happened to her was “a Mental Health issue” and caused by stress and high blood pressure.

This was her last TikTok post on 3/26/22:

There are many stories like hers unfortunately.

Here is just one example:


Harley – Healthy 33 Year Old Suffers Blood Clots And Two Cardiac Arrests Following One Pfizer COVID Vaccine

April 3, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

Harley has had five operations, and had two cardiac arrests following one dose of Pfizer. This is Harley’s story:

My name is Harley, I’m 33 years old.

I’ve always been healthy, I played ball often, and this is my story:

On 08/24/21 I took the first dose of Pfizer.

On the same day I felt pain in my arm and chills, symptoms that were repeated the next day. After 15 days of inoculation I started to feel a very strong pain in my left arm, the arm that I was inoculated with.

I felt a kind of numbness, weakness, and the tips of my fingers started to turn blue. I went to the emergency room and they prescribed only one pain medicine, and soon after I left with the same symptoms as when I arrived.

In the next 4 days that followed I continued with the arm the same way, sometimes I felt a slight improvement in numbness.

On the night of 11/10/21 I went to bed, and when I woke up on 11/11/21 I was no longer feeling my left leg.

I went to the emergency room again, and when I got there soon my leg and feet started to turn purple, and my pain got so much worse that even morphine didn’t solve it anymore, they started anticoagulants, and soon the doctors saw that the my situation was very serious.

They tried to transfer me to a different hospital but there was no vacancy, so I sat in a chair for 3 days, supporting my leg on another chair, because that was the only position I could tolerate the pain. My sister took me to a private hospital, which I was immediately set up for a procedure when they saw how serious my leg was. They made three cuts on my leg, as it had already gotten necrotic.

At that moment the doctor told me they would probably have to amputate my leg, but he said he would do everything to help me.

After being hospitalized for 5 days, I was finally able to go home to to recover, as they removed a lot of muscle from my left leg. I have no movement in my left foot, and the pain in my arm was a thrombus.


John Watt – 36 Year Old Bedridden Months After Pfizer Vaccine

April 2, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

This is John’s story:

Hi my name is Kerri, I am helping my partner John pay for his private medical treatments. It’s not easy for me to ask, but we could really do with some help.

This all started back in November of 2021, John received his Pfizer 3rd injection dose…

He immediately had significant adverse affects including raised blood pressure, dizziness and fatigue which have severely affected his health and well-being. He soon after started experiencing nausea and retching and lost 15kg in little over 3 weeks. His heart rate was doubling on standing and he was unable to walk/stand or sit. The NHS doctors and hospital had no clue what was wrong with him and kept fobbing us off. For several weeks they left him to rot away at home sick in his bed blaming medication side effects, anxiety and mental health for his symptoms.

  • Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Increased Inflammatory Markers
  • Severe Acid Reflux
  • Stomach Pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Weight Loss
  • Dizziness
  • Dry Mouth
  • POTS – Tachycardia on standing
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Slurring Words & Speech Impairment
  • Brain Fog
  • Jolts
  • Head Pressure
  • Chest Pain
  • Vertigo
  • Black Outs
  • Breathlessness
  • Chest Pain & Difficulty Breathing
  • Low Concentration
  • Sensitivity To Light
  • Cold Feet & Reduced Circulation
  • Pins & Needles
  • Extreme Weakness & Muscle De Conditioning
  • Medicaction Intolerance
  • Dysautonomia
  • Can’t regulate body temperature
  • Sweating
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Increased Inflammatory Markers

John was adamant he was dying and knew there was something wrong that the Drs were missing… Fortunately I was able to take a month off work to care for him and we decided to pay for John to see a private cardiologist.

He carried out an ultrasound on his heart and tests which ultimately led to his diagnosis of PoTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and prescribed John medication to stabilise his heart rate.

This didn’t help with any of the other symptoms and so we paid for several more private tests including loads of blood screening, full chest/abdomen/pelvic CT scans and endocrine tests.

The cardiologist suggested this could have been a result of viral infection or vaccine injury but aside from trying to treat the symptoms couldn’t help cure the condition and again we were left to struggle at home on our own with no hope of getting him better any time soon.

John suffered terribly during this time, had had lost a severe amount of weight was unable to sit in bed let alone walk or stand, had terrible stomach upset, brain fog, chest pain and severe depression, I can honestly say he wouldn’t be here today if he didn’t have family and friends to support him financially and mentally and care for him around the clock through the past 4 months.

Finally after weeks of researching and reaching out to other vaccine injured people we came across a private consultant specialising in infectious diseases and have started John on an intensive anti-inflammatory protocol. This will take a minimum of 12 weeks but the Dr is hopeful he will regain his ability to walk again

John is soon to get a private MRI scan on his heart to ensure there is no long term damage as he has been experiencing severe pains in his heart and difficulties breathing.

As a family we have already spent thousands on John’s medical fees and as John has been unable to work I have had to continue working full time while helping care for him to cover costs.

We have recently been given the opportunity for John to be part of a stem cell therapy trial running in the UK which has proven successful for other patients in similar conditions.

In order to afford this trial we will need help financially as it is costing thousands of pounds for the treatment plus travel expenses to and from the facility as well as hyperbaric oxygen therapy and continuing expenses for specialist private treatment we just can’t afford all of it on our own.

Sadly John doesn’t qualify for any government aid and we are not able to rely on the NHS to provide these specialist treatments

There is a fear that due to this injury, he will have severe lifelong auto immune disorders and so the sooner we treat this the better…

Any donations will help pay for his treatment with his specialist, the private medical trial and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. These treatments have shown to help countless people that are going through these same horrendous side effects.

Anything you can do to help John and our family through this harrowing experience is greatly appreciated ❤️‍

Follow John’s GoFundMe updates here:

Facebook has gone so far to say John can’t talk about his own injuries on their platform. 😑

John has been gaslit by doctors and nurses trying to get help with his injuries. It’s completely unacceptable how far this has gone, refusing to help the injured, like John, and then using gaslighting tactics on top of it.

Henry Ivanoff – Board Of Director Chairman Has Died After Brief Illness, One Year After the Board of Directors Mandated The COVID Vaccine

April 1, 2022 in Deaths

Henry Ivanoff, of Alaska, died unexpectidly after a brief illness this week.

Henry was the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Bering Straights Native Corporation.

In March 2021, the Board of Directors at Bering Straights mandated the COVID Vaccine for all employees.

“COVID-19 vaccination is a necessary step toward ending the pandemic. The health and safety of BSNC employees, shareholders and the communities in which we work and live remains BSNC’s top priority. Therefore, the BSNC Board of Directors took the strong step of mandating that all employees be vaccinated against COVID-19 once the vaccine is available. I applaud the BSNC Board of Directors for making this ground-breaking decision. Many other Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) are considering this mandate.”

Spokeswoman Miriam Aarons said that as an Alaska Native corporation, BSNC made the decision with both its history of the 1918 Flu Pandemic and company values in mind. 

“Unlike the flu that devastated Seward Peninsula a century ago, COVID-19 can be controlled. At Bering Straits, we believe that the best way to protect the health and lives of our people and honor our Elders and ancestors is by supporting widespread vaccination efforts.”

“Countless children were left orphaned without ties and family to learn from and pass along traditions, culture, heritage… that pandemic left a very painful scar on our region and negatively affected our Native customs traditions in ways that endure to this very day.”

Aarons was referring to the 1918 Spanish-flu pandemic, which some estimate may have taken the lives of 40% or more of Alaska Native people living on the Seward Peninsula.

-Miriam Aarons, Communications Director for Bering Straits Native Corporation

His death was announced yesterday by the President and CEO of Bering Straights.

May he rest in peace and may his family find comfort in this difficult time.

Victor – 12 Year Old Boy Died 2 Months After 2nd Pfizer COVID Vaccine of a Heart Attack

March 31, 2022 in Deaths

Victor was only 12 years old.

He received the first dose of the Pfizer Vaccine on September 9th, and the second dose of Pfizer on December 6, 2021 and died of a heart attack on February 3, 2022, less than 2 months later.

His mother, Luciley, says that she is sure it was because of the vaccine, as her son was totally healthy prior to receiving it.


Hello parents, I’m Luciley, the mother of Victor.

Victor was a healthy boy who had no problems. Every year, every 6 months, he would have a general checkup and he never complained of any shortness of breath, or any kind of problem whatsoever.

He was an active child, he played ball, and he was a child who always helped me.

Everything he did was on a bicycle. He never complained about anything!

On February 3rd he left the house doing just fine, he was with me for lunch.

Later he went to a friend’s house and when he returned he didn’t even have time to open the house gate.

I lost my son, and I am 100% sure it was from the vaccine.

I’m wanting justice. I want an answer!

There are many children who are passing suddenly, many children who are dying and no one is doing anything about it!

I want Justice! Justice for my son is what I want.”

A news outlet in Aruja Brazil had the nerve to try and fact check this grieving mother, and stated the vaccine was not the cause of his death. It is UNBELIEVABLE the lengths they’re going to cover all of this up.


Even Facebook fact checked her video, and said that it was “Partly false information”.

Jocelito Paganelli – 42 Year Old Brazilian Journalist Died Following A Heart Attack

March 31, 2022 in Deaths

Jocelito Paganelli, the Brazilian Journalist and editor-in-chief of TV TEM, an affiliate of Globo in São José do Rio Preto (SP), died on Tuesday (3/29/22), at the age of 42.

He reportedly had a heart attack at home, and was unable to be saved by emergency services.

“It is with great pain in our hearts that we report the passing of reporter Jo Paganelli.

Jocelito died at the age of 42, earlier tonight, the journalist suffered a heart attack at home.

May God comfort the family and friends. Our sincere condolences.”

On June 30th, 2021, he posted this to Instagram:

“Yea! Vaccine, yes! It’s an incredible, exhilarating feeling. May more and more people have the opportunity to experience this moment of joy. Special thanks to nurse Sandra, who is light-handed and vaccinates like no one else. Long live science and everyone who believes in it!!!

May he rest in peace.

Eric “Adam” Ewoldsen – 38 Year Old Fort Bragg Soldier Was Found Unresponsive In His Truck Has Died

March 31, 2022 in Deaths

From the Fayetteville Observer:

“A soldier pronounced dead at the hospital after being found unresponsive in a parked vehicle on Fort Bragg on Friday was identified as Maj. Eric “Adam” Ewoldsen, according to a statement from Fort Bragg’s U.S. Army Special Operations Command.

Ewoldsen, 38, was pronounced dead at Womack Army Medical Center, officials said.”

“The sudden loss of Adam is a tragedy to his family, friends and fellow soldiers,” said Lt. Gen. Jonathan Braga, U.S. Army Special Operations Command commanding general. “He was an outstanding officer and teammate, and he will be sorely missed.

We mourn the loss of one of our hometown heroes, Maj. Eric “Adam” Ewoldsen.

Ewoldsen was assigned to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. He entered the Army in 2007 as an infantry officer. He had previously been stationed at Fort Richardson, Alaska; Fort Benning, Georgia; Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington; and deployed multiple times to Afghanistan and Iraq, the release said.

Ewoldsen graduated from the United States Military Academy in 2007. His awards and honors include the Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Iraw Campaign medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, and Overseas Service Ribbon.

Please send prayers to his family, loved ones including his Special Operations brotherhood and sisterhood.

From his family:

“We still don’t have an answer on what happened but some of his friends said that he was complaining of rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, and numbness in his arms earlier that day. We are still waiting for the medical report.

I’m still trying to make sense of it all. Shocked, broken, and devastated are only three words that don’t even begin to scratch the surface of how we are feeling about the loss of this great man who was so loved by many.

Adam was a brave and loyal soldier who wholeheartedly loved his country and the brothers and sisters he served with. I watched him sacrifice everything through several deployments to protect our nation’s freedom. His legacy as a dedicated, selfless leader will live on. I can speak for his friends and family when I say that his accomplished military career made us all so proud.

I ask for kindness and respect as I navigate this with our children and families and I ask that you keep us in our thoughts as we continue to take it one day at a time.”

Fort Bragg’s latest vaccination info:

“A spokesman for the 18th Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg estimated that more than 97% of soldiers here were vaccinated.”


James Jordan – Former Dancing On Ice Winner Announces Shingles Outbreak Following Booster Shot

March 30, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

Former Dancing On Ice Winner, James Jordan confirmed today he did have shingles.

“Home from an amazing family holiday – straight to docs and it’s been confirmed I do actually have shingles like most of you suggested It’s pretty uncomfortable not going to lie but hopefully will start to get better soon…. Many of you been asking how it is Thanks guys”

A few days ago he ask his followers on Twitter what his mystery ailment was.

“On holiday and have got this painful rash on one side of my back in my belt line Any ideas anyone? Also got a similar pain on the thigh of my right leg but doesn’t look anywhere near as bad Thoughts? I’m thinking shingles but don’t know what brings it on? Or maybe heat rash?”

He confirmed recently he had his booster of Pfizer, after his first two doses were AstraZeneca.

A quick search in the US VAERS database has 11,984 reports of shingles aka Herpes Zoster following the COVID vaccine. Like we already know, VAERS is highly under-reported, per the Lazarus Study.

Here are some articles specifically on shingles:

  1. Herpes zoster after COVID vaccination
  2. Herpes zoster after ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine: a case series
  3. 20 Post-COVID-19 vaccine-related shingles cases seen at the Las Vegas Dermatology clinic and sent to us via social media
  4. A rare case of shingles after COVID-19 vaccine: is it a possible adverse effect?
  5. Acute Retinal Necrosis from Reactivation of Varicella Zoster Virus following BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination
  6. Herpes zoster and the risk of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke: A systematic review and meta-analysis

There are many more articles here on Shingles After the COVID Vaccine: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/

Kgauza wa Lecowza – Bragged About Getting the Pfizer Booster and Dead Less Than 2 Weeks Later

March 24, 2022 in Deaths

A man from South Africa who recently bragged about going to get his Pfizer Booster shot, has died after being hospitalized just a few days ago.

A few of his tweets are below:

“I’m due for my booster shot. Next week I’m phakathi. Bring that Pfizer. Inject it. We rock on. I don’t get swayed by nonsense nna. I’ll still be here next week, balling.”

“Give me that booster. I’ll take it tomorrow. I’ll never listen to Twitter “scientists” nna. Ever. A ke gafe.”

“I don’t give a rat’s ass that it is your democratic right to have an opinion. Go have that while you take a shit. What I won’t do is engage with anti-vaxxers. Nope, I’m not going there. I’m jabbed & will get my 2nd one. When they add the booster, I’m getting that too. Easy.”

“At some point the body declares enough is enough. I’m finally hospitalized. Gonna take a bit of a break from this app. Need to prioritize my mental & physical strength. Take care out there. See you soon.”

His last retweet was an ominous one.

His death was confirmed by a friend below:

May he rest in peace.

Cyndi Trobeck – 63 Year Old Mayor Of Otsego Dies After a ‘Brief and Abrupt’ Battle with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

March 23, 2022 in Deaths

Per the announcement online by the City of Otsego:

“It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of Mayor Cyndi Trobeck. This morning she lost a brief and abrupt battle with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. Cyndi was incredibly generous with her time for not only the City of Otsego, but also other Otsego institutions such as the Otsego United Methodist Church, Otsego Rotary Club, Otsego DDA/Main Street, Christian Neighbors among others. She leaves behind a legacy of friendships, community service and love of Otsego. Cyndi was proud to be the 1st female mayor in Otsego history after her 2016 election. Cyndi left a gigantic imprint on the City of Otsego that will last for years to come. We would also like to thank the Trobeck family for sharing her with us for all of these years. The City of Otsego is a better place because of Cyndi Trobeck.”

According to this report below, three weeks ago they didn’t know what she was suffering from.

On the family’s gofundme page, there are more details:

“In December of 2021, Cyndi Trobeck started noticing an increasing loss of vision. She sought out medical care through an eye doctor who initially said it was due to dry eye as all eye scans came back clear. Then, she was given eye drops and told her vision would gradually improve.

However, her vision continued to deteriorate, and she could not continue driving, working, and functioning independently. She sought a second opinion and was quickly referred to the University of Michigan hospital. The care team at U of M hospital decided to admit her for a few days to provide more comprehensive care and determine the cause of her loss of vision.

Cyndi underwent numerous scans and tests, all of which came back perfectly normal. After multiple days as an inpatient, she was sent home awaiting the results of a few tests, with her doctors assuming this was due to a vitamin deficiency and was treatable.

However, as the family visited and spent time with Cyndi, they noticed that she was unable to function independently. In addition to vision loss, she developed what appeared to be cognitive and motor impairments. She struggled with memory recollection, maintaining conversational continuity, and holding eating utensils due to tremors.

She had multiple follow-ups with her care team, who continued to run blood work and scans as an outpatient but was often sent to the ER due to high blood pressure and doctors needing more urgent answers. Cyndi was in and out of the ER multiple times within a week.

As of February 6, Cyndi has been in the ICU at Borgess hospital due to continued loss of functioning. Currently, Cyndi has a ventilator and feeding tube. Cyndi has been able to come out of sedation but has had a reoccurrence of seizures and has developed a fever. She is currently unresponsive to commands.

Thus far, all scans and tests; MRI, CT scan, lumbar puncture, etc., have come back clear.”

Here is more information on Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease from Jessica Rose.

And another research article: COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease

May she rest in peace.

Don Young – 88 Year Old Alaska Congressman Dies Suddenly Mid Flight From Los Angeles To Seattle

March 22, 2022 in Deaths

Don Young’s death was announced last Friday.

According to reports, he lost consciousness on a flight from Seattle to Alaska and couldn’t be resuscitated.

The Independent has a bit more information, reporting that it happened on the descent:

In November 2020, Don was hospitalized for COVID.

When the vaccines rolled out, the videos and pleas also rolled out. Don was very much a #GetVaccinated proponent here are a few of his scripted pleas for everyone to “do their part”.

“There’s much information out there, so I’ll be very clear in my position. These shots are safe, effective, and they cost you nothing.”

“We must take this seriously. That is why I chose to get vaccinated, and I think you should do the same. These shots can save your life, and the lives of people around you.”

“I urge you to do this as I’ve done, I got vaccinated. I believe it works, I know it works. I want you to do the same thing for Alaska and yourself.”


It’s unclear how long ago he received his booster.

Francisco Aliotta – 42 Year Old Had A Seizure Within 3 Minutes Of 2nd Pfizer Dose and Now Has Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer

March 22, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

This is Francisco’s story (told by his wife):

My husband Francisco was a healthy, vibrant, energetic (with no underlying conditions), 42 year old man.

His life forever changed after his second Pfizer Vaccine on June 15th 2021.

Only 3 minutes after the 2nd dose, he had a seizure.

He was rushed to the hospital and was kept in the hallway for 5 hours. They did a EKG as they already knew at this point how the were effecting peoples hearts.

They ignored our concerns, the doctor was absolutely awful. All the staff acted like what happened was nothing. He was pale, clammy, disoriented and completely exhausted from this neurological response to the Pfizer vaccine.

They released us and told my husband to follow up with a neurologist.

He started getting migraines, pains in his neck, he was feeling awful.

One week later he started to notice the lymph nodes in his neck and underarm of his left side of his body were hard and swollen, a bit painful. This was the side where he got his Pfizer.

They kept getting larger and now speeding into his chest. We started to see numerous doctors, specialists.

They all had one thing in common, they had no idea how to help. They all did concur that it’s a side effect a from the Pfizer. It will go away we were told.

This was in June. So we waited “for it to go away” as they said, and in this waiting time it got considerably worse.

We finally went back in September 2021 and demanded he get sonogram and ultrasound etc. We did our own research: if you let your lymph nodes stay this swollen for too long it can develop into lymphoma.

The doctor agreed to a sonogram. The sonogram showed that his lymph nodes are inflamed and swollen. We already knew this, but what’s the treatment? They are not receding on their own, Help us! The doctor prescribed an anti inflammatory medication. He started taking that and there was no change. The doctor reported it will take time.

Now it’s October and still no answers. The lymph nodes are now swollen and inflamed on the right side now and he’s getting chest pressure and pain.

In mid November we finally find another doctor. They finally really listen. It’s been too long with these lymph nodes swollen and they do believe we are entering into lymphoma.

Devastated and speechless… they send my husband for the tests we originally wanted and sure enough, he has Lymphoma. He has lymph nodes leaning on vital organs, his heart to be exact. Speed up to today, he has been through X-ray after X-ray, biopsy and now he’s getting a PET scan tomorrow.

Francisco’s swollen lymph nodes went untreated by doctors and progressed rapidly into cancer.

It’s now March 2022, and he has now been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage 2 B cell cancer.

The doctors won’t admit that in rare cases these vaccines, can cause a variety of major ailments. They won’t admit to any of this.

Now my husband is about to embark on a cancer journey, radiation, chemotherapy.

He was just trying to do his part and not lose his job, and now he can hardly get out of bed anymore and can’t work. Our life is forever changed and no one is liable.

Barrington Patterson – 56 Year Old Martial Arts Legend Suddenly Dies of Cardiac Arrest

March 22, 2022 in Deaths

Barrington Patterson died of cardiac arrest, his wife announced on twitter early this morning.

“At 6am this morning my beloved husband had a massive heart attack West Midlands Ambulance Service worked for over an hour to save him unfortunately it wasn’t to be our hearts are broken. 💔”

He just posted on twitter on 3/13/21 he was relieved to get him and his wife vaccinated.

“Thank you for all the staff working hard at the millennium point vaccine centre, relief to get myself and Mrs P vaccinated 💙”

According to his wife, they booked their booster appointments for 12/3/2021.

May he rest in peace now with his mother and sister who recently passed.

Their family could use all the extra love right now.

Jeremy Chardy – 35 Year Old French Tennis Player Suspended 2021 Season After Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccine

March 20, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

Jeremy Chardy called off his season in 2021 after adverse reactions to the COVID Vaccine.

“Since I had my vaccine (between the Olympics and the US Open), I have had a problem, I’ve had a series of struggles. Suddenly, I cannot train, I cannot play.”

It’s been reported he has violent pain throughout his body with significant.

” Now I have been to see two doctors, I have done some tests so I know what I have and the most important thing is to take care of myself. I prefer to take more time to take care of myself and be sure that in the future I will not have any problem rather than trying to get back on the court as quickly as possible and find myself still having health problems.”

In January, after a 4 month break after his vaccine reaction, he announced on Instagram he felt healthy enough to return.

“After a difficult period, I feel much better and ready to go back to practice. I know it will be a long and difficult path but I’m ready for the challenge and I will try to come back to my best level. My goal is to be fit and competitive for the clay court season. I will give my best like I always did during my career.
Thanks to my team, my family, my friends, my sponsors and all the people who are always supporting me in the good and the bad moments. I really appreciate it 🙏🏻👊🏻❤️ Happy new year 2022 to everyone.
Stay safe and healthy.

Brandon Goodwin – NBA Point Guard Got Blood Clots Following COVID Vaccine

March 20, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

The former Atlanta Hawks guard had to sit out the 2020-2021 season after being hospitalized from Blood Clots.

However the Associated Press and The NBA reported he was out for the playoffs with a “respiratory condition”. And that his condition was minor.

I guess blood clots after a vaccine that ends the season for a professional NBA player, is bad for Big Pharma’s business?

But, if you listen to his side of the story, as told on a twitch stream, he’s crystal clear what happened to him.

“I got sick, then I never recovered from it. I would always have back pain, and I was super tired in the games. When we played Philly back to back, I was so tired, I felt like I couldn’t run up and down the court and my back was hurting. When we went home, that’s when my back started hurting bad, and then I knew I had to go to the doctor.”

“That’s when I found out I had blood clots. That all happened in the span of a month. I was fine until then, up until I took the vaccine, I was fine.”

“The vaccine ended my season 1000%.”

He then goes on to share that the Atlanta Hawks called him the next day, when he was still in the hospital. They told him they were to going tell the press that his season was over.

Brandon was told he was not allowed to say anything about it, and to not tell anyone about his situation.

Brandon signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers and appears to have made a full recovery.

Kjeld Nuis – 32 Year Old Olympic Gold Medalist Speed Skater Developed Pericarditis Following COVID Vaccine

March 19, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

Dutch Speed Skater and Olympic Gold Medalist revealed on Instagram some time back that he developed pericarditis.

He became quite ill following the Pfizer Vaccine, but his doctor diagnosed him early.

“How it started vs How it’s going.

Exactly 2 weeks ago today I was in hospital with an inflamed pericardium. Fortunately, my sports doctor was there very early and examined me well together with the cardiologist. Was immediately able to go the next day and after a heart film, ultrasound and an MRI everything seems to be fine! Now at training camp with @skateteamreggeborgh

Thanks for all the sweet messages!❤️

let’s get it💥💪🏻”

Kjeld didn’t let that deter him from his dreams though.

He recently went to Beijing, and became the first back to back Olympic 1500m champion since Johann Olav Koss in Albertville 1992 and Lillehammer 1994.

2 Days ago, Kjeld set a new speed skating world record at 64 mph.

This is an amazing recovery story! Proof that you never give up on what’s important to you!

Sergio Aguero – 33 Year Old Barcelona Soccer Player Has Career Ending Heart Condition

March 19, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

On December 15, 2021, Sergio Aguero announced he was ending his football career, due to heart issues, that suddenly appeared during a match on October 30, 2021.

Here’s the timeline:

On June 1, 2021, Sergio signed with Barcelona, after completing a physical exam.

“The medical at the Hospital De Barcelona is not straightforward, and Barca are said to be taking extra caution given the Argentina ace’s history of injury troubles, especially the left knee problem which required surgery last year and has kept him out for much of the recent campaign.”

On September 12, 2021 the below article stated that 99.9% of the Barça club had been vaccinated.

Then 4 days later, the video below was posted on twitter encouraging all kids 12 and up to get vaccinated.

“The Argentine striker @FCBarcelona_cat , @aguerosergiokun, also calls on all people aged 12 or over to be vaccinated! 👏

Remember, by vaccinating ourselves, we do not let the virus spread with the same ease. 💪”

On October 30th, 2021, Sergio collapsed on the field during a match and was taken to the hospital for cardiac evaluations.

After giving his body time to heal and to be able to continue to play, on December 15, 2021, he gave an emotional retirement speech: “It’s a very difficult moment … it’s for my health.”

A day after Sergio gave his retirement speech, his cardiologist stated his retirement had nothing to do with Covid or the Vaccine, rather it could have been caused by a virus.

“The most common scenario is that the small scar found is produced by a virus he’s suffered at some point in his life and wasn’t ever detected. But it has nothing to do with Covid or the Covid vaccine.”

But then on February 15, 2022, Sergio himself responded to someone on twitter calling Sergio a coward, where he replies saying: “it could have been the covid or the dose, but that he doesn’t know.”

There are a lot of facts available about this publicly online available for anyone to go look up.

Sergio had a physical exam prior to being signed, he was vaccinated, then he encouraged kids to get vaccinated. Sergio then collapses on the field in a match, and then it ends his football career. His cardiologist then makes a public statement is has nothing to do with covid or the vaccine, and then 2 months later Sergio says it may have been covid or the vaccine, he doesn’t know.

What’s clear in all of this, is that the public deserves to know the truth. He encouraged his fans to go get vaccinated, and to go get their kids vaccinated. If he had an adverse reaction after being a celebrity vaccine endorser, don’t the people that listened to his pleas to go get vaccinated, deserve to know the truth?

We’re praying Sergio has a full recovery.

Nelly Korda – 23 Year Old World Renowned Golfer Sent To The Emergency Room With Blood Clots

March 19, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

According to a Twitter post on Nelly’s page, the world renowned golfer was sent to the Emergency Room for blood clots.

“On Friday I was in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL for a photoshoot and a commercial appearance. After a typical morning workout, my arm started to feel like it was swelling. At the advice of my doctor, I went to the Emergency Room as a precaution. I was diagnosed with a blood clot. I am currently at home getting treatment to eliminate further risks. I will communicate my status as and when there is more information. In the meantime, I want to thank everyone for their support and ask for privacy for all our family during this time. I hope to be back soon! Thank you.”

The CDC and MSM Media outlets have been coming out with absurd reasons recently, what might be causing all of these sudden “mystery ailments”.

World renowned doctors can’t seem to figure it out either. 🙄

The most recent absurd reason I saw was from the Toronto Sun that said: “Daylight savings may increase chance of heart disease, strokes”. Honestly, the Babylon Bee could write something more convincing. Better yet, how about just reporting the truth for once?

Per an article in Pro Golf Weekly: “Korda was reportedly vaccinated ahead of the Tokyo Summer Olympics.”

We hope Nelly has a speedy recovery.

SarahBeth Hartlage – 36 Year Old Louisville Doctor & Department Leader of COVID Vaccine Distribution Has Died Unexpectedly

March 18, 2022 in Deaths

In an announcement on Twitter by Governor Andy Beshear this afternoon:

“Dr. SarahBeth Hartlage helped save thousands of lives through her tireless and heroic efforts leading vaccinations in Louisville. Britainy and I are sorry to hear of her unexpected passing and we are holding her family, @LouisvilleMetro and @LouMetroHealth in our prayers.”

“Dr. Hartlage will be remembered in our community as a deeply compassionate, inspirational leader who made a switch to public health in the middle of a historic public health crisis, and took command of an amazing team of city workers and volunteers to vaccinate tens of thousands of people in a previously unthinkably short amount of time,” Mayor Greg Fischer wrote in a news release.

“We are stunned and deeply saddened by the sudden and unexpected passing of Dr. SarahBeth Hartlage,” Dr. Sarah Moyer, director of public health and wellness wrote. “Our hearts and prayers are with her family as well as the many employees, partners and volunteers who have worked closely with her over the past two years.”

“We are stunned and deeply saddened by the sudden and unexpected passing of Dr. SarahBeth Hartlage. Our hearts and prayers are with her family as well as the many employees, partners and volunteers who have worked closely with her over the past two years. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have known and worked with her. As a result of her leadership, knowledge and planning, thousands of our Louisville residents received life-saving COVID-19 vaccines.” – Dr. Sarah Moyer, Director, Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and WellnessRemembering Dr. Hartlage.

  • 1: Talking to the recipient of the 100,000 dose at LouVax.
  • 2: Addressing the media during the briefings at LouVax.
  • 3: Offers final remarks before closing LouVax.
  • 4: Inspecting the arrival of the pediatric doses of Pfizer vaccines.
  • 5: At Americana with volunteers during the 20th visit.

Sarah Beth Hartlage proclaims herself as the Queen of the COVID Vaccine Per her twitter profile.

I’m a physician, public health director & #CovidVaccine expert. My parents, siblings, grandparents, + spouse are all vaccinated.

My #MedicallyFragile child will get hers as soon as she is age eligible.

According to the below post, even her (soon to be 6 year old) daughter Camille, who was born with Congenital Heart Disease, has been vaccinated with her first dose in November 2021.

Here is a curation of some of her tweets. I will present these without comment.

Just to be clear Ivermectin is listed on the WHO’s essential list of medicines, and is not “horse dewormer”. Ivermectin appears on pages 6 & 26 below.

She wrote this tweet on September 4, 2021, shortly following the statement the FDA made, mocking Ivermectin as a “horse dewormer” in August 2021.


SarahBeth, her husband, and her child were indeed vaccinated, per her own words.

May she rest in peace and may her family find comfort in this difficult time.

What I saw circulate the news outlets today of the announcement of her death, left out all the facts that were publicly available that I presented above.

“One man’s gospel truth is another man’s blasphemous lie. The dangerous thing about people is the way we’ll try to kill anyone whose truth doesn’t agree with ours.”

Her obituary doesn’t shed much light other than: “While she had battled health issues over the last several years, her passing was sudden and unexpected.”


Jose Alas – Pericardium Rupture After Moderna COVID Vaccine

March 17, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

This is Jose’s story:

My name is Jose Alas. I have been ill for over 7 months due to the COVID vaccine.

I had the Moderna COVID vaccine in March 2021 and April of 2021. After getting the vaccine I started having chest pain and pressure followed by tachycardia.

In July, 3 months after the last dose of the vaccine, I had an episode of tachycardia followed by extreme pain which it felt like something ripped and moved inside my chest.

Afterwards, I noticed I had tachycardia 24/7 with very low blood pressure around 65/50.

I have been to the ER over 70 times and been seen by 6 cardiologists and 2 electrophysiologists.

None have been able to diagnose me. They always did the same exams, EKG, blood work and X-rays which come back normal according to them.

Just recently I started seeing a new cardiologist, who supects I have pericardium rupture which cause a herniation of my heart.

Meaning that the pericardium, the skin-like sack that covers the heart, has a hole and the heart is sticking out through it.The only test that can diagnose me with this ailment is a cardiac MRI. My insurance has denied paying for the cardiac MRI. The cost for the cardiac MRI is over $6,000 in Tulsa Oklahoma, at the Heart Rhythm Institute. I need help raising money for this so I can get diagnosed and get proper treatment.

The treatment for Cardiac herniation and pericardium rupture is pericardial surgery in which the pericardium is sealed.

May 1, 2022 UPDATE:

What the cardiologist told me today in Spain. What will the surgery cost about 30,000 euros that would be about $32,000. I’m trying to get the funds to go there and get my surgery done there. Because no doctor here helped me. Everyone out here denying that the vaccine made me something or what I have something. While there quickly they made the diagnosis by watching the images I send them of MRI. They have to do a final test to do the final diagnosis and surgery. If you can help please share my GoFundMe page or donate here. https://gofund.me/dc905801

“Partial agenesis of the pericardium is very rare and, according to the literature, it can cause more or less abrupt symptoms due to herniation/compression of cardiac structures, especially if the defect is not very large. Surgery may consist of subtotal pericardiectomy (simple end) or associate some reconstruction technique to avoid cardiac displacement. It is not easy to prove the cause of the discomfort and it is not certain that they will be corrected with surgery, but if the patient is very symptomatic and there is a clear pericardial defect, surgery can be performed. There is no problem.

Regarding the budget, of course coronary angiography has to be done because the coronary arteries will be seen in the TACMD, the HQuirón ski pass would be about €30,000 (a little could be negotiated depending on the specific technique of the 10) If a prosthetic patch was put on, another 500-1,000 would have to be added € (one or two)”

March 16, 2022 UPDATE:

Finding out the truth hurts me so much after all these months of suffering. My heart doesn’t look like anything normal or even like normal heart damage, it looks worse. It’s damaged and looks like the aorta is too.

This happened overnight. My heart was not like this.

All these time I thought it was Benzo withdrawal or Effexor withdrawal. This happened after taking the v and I kept thinking it was withdrawal symptoms. They suggested I might have POTS. I always thought that I didn’t have it. My heart rate is very fast from this heart damage. Please get checked for other things besides POTS.

I’m going tomorrow with the cardiologist to follow up. Hopefully there is a resolution to this. Please if you are having heart issues go see a cardiologist and request a cardiac MRI then get the files for your own records.

Made a video of side to side comparison of my heart and a normal heart. You can see my heart bulges at the left side. The pericardium looks cut the white region around the heart is the pericardium. Then you can see a ripple like effect imitating from the bottom that’s where the aorta main vein is at the feeds the heart and entire body. Looks like something is wrong there too.

My heart looks like it has been damaged a lot.

The bulging side is the left ventricle you will not see that on the other heart. This is not normal. They keep telling me is all in my head. This is damage. That’s no doubt about it. You can see the many differences between both hearts. I’m scared how this will end up. This doesn’t look normal at all. Does not look like I can survive surgery. Damage looks like it’s too much. I’m very scared and sad.

I have been lied too and ridiculed all these months because I knew something was wrong with my heart.

February 19, 2022 UPDATE:

I’m afraid to die not for me but because I don’t want to leave my son behind and my mom. I saw them once how they would feel if I’m not around. I don’t wanna give them that pain anymore.Each day my heart feels less strong. I pray everyday don’t think I don’t. I have asked for help. I’ve never done it before. This vaccine poison is slowly killing me. I don’t know how it was that affected me more. Heart is getting weak until I have surgery but first they have to diagnose the problem which is pericardic fracture and heart hernia.

February 4, 2022 UPDATE:

I went back to see the CT scans I have of my heart. I found this picture above and the one in the bottom is from a normal heart online. Seems like my aorta twisted and my heart dropped lower. Something is going on here and these doctors aren’t helping.

February 3, 2022 UPDATE:

“Started liquid liposamal Glutathione and Activated Charcoal 4 days ago. Seems to be working more than anything to help me with my symptoms. Seen a reduction in heart rate when standing and a reduction in heart murmur. No reduction in brain vibrations and tinnitus. A long way to go still. Slowly flushing out all the toxins. I still can’t feel my heart when it beats fast. These supplements seems to be helping more than anything any doctors ever did. I still can’t sleep too. I hope things get better. Ordering another bottle of glutathione soon.”

“I wish I never had that nasty vaccine poison. I haven’t been the same. Days that i feel terrible. Nights that I cannot fall asleep. The side effects don’t show up right away for some people. A lot side effects are showing up weeks and even months after the shot. Met already a lot people, whose blood pressure laying in bed is very high and when they stand up the blood pressure drops very low. They are having faster than normal heart rate even when sleeping and when they stand up their heart rate up from 90 to 130-180 beats per minute. Only because you haven’t had any symptoms that you haven’t noticed don’t mean you are not having them or will not have them. I pray that you don’t but please pay attention to what your body is telling you. Always check your vitals laying down flat, sitting and standing. You night not noticed anything, but is a good thing too you start checking yourself and catch it before it can get worst. The side effects are silent they sneak up on you. You can even be walking around and noticed anything. So please be careful and I don’t want what’s happening to me happen to you.”

My symptoms:

  • Unable to fall asleep naturally
  • Feeling that I cannot breathe
  • Low oxygen levels and fluctuations
  • Nerve pain over my left side of the chest
  • Rapid heart rate that slows down and speeds up again
  • Unnatural very high blood pressure laying down
  • Strange sensations over my heart
  • High diastolic blood pressure laying down or standing up at 90-100.
  • Feeling that my brain isn’t getting enough oxygen.
  • Nerve pain and tingling sensation that goes from my head, into neck and down to my chest.
  • Feeling that something is blocking my blood circulation
  • Increase pressure between heart and lungs.
  • Rapid shallow breathing
  • Faint pulse on both of my wrists
  • Painful flare ups in my chest.
  • Pain in my chest worst at night.
  • Faint heart beat
  • Brain fog

Yet the doctors can’t find anything that can be causing it. The only thing that I know it’s the vaccine.

“This ain’t normal. This is a nightmare. I wish my son and I were the same again. We were fully vaccinated. We never had COVID symptoms. I don’t have anymore doubts that the vaccine damages the heart muscle. I used to run 4 miles almost everyday. I had good blood pressure before. I don’t know if we ever going to recover from this. Makes me mad that I took the vaccine and made my son, mother and father get it too. My father and my mother seem to be fine so far. This is torture.”

Just got out of the family doctor office. The nurse we saw today was very honest about the COVID vaccine. She said they have been having a lot people coming in with a lot of adverse effects. Some people with face numbness, some people with heart issues like me. Some others with people coming in with swollen lymph nodes and a lot breathing problems even some with blood clots. The nurse was honest but the doctor I saw was not. She was like, “you sound like you have anxiety or dehydrated.” I asked for her to look what my heart does when I stand up. She didn’t bother to look. Really feeling bad about this. I regret getting the dumb vaccine!

People who advocated for COVID vaccinations and promoted the propaganda should be held accountable to what’s happening to a lot people right now. This isn’t normal! If you haven’t felt any symptoms yet. You’re lucky!

Please follow Jose on Instagram to follow his journey:

Kevin Street – Functional Neurological Disorder & Brain Lesions Following One Dose of AstraZeneca

March 17, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

This is Kevin’s story:

Kevin got sick the moment he got his AstraZeneca May 6, 2021.

He fell ill with the flu followed by a few weeks of brain fog and couldn’t work for more than 2 hours a day; he had to come home to rest daily.

June 4, 2021, Kevin passed out standing in front of me in our back yard.

From that day on has been a series of 12 major seizures/tremors that last up-to 2.5 hours with nothing to help. I’ve posted many of these videos.

It has wiped out his ability to walk, his speech at times, and he cannot multi task anymore. He has had trouble getting the help he needs. Many Doctors were not believing him during the first 3 months. (He was tested for cocaine and Meth several times. Obviously negative) I couldn’t handle it anymore and drove him to Ottawa Civic 2 hours away to find a neurologist to help.

Not only did Kevin have one of his seizures while there, he also had the neurologist team witness what was happening. This is when we began the true journey. Our infectious disease doctor got involved which began the process of Kevin getting his exemption.

I do remember getting kicked out of his local doctor appointment, I wanted to know if he had permanent brain damage. I was asked to leave the room.

For a man who has a brain injury from this shot, and I was his caregiver, I was furious and went to Facebook with yet another video. During the past few months his Doctor has come around, Kevin now has a better relationship with her.

He is getting physio at our local hospital weekly and is being treated as a stroke patient. His MRI shows at least 12 lesions on the brain, small vessel disease which has developed as of lately.

He has Functional Neurological Disorder brought on by this first (and only) shot in May.

This is the short version of a very long journey. Disability took far too long, to come In. Unacceptable. However, we have our community behind us, some friends and my family have been huge supporters. My sister Tabatha has set up a GO FUND ME back when I was home full time with Kevin. We wish to thank every single person that has helped us through financial gifts, gifting walkers, electric wheelchair, a lift chair, Meals, drop in visits and friendships.

Our journey is going to be a LONG one. The best part is that Kevin is here with us. I am blessed daily to have him. His desire to help others who are also struggling, his will to try and continue normal tasks, he barely complains.

This man used to be a workaholic… easy 10 hours a day… finds it so frustrating to be doing little. It’s good to see him with his family and enjoying every moment with his kids whenever possible. Keep sending him messages of encouragement! If you wish to have our email or address just send a message 🙂 Here is a little video I captured today ..

His GoFundMe is below:

Oriana Guarino – Developed Significant Neurological Side Effects Following COVID Vaccine

March 17, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

This is Oriana’s story:

It took me a while to post this here because it’s a lot more controversial than saying I have COVID, and it’s also something I didn’t want to take in the first place, (but I felt pressured to do it for work), but I’m actually Vaccine injured.

I only had one shot mid July and since my body has never felt the same…

I have developed some sort of multi inflammatory syndrome, affecting my whole body, and developed around 25 neurological side effects that have caused a lot of distress and problems in my everyday life…from persistent headaches, to brain fog, stiff neck, chest pains, internal burning, muscle weakness, fatigue, tingling and so on, it’s been like going down to hell…

Thankfully more and more people are aware of those injuries, and getting the vaccine should definitely be about informed consent, based on real data, and not about doing it because whoever is telling you it’s the right thing to do. Even if it’s your best friend…They do not know your body.

If you feel this is right for you, do it. If you feel it’s not, don’t do it.

I thought I was just starting to get better after 5 horrendous months, but now I’ve got COVID I’m unsure if I’m just gonna go back to square one or what is going to happen…at least I might get more help because I could be considered a ‘COVID’ case now instead of an overlooked Vaccine Injury case, which is also another topic for debates…make your decisions wisely.

I should have trusted my guts right from the start, but I let the external world and the fear of not being able to do my job take over.

Also, I’m lucky I didn’t get any cardiac issues, stroke, paralysis, body tremors or worse…and I learned so much about health and my own body and myself in general, so I’ll also look at the positives.

Stay safe my friends

15 Year Old Collapsed & Died While Playing Soccer 4 Days After Second Pfizer Dose

March 17, 2022 in Deaths

A 15 year old boy from New York, collapsed while at a youth soccer camp. This is his story:

“It is with heavy pain in my heart that I report the loss of our beloved son Braeden. Our hearts are in pieces. This past Thursday – July 22 – at just 15 years old, Braeden went back to the arms of our Heavenly Father. This was his first year working as a monitor at summer camp.

Around 1:00 pm he simply passed out on the field where he was playing with the children.

He was rescued immediately and was taken to the hospital, where they did everything they could to bring him back. Unfortunately, they couldn’t save him.

Braeden had his 2nd dose of the Pfizer COVID Vaccine

He had COVID in April, was diagnosed in May with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and had his second Pfizer Vaccine 4 days prior to collapsing, and ultimately could not be resuscitated.

May he rest in peace.

Cora Faith Walker – 37 Year Old Pro Vaccine St. Louis County Leader And Former Missouri State Representative Suddenly Dies

March 16, 2022 in Deaths

Her death was announced on March 14th, 2022.

According to this article by KMOV:

“According to pictures posted on social media, Walker was at St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones’ birthday party at Neo on Locust on Thursday, March 10. The two were close friends, according to a press release from the mayor’s office.

The following morning, EMS was called to the Loews Hotel and transported a woman to the hospital in critical condition. Police confirmed the woman, believed to be Walker, was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly before 10 a.m

The Medical Examiner’s Office performed an autopsy Monday morning and told News 4 there were no signs of physical injury on Walker’s body. He said they will not declare a cause and manner of death until toxicology and other tests come back, which could take several more weeks.”

Cora was very pro vaccine, as it was regularly plastered throughout tweets, and included mask and vaccine emojis in her profile.

While Cora was opinionated about others masking up and getting vaccinated, Cora also made bold statements such as this on her Facebook account.

“I support a woman’s right to access the full range of reproductive health care, including the right to access safe and legal abortion. Full stop. Missouri Democratic Party, let’s get it right this time. Please and thank you.”

And also statements such as:

“If my reproductive choices are not the government’s business, they for damn sure not my neighbor’s business.”

So Cora was hypocritically advocating for the importance for personal healthcare choices, specifically for a women’s right to choose to have an abortion, but just not this time for Covid Vaccines.

One’s choice not to get vaccinated can affect the entire public (e.g. delta or omicron variant). Private matters abt growing/not growing one’s family should be just that—private.

No one can unilaterally decide which bodily autonomy rights you’re given, and which rights are automatically given up “for the greater good of society”.

That’s not how this works.

May she Rest In Peace.

Brianne Dressen Severe Ongoing Adverse Reactions From AstraZeneca Clinical Trial of 2020

March 16, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

Brianne’s story:

A previously healthy mother of two young children, who enrolled in the AstraZeneca clinical trial in the United States in November 2020.

“Immediately within an hour I had tingling down my arm…and by the time I got home, my vision was blurry and double. The following morning when I got up to go to work, the left side of my body was slumped over.”

AstraZeneca ran several tests, all of which came back negative for any neurodegenerative issues.

They sent her home, where her condition continued to decline. She has been hospitalized multiple times. At one point she was paralyzed from the waist down and had to relearn how to do a lot of basic body functions.

She was trapped inside her own body. Suffering.

Here is a news clip featuring her story.

Brianne’s husband, Brian Dressen, a Ph.D., provided the FDA his testimony below:

“Your decision is being rushed, based on incomplete data from underpowered trials, insufficient to predict rates of severe and long-lasting adverse reactions. I urge the committee to reject the EUA [Emergency Use Authorization] modification and direct Pfizer to perform trials that will decisively demonstrate that the benefits outweigh the risks for children. I understand firsthand the impact that you will or will not have with the decision you’re going to make today.”

“Because study protocol requires two doses, she was dropped from the trial, and her access to the study app deleted. Her reaction is not described in the recently released clinical trial report — 266 participants are described as having an adverse event leading to discontinuation, with 56 neurological reactions tallied.”

Brian Dressen also said:

“Injured support groups are growing. Memberships number into at least the tens of thousands. We must do better. Those injured in a trial are a critical piece of vaccine safety data. They are being tossed aside and forgotten. The FDA has known first-hand about her case and thousands of others. The FDA has also stated that their own systems are not identifying this issue and that VAERS is not designed to identify any multi-symptom signals. The system is broken.”

AstraZeneca was made aware of her injuries. She was dropped from the trial because her injuries were so severe from the first dose, that she couldn’t get two doses. AstraZeneca required 2 doses to participate, so they removed her, and all of her clinical trial information and injury information.

Brianne’s had to pay for her own medical debts associated with this injury.

Please have a listen to her Washington DC Testimony below, it’s extremely important to hear her experience. Please watch all the way to the end.

Following the Washington DC panel, Brianne wrote to the New England Journal of Medicine, as reported HERE.

Here are images of their response:

Here is a video from The Highwire on Brianne’s injuries:

You can watch the entire Washington DC Testimony including all of the other injury stories shared that day:

Shaun Barcavage: Heartbreaking Testimony From Research Nurse Who Suffered Life-Altering Injuries From Pfizer Vaccine

March 15, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

Shaun started his recent testimony in DC by saying:

“Good afternoon. There are far too many silent sufferers. Not because they don’t yearn to reach out, but because they’ve tried and found no one cares. I’m here for all those who could not be here today due to their injury or financial burden. I’m lucky to even be here today myself, because as of yesterday, I was finishing treatment with intravenous immunoglobulin and I’m on high dose steroids to try to suppress my immune system. “

He had his first dose on December 29th, 2020 and his second in January. He immediately suffered multiple symptoms after his first dose including numbness and tingling in his face and body. Against better judgment, he went back and got in line for his second shot.

“Let me briefly share my reaction story. I went to the hospital where I work. I stood in line. Immediately after dose one, I developed paresthesias in my right arm. Within hours the numbness and tingling traveled to the right side of my face, my eye, and my ear… Against my better judgment, I went back and got in line to get the second shot. Within four days, I developed debilitating tinnitus.”

He recalls during the month of February, being curled up in a fetal position on his bathroom floor wondering how he will continue to live with such severe tinnitus. He couldn’t hear the TV, listen to music, read a book, or hear what other people were saying. He thought his life was over. His reactions got worse from there.  Severe headaches, Tachycardia, fluctuation of blood pressure, POTS, brain fog, adrenal dumps, and tremors.

Shaun said during his testimony no one would submit a VAERS report for him, he had to fill it out himself becuase multiple doctors refused.

Searching for answers and feeling alone, he turned to social media to connect with others going through similar situations.  He started a Tinnitus group, and thousands joined his group.  Social media labeled him a anti-vaxxer, and said what he was saying online wasn’t real and was misinformation, like so many others.

Listen to Shaun’s full testimony in Washington DC from November 2nd, 2021 below:

A recent update on Shaun is below.

You can watch the entire Washington DC panel here:

Piettra Procopio – 12 Year Old Girl From Brazil Dies In Her Sleep

March 13, 2022 in Deaths

From Piettra’s mother:

“Piettra came as our rainbow baby.
After I lost the twins in a moment of pain, she came to bring us joy! And what joy! Very active, carried from the belly…

“My dancer, companion, friend, confidant, encourager, my sun, my strength, my air, my life…. I can not breathe… What a pain… what a pain…

She was sweet, kind to everyone, no one was invisible to her. She made sure to greet each person. A special child, she woke up singing and always happy. Everyone who refers to her talks about her light, her smile, how sweet and sweet she was… She was like that…

Guys, how difficult it is, how much she is missing, how much pain we are feeling, how much I miss her kisses and hugs…

Our farewell was: “Good night mom, blessing, sleep with God, I love you”

“God bless you daughter! Sleep with God, I love you too…”

The next morning, when I said goodbye to her to go to work, when I went to kiss her she was cold, rigid, lifeless…

Ahhh!! Lord how I wish all of this would be erased. The greatest pain I have felt in my entire life.

We still don’t know what happened! Piettra was always a healthy child, never had any neurological or heart problems that we were aware of.

She may have had a seizure, heart attack while she was sleeping, but those are just guesses… We will only know what really happened after the report in 30 days…

I ask God for strength to endure all this… And may He support my family…. I don’t want to question God, why?

I just want to thank you for Piettra’s life and for each day with her… it was just a few days… I wanted so much more..

But thank you for the gift she was, really a gift, she was born on my birthday and was always present in our lives, asking what she could do for us, if we were okay, kissing, hugging…. Oh! little daughter… how much you are missing…

“The Lord gave, the Lord took away; praise the name of the Lord”. Thank God for Piettra’s life, I look forward to meeting her again, hugging her a lot, kissing her and saying that the longing is over.

Pray for our family!”

“Unfortunately our Princess has rested. We still don’t have information about the wake and time. We don’t know the causes of death. As soon as we have it we will communicate. We ask for respect for the parents’ pain. Piettra’s family”

Her mother confirmed she was vaccinated:

“sim, mas precisamos aguardar o laudo”

“yes, but we need to wait for the report”

Praying for comfort for the family during this time and may Piettra rest in peace.

Shane Warne – 52 Year Old Cricket Legend Died Suddenly In Thailand

March 13, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

Shane’s death was reported on March 4, 2022. It was sudden and unexpected death while he was on vacation in Thailand, after arriving only 24 hours prior.

According to the DailyMail, “friends staying with Warne found him unresponsive in bed and battled to save his life with CPR for 20 minutes.

The DailyMail has reported he may have been dead 45 minutes or longer before his body was discovered.

708Gin announced his death in this Instagram post:

Shane’s been a proponent of wearing masks and everyone getting vaccinated per his Instagram page virtue signaling.

“Please put your mask on Victoria and do the right thing.”

“Do the right thing Melbourne and wear a mask.”

“Thank u for all the get well messages-they really mean a lot. I’ve been double vaccinated so the Covid symptoms are mild, hopefully I will be up & about soon.”

In this video below he offers his thoughts on everyone needing to go and “Get Vaccinated”.

“Everyone go and get double jabbed… double vaccinated.” And people are “learning to live with it” (referring to lockdowns.)

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Kellai Rodriguez – 35 Year Old With Severe Adverse Reactions From Moderna COVID Vaccine

March 13, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

This is Kellai’s story:

Kellai Rodriguez, 35 Years Old, took both Moderna COVID doses, and has since had debilitating adverse reactions, just 2 months after her second dose.

She now has to use a walker now due to uncontrollable tremors and doesn’t have control over her body or her speech. 

“On June 29th, 2021, my happy, predictable daily life came to a screeching halt. I lost my ability to speak naturally, I have become unable to walk without a walker and never know if or when the tremors will come or go. I can no longer cook, clean or even pick up and hold my baby for too long before my body begins shake uncontrollably or is thrown into excruciating amounts of pain.”

“This has become the loneliest and most isolating experience I have ever had in my 35 years of life. I deserve to be heard and treated with compassion, but instead I have been called a liar and a fake. My life has been turned upside down. This is my story and I won’t stop sharing it.”

Kellai’s Washington DC testimony is below.

Here is more of Kellai’s story below:

Kellai is active on her Instagram Page, follow her journey HERE.

With no explanation or diagnoses from the numerous doctors and neurologists she has seen over the last 4 months, she has had to search for more specialized treatments. Hyperbaric chambers and IV infusions are helping to keep her body from shutting down, but they are not cheap or covered my mainstream health insurance providers. 

Delilah Belle – 23 Year Old Daughter Of Hollywood Actors Opens Up About Her Health Problems Triggered By COVID-19 Vaccine 

March 12, 2022 in Adverse Reactions

Delilah Belle , the daughter of Hollywood actors Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin opened up about her secret health battle in a nearly 30-minute video posted to her Instagram page on November 2nd, 2021.

The 23-year-old model told her 1.6 million followers that she’s been going through a litany of medical issues over the past year and that the COVID-19 vaccine may have caused a number of autoimmune diseases in her body to “flare-up.”

 “I Was Ask Not To Tell My Story” 

Shortly after getting her second Moderna shot, she said she started getting bad panic attacks – explaining they were unlike anything she’s ever had before.

“So this is scary to do because I was actually asked not to tell my story by someone close to me. Basically in the beginning of the year, I want to say February and March, is when I got my COVID-19 vaccine. And in no way am I saying I’m an anti-Vaxxer because I’m totally not. I just didn’t know enough about it. No one did. I didn’t realize that the vaccine would cause an autoimmune response in my body that basically flared up and triggered certain autoimmune diseases that I didn’t know I had.”

Here is a short preview of her full video:

Her full video is below.