Kjeld Nuis – 32 Year Old Olympic Gold Medalist Speed Skater Developed Pericarditis Following COVID Vaccine

Dutch Speed Skater and Olympic Gold Medalist revealed on Instagram some time back that he developed pericarditis.

He became quite ill following the Pfizer Vaccine, but his doctor diagnosed him early.

“How it started vs How it’s going.

Exactly 2 weeks ago today I was in hospital with an inflamed pericardium. Fortunately, my sports doctor was there very early and examined me well together with the cardiologist. Was immediately able to go the next day and after a heart film, ultrasound and an MRI everything seems to be fine! Now at training camp with @skateteamreggeborgh

Thanks for all the sweet messages!❤️

let’s get it💥💪🏻”

Kjeld didn’t let that deter him from his dreams though.

He recently went to Beijing, and became the first back to back Olympic 1500m champion since Johann Olav Koss in Albertville 1992 and Lillehammer 1994.

2 Days ago, Kjeld set a new speed skating world record at 64 mph.

This is an amazing recovery story! Proof that you never give up on what’s important to you!

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