Kgauza wa Lecowza – Bragged About Getting the Pfizer Booster and Dead Less Than 2 Weeks Later

A man from South Africa who recently bragged about going to get his Pfizer Booster shot, has died after being hospitalized just a few days ago.

A few of his tweets are below:

“I’m due for my booster shot. Next week I’m phakathi. Bring that Pfizer. Inject it. We rock on. I don’t get swayed by nonsense nna. I’ll still be here next week, balling.”

“Give me that booster. I’ll take it tomorrow. I’ll never listen to Twitter “scientists” nna. Ever. A ke gafe.”

“I don’t give a rat’s ass that it is your democratic right to have an opinion. Go have that while you take a shit. What I won’t do is engage with anti-vaxxers. Nope, I’m not going there. I’m jabbed & will get my 2nd one. When they add the booster, I’m getting that too. Easy.”

“At some point the body declares enough is enough. I’m finally hospitalized. Gonna take a bit of a break from this app. Need to prioritize my mental & physical strength. Take care out there. See you soon.”

His last retweet was an ominous one.

His death was confirmed by a friend below:

May he rest in peace.

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  1. Why is it the one’s who yell the loudest fall the soonest?
    Too many are dying suddenly. There won’t be an end to this madness any time soon. Gates. Fraudci, klaus will forever have innocent blood on their hands

  2. i feel terrible for these people but at the same time I realize that these are some of the same people wishing illness harm and death on those of us who are smart enough NOT to get this poison injected into our bodies. The people I really feel the worst for are the innocent children! God help those babies…

  3. RIP. So does his death certificate say he passed of covid or “covid complications” with no mention of jab reactions? There are a lot of confident people that bragged about their addiction to C19 jabs. Why I don’t know. Some are still here, some are ill, some are not. If anyone, especially laypersons, ever researched (till they have a headache from the strain–many headaches) enough about these jabs, they would know how truly the world’s population has been experimented on OPENLY, not covertly like they’ve done with other “vaccines” in poor countries in the past (think: Bill Gates, and his vast, much-funded organizations and connections). They would also know how dangerously toxic the jabs are in the long run and in the short run. It’s an abomination for me to continue to hear the toxic shots constantly advertised on radio and television, especially when the government is determined to poison our children by hook or crook. I’m now anti-vax. The history of “vaccines” is shady and full of holes and our governments cannot be trusted.