Don Young – 88 Year Old Alaska Congressman Dies Suddenly Mid Flight From Los Angeles To Seattle

Don Young’s death was announced last Friday.

According to reports, he lost consciousness on a flight from Seattle to Alaska and couldn’t be resuscitated.

The Independent has a bit more information, reporting that it happened on the descent:

In November 2020, Don was hospitalized for COVID.

When the vaccines rolled out, the videos and pleas also rolled out. Don was very much a #GetVaccinated proponent here are a few of his scripted pleas for everyone to “do their part”.

“There’s much information out there, so I’ll be very clear in my position. These shots are safe, effective, and they cost you nothing.”

“We must take this seriously. That is why I chose to get vaccinated, and I think you should do the same. These shots can save your life, and the lives of people around you.”

“I urge you to do this as I’ve done, I got vaccinated. I believe it works, I know it works. I want you to do the same thing for Alaska and yourself.”


It’s unclear how long ago he received his booster.

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  1. So much for “It would have been worse if I hadn’t been vaccinated.” Originally, they told us getting vaxxed would prevent you from catching and transmitting COVID. After lots of (remember how rare they said this was?) “breakthrough” cases, they admitted the vaxx didn’t stop you from catching COVID, but it would prevent you from getting seriously ill. After more and more vaxxed people were getting hospitalized, then they said it would stop you from dying from COVID. Now even that lie has been exposed. Here is what we really know: the vaxxes and boosters destroy your natural immunity. Look for many more deaths in the months to come.