Piettra Procopio – 12 Year Old Girl From Brazil Dies In Her Sleep

From Piettra’s mother:

“Piettra came as our rainbow baby.
After I lost the twins in a moment of pain, she came to bring us joy! And what joy! Very active, carried from the belly…

“My dancer, companion, friend, confidant, encourager, my sun, my strength, my air, my life…. I can not breathe… What a pain… what a pain…

She was sweet, kind to everyone, no one was invisible to her. She made sure to greet each person. A special child, she woke up singing and always happy. Everyone who refers to her talks about her light, her smile, how sweet and sweet she was… She was like that…

Guys, how difficult it is, how much she is missing, how much pain we are feeling, how much I miss her kisses and hugs…

Our farewell was: “Good night mom, blessing, sleep with God, I love you”

“God bless you daughter! Sleep with God, I love you too…”

The next morning, when I said goodbye to her to go to work, when I went to kiss her she was cold, rigid, lifeless…

Ahhh!! Lord how I wish all of this would be erased. The greatest pain I have felt in my entire life.

We still don’t know what happened! Piettra was always a healthy child, never had any neurological or heart problems that we were aware of.

She may have had a seizure, heart attack while she was sleeping, but those are just guesses… We will only know what really happened after the report in 30 days…

I ask God for strength to endure all this… And may He support my family…. I don’t want to question God, why?

I just want to thank you for Piettra’s life and for each day with her… it was just a few days… I wanted so much more..

But thank you for the gift she was, really a gift, she was born on my birthday and was always present in our lives, asking what she could do for us, if we were okay, kissing, hugging…. Oh! little daughter… how much you are missing…

“The Lord gave, the Lord took away; praise the name of the Lord”. Thank God for Piettra’s life, I look forward to meeting her again, hugging her a lot, kissing her and saying that the longing is over.

Pray for our family!”

“Unfortunately our Princess has rested. We still don’t have information about the wake and time. We don’t know the causes of death. As soon as we have it we will communicate. We ask for respect for the parents’ pain. Piettra’s family”

Her mother confirmed she was vaccinated:

“sim, mas precisamos aguardar o laudo”

“yes, but we need to wait for the report”

Praying for comfort for the family during this time and may Piettra rest in peace.

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