Matías Attem – 43 Year Old Journalist Died Less Than 7 Months Following The COVID Vaccine

Matías was only 43 years old.

There were a few differing reports online about what illness he was fighting, one report says prostate cancer, that was only diagnosed two months prior, and was in a very advanced stage.

A few other articles online said it was a lung illness he had been battling for the last month and a half of his life.

“After the disease was detected in a very advanced state, his family remained low and in recent days they tried to contact a healing priest because in medical terms there was not much to do anymore.”

He was vaccinated less than 7 months prior.

On March 11, 2021 he posted a picture online of his vaccine card saying:

“One year after the world completely changed, today I can say I got vaccinated! Let’s continue to take care of ourselves!”

May he Rest In Peace.

He passed away October 6, 2021, less than 7 months after his COVID Vaccine. It’s unclear if he had more than the dose he posted on his Verified Facebook post.


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