Salvo Nicosia – 52 Year Old Fashion Publicist Dead After Heart Attack

Salvo Nicosia, a highly respected and well-liked communications director of Alberta Ferretti, died on Friday after suffering cardiac arrest in Milan, aged 52.

Reports online from Italy state he allegedly fell ill two days ago on the way to work. The ambulance arrived within 30 minutes to help him but he was already in an irreversible coma. He died while at the hospital.

Friends remembered his healthy lifestyle, a non-smoker and regular gym-goer and attentive to nutrition.

“Heartbroken and shocked over the sudden passing of my dear longtime friend Salvo Nicosia,
He will be greatly missed by so many of us.”

“Me at work today. Back from Cannes fresh and vaccinated but with so much damn work to get done, busy AF… leave me alooooone.”

His final Instagram post was from a few days ago, of his metaverse avatar.

“My MetaBearded NFP (Non Fungible Person) version isn’t too bad, definitely younger and way more hipster than the real one and with blue eyes.

Let’s see what kind of game ThemaVerse has in mind for my badass jailed alter ego.”

May he Rest In Peace.

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  1. They walk so quietly into the chambers. Rest in peace. The world cannot help stop this until everyone quits complying and many still are. Laws are being written to tighten the corona communism noose and grab up our kids, our medical freedoms, and our livelihoods. Call out to the ignorant; maybe they will hear this time.