Kevin Street – Functional Neurological Disorder & Brain Lesions Following One Dose of AstraZeneca

This is Kevin’s story:

Kevin got sick the moment he got his AstraZeneca May 6, 2021.

He fell ill with the flu followed by a few weeks of brain fog and couldn’t work for more than 2 hours a day; he had to come home to rest daily.

June 4, 2021, Kevin passed out standing in front of me in our back yard.

From that day on has been a series of 12 major seizures/tremors that last up-to 2.5 hours with nothing to help. I’ve posted many of these videos.

It has wiped out his ability to walk, his speech at times, and he cannot multi task anymore. He has had trouble getting the help he needs. Many Doctors were not believing him during the first 3 months. (He was tested for cocaine and Meth several times. Obviously negative) I couldn’t handle it anymore and drove him to Ottawa Civic 2 hours away to find a neurologist to help.

Not only did Kevin have one of his seizures while there, he also had the neurologist team witness what was happening. This is when we began the true journey. Our infectious disease doctor got involved which began the process of Kevin getting his exemption.

I do remember getting kicked out of his local doctor appointment, I wanted to know if he had permanent brain damage. I was asked to leave the room.

For a man who has a brain injury from this shot, and I was his caregiver, I was furious and went to Facebook with yet another video. During the past few months his Doctor has come around, Kevin now has a better relationship with her.

He is getting physio at our local hospital weekly and is being treated as a stroke patient. His MRI shows at least 12 lesions on the brain, small vessel disease which has developed as of lately.

He has Functional Neurological Disorder brought on by this first (and only) shot in May.

This is the short version of a very long journey. Disability took far too long, to come In. Unacceptable. However, we have our community behind us, some friends and my family have been huge supporters. My sister Tabatha has set up a GO FUND ME back when I was home full time with Kevin. We wish to thank every single person that has helped us through financial gifts, gifting walkers, electric wheelchair, a lift chair, Meals, drop in visits and friendships.

Our journey is going to be a LONG one. The best part is that Kevin is here with us. I am blessed daily to have him. His desire to help others who are also struggling, his will to try and continue normal tasks, he barely complains.

This man used to be a workaholic… easy 10 hours a day… finds it so frustrating to be doing little. It’s good to see him with his family and enjoying every moment with his kids whenever possible. Keep sending him messages of encouragement! If you wish to have our email or address just send a message 🙂 Here is a little video I captured today ..

His GoFundMe is below:

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