Francisco Aliotta – 42 Year Old Had A Seizure Within 3 Minutes Of 2nd Pfizer Dose and Now Has Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer

This is Francisco’s story (told by his wife):

My husband Francisco was a healthy, vibrant, energetic (with no underlying conditions), 42 year old man.

His life forever changed after his second Pfizer Vaccine on June 15th 2021.

Only 3 minutes after the 2nd dose, he had a seizure.

He was rushed to the hospital and was kept in the hallway for 5 hours. They did a EKG as they already knew at this point how the were effecting peoples hearts.

They ignored our concerns, the doctor was absolutely awful. All the staff acted like what happened was nothing. He was pale, clammy, disoriented and completely exhausted from this neurological response to the Pfizer vaccine.

They released us and told my husband to follow up with a neurologist.

He started getting migraines, pains in his neck, he was feeling awful.

One week later he started to notice the lymph nodes in his neck and underarm of his left side of his body were hard and swollen, a bit painful. This was the side where he got his Pfizer.

They kept getting larger and now speeding into his chest. We started to see numerous doctors, specialists.

They all had one thing in common, they had no idea how to help. They all did concur that it’s a side effect a from the Pfizer. It will go away we were told.

This was in June. So we waited “for it to go away” as they said, and in this waiting time it got considerably worse.

We finally went back in September 2021 and demanded he get sonogram and ultrasound etc. We did our own research: if you let your lymph nodes stay this swollen for too long it can develop into lymphoma.

The doctor agreed to a sonogram. The sonogram showed that his lymph nodes are inflamed and swollen. We already knew this, but what’s the treatment? They are not receding on their own, Help us! The doctor prescribed an anti inflammatory medication. He started taking that and there was no change. The doctor reported it will take time.

Now it’s October and still no answers. The lymph nodes are now swollen and inflamed on the right side now and he’s getting chest pressure and pain.

In mid November we finally find another doctor. They finally really listen. It’s been too long with these lymph nodes swollen and they do believe we are entering into lymphoma.

Devastated and speechless… they send my husband for the tests we originally wanted and sure enough, he has Lymphoma. He has lymph nodes leaning on vital organs, his heart to be exact. Speed up to today, he has been through X-ray after X-ray, biopsy and now he’s getting a PET scan tomorrow.

Francisco’s swollen lymph nodes went untreated by doctors and progressed rapidly into cancer.

It’s now March 2022, and he has now been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage 2 B cell cancer.

The doctors won’t admit that in rare cases these vaccines, can cause a variety of major ailments. They won’t admit to any of this.

Now my husband is about to embark on a cancer journey, radiation, chemotherapy.

He was just trying to do his part and not lose his job, and now he can hardly get out of bed anymore and can’t work. Our life is forever changed and no one is liable.

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