Jeff Jackson – Lichenoid Dermatitis and Extreme Skin Reactions Following Moderna COVID Vaccine

This is Jeff’s story:

On September 28th, 2021, I received my second Moderna COVID vaccine.

Within 30 minutes and getting home, I started feeling heated, itchy and had hardening and skin color changes from the top of my head to my shoulder where I received the vaccine.

I called the vaccine administrator and was told it was normal and would go away. After a few days the itching got worse and the rashes started to appear.

Multiple doctor visits suggested it may be Plaque Psoriasis, I was contacted by a friend on Facebook and told to come to the doctor she worked for, to get things going starting with the biopsy. I had 2 separate biopsies, both confirmed the diagnosis and also confirmed it started when I got the vaccine.

I’ve been out of my house maybe 5 or so times since then and it’s going on 8 months now.

I’ve lost 2 layers of skin, and I have to sweep my apartment 3-4 times a day because of the loss of skin cells.

Officially, I’ve been diagnosed with Lichenoid Dermatitis.

My right eye stays blurry because the skin I’m shedding, gets in my eyes. I’m losing my hair which will never grow back due to extreme scarring.

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