Izabella da Silva – 11 Year Old Girl Coerced By School To Get Vaccinated, Dies 4 Days After Being Vaccinated

Izabella da Silva, an 11-year-old girl, died four days after being inoculated with the vaccine against COVID19.

According to reports, the girl was being threatened by the direction of the school where she studied. 

Izabella, was a healthy girl, without any comorbidities, in perfect health, and her parents did not want to vaccinate her. But the school’s management pressured her, threatening to make a complaint to the guardianship council, as directed by the Paraná Public Ministry, that she could be removed from her parents care”, said the deputy during a speech to the Legislative Assembly of Paraná.

Izabella came home terrified and asked her father to allow her to get vaccinated, says the deputy, who keeps in touch with Izabella’s parents.

Izabella received the vaccine on April 4, a few days later she began to experience severe headaches, and she died unexpectedly on April 8, just four days after the vaccination.

The parents did not want to vaccinate her. And now, because of the school’s coercion, she’s been taken from her parents permanently.

According to data from the CDC and FDA, the survival rate of children infected with covid-19 is 99.99%, while the adverse effects of vaccination are still not yet known.

Izabella was at virtually no risk from COVID-19, and yet now, her parents are without their 11 year old daughter.


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