Sabrina Sandoval – 39 Year Old Mother Died of Cardiac Arrest After Stroke

This is Sabrina’s story, as told by her sister Erica.

I want to let her story be known.  The doctors were in shock, the nurses were in shock.  They couldn’t give us an answer as to why my sister Sabrina who was only 39 years old had a stroke and the died from cardiac arrest a few days later.  She was completely fine!

She was fine living live.  Doing her side business of selling treats.  She was at a baby shower that day and couldn’t wait to unwind.  She started just have a blank stare and completely blacked out.  She went straight to the emergency room at Hazel Hawkins hospital and there they did some scans and told her it had to do with her brain.  

She called me that Saturday around 10 PM that she was scared, but felt a little bit better just tired with a very bad headache.

She then found out the very next day, that she had had a stroke.  

We live in a small town.  Our hospital is not equipped to handle anything let alone have any doctors who specialize in strokes.  We have talked to many nurses and people within the family who know that when someone of that age has a stroke, they should have been sent to the stroke center first thing!

But they didn’t. They brushed it off and said she was fine.  She had a little trouble walking and gaining her strength.  So the hospital suggested she go to rehab.

I spoke to her every day after that week and she seemed fine.  She was her normal self, making jokes that they had given her a cheap coke and she wanted a real one.  I asked her if she wanted me to take her a real coke and she said: “it’s ok sister you can get me one tomorrow when I go home.”

She was normal and couldn’t wait to come home to her 3 kids.  She was worried about them and her husband.  She was a stay at home mom and took care of everything.  Her only worry was getting home in time from rehab for Christmas.  She sounded completely normal to me.  She only kept saying she had a bad headache which the hospital knew.

She said she was taking Tylenol.  I believe the hospital knew what was going on wanted to get her out of there.  She was a patient who was 39 years old with no history of medical issues, that had a major stroke and then complained of a constant headache.  

Later than week I got a call from my little sister saying she died.  I couldn’t even wrap my head around it.  Because I spoke to her and she was fine!  I never in a million years would have thought this!

Sabrina passed away December 8th, 2021, and leaves behind her husband and 3 children.

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