Amanda Johnson – 31 Years Old With Vaccine Induced Multiple Sclerosis

This is Amanda’s story.

 My name is Amanda Johnson. I am 31 years old from Oklahoma.

In late March, I recieved my first  and only dose of Moderna. 

Within half an hour of vaccination, my skin started turning red on my injection arm. It was very sunburn like and followed by a blistering rash with hard nodules, a stiff neck, the worst headache and eye pain of my life, tachycardia, dizziness, nausea, and fever.

I was put on prednisone to help the rash but my symptoms never improved. They progressed until one morning, I couldnt feel my leg. It wasnt until I could no longer tell when I had to urinate that a brain MRI was ordered. It was abnormal and suggestive of demyelinating disease. Because of this, a lumbar puncture was ordered, which also turned out to be abnormal. 

I was diagnosed with first onset Multiple Sclerosis- Remitting Relapsing MS. 

Only after a serious diagnosis was made did they look further into my months long tachycardia issue. I had an abnormal EKG which promoted and echocardiogram and an event monitor which I am still currently wearing. 

I was not the healthiest person prior to vaccination, although my underlying autoimmune issues were well maintained and controlled. According to the National Institutes of Health, there are only 17 reported cases of my pre-existing condition and MS occuring together. That would make me one in nearly half a BILLION, and the only thing that changed was the vaccination I recieved.  The National Institutes of Health has now found a correlation between first onset Multiple Sclerosis and the covid-19 vaccine. 

Calling us a rare statistic or blaming our illness on pre existing issues is not only disheartening, its also dismissive- Dismissive of our pain, dismissive of our suffering, dismissive of our experiences.

Had my doctor not looked further into my case and held onto the immune theory, my brain could have incurred much more damage. I am thankful he thought outside of the box eventually and looked further into the neurological spectrum of things. Having a pre existing condition shouldnt discredit someones illness and reaction to vaccination, especially autoimmune problems. Having an autoimmune issue shouldnt disposition us to be the chosen martyrs to society for vaccine reactions. 

I digress to say, I used to love fishing, fossil hunting, and mycology/entomology studies. You could regularly find me at the local rivers or lakes with my children enjoying life. Now I cant stand for long periods of time wothout my heart rate being explosive, or losing my balance, or tripping over my feet from not being able to feel them.

I believed the lie that this vaccine was totally safe and effective. I believed the lie that this vaccine would create immunity. In doing so, I unknowingly sacrificed the best parts of my life. I am now permanently disabled. Prior to popular opinion, I dont feel it was for the greater good. Its not only me who deals with the consequences of my unfortunate demise- its also my children and family. 

Amanda thought her VAERS report had be filed previously, but recently found out it had not been.  It was recently filed for her, and will be viewable on the CDC website in a few weeks.  Amanda’s VAERS report will be published here once available.  

Amanda has been banned from Facebook and Instagram for sharing what has happened to her as a result of her one and only Moderna COVID Vaccine and the adverse reaction it caused her.

Amanda’s VAERS report is below.

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