Noel – Severe Adverse Reactions From Moderna COVID Vaccine

This is Noel’s story:

I got the Moderna Vaccine at the end of August 2021.

Within three days I had a very severe sore and hot to the touch red/pink circle around the injection site.  

From the third day on, I experienced tingling, extreme brain fog, muscle stiffness and soreness in my left arm, neck and shoulder.

I have been unable to work since taking the vaccine and actually was put on disability due to the extreme brain fog that doesn’t allow me to even get through my daily programs on my computer.  I would be in the middle of speaking and forget what I’m saying.

On top of that, I feel tremors in my legs and arms all the time.  When I walk it felt like I was bouncing.  You could hear the tremors in my voice when I spoke.  I did get a vitamin/infusion IV within a week of having the vaccine.  It did not seem to make a drastic difference but I did start feelign a little bit better within a week.

Unfortunately I’ve been put on disability because I’m not able to work due to brain fog, and it’s severe.  I also have muscle soreness and stiffness all over my body.  One of the more interesting things I experienced during the extreme brain fog was lack of emotion.  Things that would typically upset me were like nothing.  

Sadly I used to make right under $300,000 a year, now I am fighting to get permanent disability becuase I am no longer able to work.  It is devastating and very emotional.  My doctors have continued to send me for follow ups, but only because I demand it!

When I asked my doctor to report the side effects from the vaccine, she refused because she did not want to be labeled as a whistleblower.  My side effects from the vaccine are still not reported!

I’ve had countless MRI’s, CT Scans, and so much more.  They can not find anything!  I have been going to physical therapy to try and get my physical movement back and it just doesn’t seem like it’s doing anything.  The damage is so bad that I would need to be doing therapy every single day, and naturally insurance doesn’t cover that.  I see the stuff you guys post and it just upsets me knowing there’s so many of us out there.  

I was also breastfeeding my youngest baby when I got the Vaccine and my baby started pooping blood.

My doctors did tell me not to take another one, but won’t report it as being an issue.  This is just a crazy world we’re in right now.

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