Justine Luzzi – Severe Adverse Reactions to Moderna COVID Vaccine

This is Justine’s story:


Today marks 3 months since I’ve been sick from my vaccine injury.

Some updates:

Right now the adverse side effects that are lingering are chronic headache, tightness in my head, some light confusion, and sometimes difficulty critically thinking. My eyesight has improved dramatically. The dizziness and vertigo seems to have subsided. And no chest or jaw pains for weeks.

I am so grateful my body is healing. This is the last week of my ozone sauna therapy treatments. That would make 7 total. That’s around the recommended amount for my situation, but if I intuitively feel like I need more sessions, I’ll do them. It’s also the last week of my PEMF therapy, but will continue the treatments at home by buying a PEMF mat. I also did a one-off lymphatic drainage massage yesterday and I felt pretty good after!

I finally feel I have the right combination of supplements, herbs, and vitamins. However, I was able to get an appointment for the best herbalist in NYC on Tuesday, AND my insurance covers it, so I’m going to see if maybe I’m missing something. Maybe there’s a homeopathic elixir that can be added.

I heard through the grapevine that there is a functional medicine doctor in NYC treating people for neurological complications from the jab. I called for an appointment and he is booked until October 27th. I was able to get on a waitlist fo cancellations, but this guy must be good, and it’s worth the wait. He will also be able to help me interpret my genetics test, which by the way, the cheek swab has not come in the mail quite yet, but should be here soon. I’m excited to see if I have the MTHFR gene mutation, which would explain A LOT.

Something new I’m trying, as in the last few days, is intermittent fasting and getting my body into ketosis. Apparently this is a good way to detox and cleanse the body, reduce inflammation, and rejuvenate the cells. I am currently doing 14 hours, but working my way up to 16. I’m eating virtually no carbs, just lots of vegetables, eggs, nuts, and fatty fish. Whether I need a long-term fast, that I’m unsure of, and will ask my doctor. I have seen and heard miraculous stories of healing from long term fasting.

And that’s it!! It’s a waiting game at this point. I’m still open to different suggestions, but I can almost guarantee I tried them already. I feel like I have tried everything at least once. I am currently eyeing stem cell patches, but need to do more research.

Thank you as usual for the continued support and prayers. I can’t wait for the day my posts get to regularly scheduled programming!


Update on my vaccine injury recovery process:

Hey everyone! Just want to say thank you to everyone checking in on me! Everyone has been so kind and graceful as I slowly heal and get this thing under control.

There’s been a few updates:

As far as WHAT the vaccine injury is- looks like my body is just not reacting properly to the spike proteins and mRNA. My PCP thought it could be two other things; a heavy metal leak from the v@cclne (which happens rarely, but does happen) OR the v@cclne triggered an autoimmune disease (which he admitted he’s been seeing a lot). I was tested for both heavy metals and inflammation, in which they came back negative. So he said there’s only one explanation left; the spike proteins and mRNA.

Usually in spirituality (which is my wheelhouse) you ask yourself the question ‘Why is this happening FOR me?” instead of “Why me?” This question is super helpful in figuring out why you’re experiencing what you’re experiencing and to view the bigger picture of life lessons, karma, purpose, and information regarding your soul contract. This question is helpful for health related issues, but the better question for this is “WHY ME?”

Turns out, it’s quite possible I have the MTHFR gene mutation. This gene mutation has been linked to vaccine injuries for DECADES. Yet, for some reason, it’s not public knowledge. I ordered a genetics test, but that will take weeks to get results.

The PCP recommended I work with alternative medicine practitioners, so I’m officially done with Western medicine. They can’t help me. They’ve said it time and time again.

After much research, I decided to try two alternative medicine therapies. One is called Ozone sauna therapy. This is where you step into a sauna and they release ozone gas (smells rancid by the way!) and basically it works with your body on a cellular level. People use this therapy for all types of issues, including chemotherapy recovery, major sports injuries, and anti-aging practices in general. The second healing modality I tried was PEMF, which is like an electromagnetic pulse therapy. You get muscle tested for the root of the issue and then they set the machine to that frequency of healing. Both modalities made me feel GREAT. That was Tuesday, and yesterday I woke up feeling pretty good! They say you need about 4 to 5 sessions before really feeling a difference so I will continue both twice a week until I get back to homeostasis levels!

I also started working with a Kinseologist (she’s amazing!), who performed a distant muscle testing on me and found that this is possibly attacking my limbic system, which makes a lot of sense, as all my symptoms have just shifted to my head, and eyes. Looks like I have early onset glaucoma. I’m getting a second opinion early next week, as my eye doctor is in disbelief that a healthy 35 year old can develop this. She gave me eye drop medication for now to subside the pain, but it only made me dizzy and experienced some cognitive decline. Seems any type of medication I take, I get the full range of the side effects (just like the ivermectin). I’m back to smoking weed for the glaucoma and hoping that a healthy dose of Vitamin A and Bilberry will be able to help heal it.

My Kinseologist recommended a few more supplements for me to take, as well as adding acupuncture to the alternative healing modalities.

I have faith, continuing on this path, I will have a full recovery in about a month.

So much gratitude:

Shout out to Allison, the best Kinseologist in the world…

The helpful staff at the health food store near me, helping me pick out supplements.

NY Healing Arts, the best wellness spa and healing center in Manhattan. These ladies ROCK.

Anyone who tagged me on anything and/or who slid into my Facebook messenger asking how I am, suggesting activations and meditations, supplements, healing modalities, etc for my issues. You guys know who you are!

Isabela Sladeckova for taking the time to speak with me over video chat about her personal experience which really helped!

Debbie Nalven Sulner and Ivelisse Lopez for their complimentary distance healing.

To anyone who commented on my last post and gave suggestions- I have thoroughly looked into every one, tried some, and am still open to trying others.

David Avocado Wolf and his spike protein protocols.

My two best friends who tried to warn me about the vaccine; they didn’t throw any ‘I told you so’s” in my face, and have been there every step of the way as I ask them a million and one questions about supplements.

To the many people labeled ‘conspiracy theorists’ that have figured out a way to get their information out there to help heal people that are gaslighted about vaccine injuries.

And to anyone else I forgot. Please forgive me, my brain is still healing!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.


Just a little update on my health journey…

Today was my last neurologist appointment.

The last thing my neurologist said to me as I left that I’ll never forget; “I’m sorry we can’t help you.”

For context, she’s talking about my complications from the Moderna Vaccine. About 2 months ago, roughly a month after my second jab, I started experiencing neurological issues that included intense migraines, swaying while walking, slurring speech, memory loss, slight confusion, brain fog and dizziness. My symptoms have since expanded to chest, jaw, and joint pain, and some deep coughing, but the neurological issues are front and center.

They had all suspected the Vaccine from the beginning, but we all did our due diligence to eliminate all issues. I personally thought I was experiencing low iron and B12 from being a vegetarian and never in a million years would have thought this was coming from the Vaccine. It was the last possible cause on my long list of root issues. I happily got a jab. I was happy to do my part and help protect others.

What they don’t tell you, is that people ARE experiencing long-term effects of it. VAERS reporting system, which is run by the CDC, reports 500k people have reported similar symptoms to mine. Common side effects include neurological issues, shingles, heart problems, and blood clots. I’m sure that’s not everyone either. Some people don’t know about VAERS to report, others don’t own or know how to use a computer, or simply some are minor and don’t know that their symptoms are linked. I would estimate the number is probably around 2 million. Still, that is a small percentage of people having adverse effects compared to the 165 million in the US that have not had any issues. This is another reason this isn’t being taken seriously.

The nurse today was so kind and empathetic and admitted to me they’ve seen an influx of people with random neurological issues that looks like its from the jab. She said she can’t believe they shove it down people’s throats and then when someone gets sick, there is no help.

The last couple of months have been a harrowing experience for me. As tests continuously came through negatively, it became evidently clear that my body (especially my brain) was inflamed and not reacting properly to the jab. I really didn’t want to believe it, but it’s the truth. And now I have no help financially or physically. Just like my neurologist said, “It’ll wear off”, “We don’t know how to heal it”, and “I’m sorry we can’t help you.”

Thank goodness for holistic methods from “conspiracy theorists.” Yesterday I had to do something really scary and take Ivermectin, a controversial drug that is said to help with long-haulers and now jab side effects. Today, my vision has improved by about 40% and I’m grateful. I’m having faith this will help heal me, along with other toxic removal protocols I’ve had to do daily just to function. I am willing to try anything to get better.

I have been trying to stay as positive as possible, but today I feel nothing but rage.

You all should have seen me this morning, I had a meltdown in the doctors office. They told me I must pay $1000 balance before seeing he doctor, and well, I did not respond well. Couldn’t keep my cool. Especially since I will receive zero financial compensation from Moderna, and no slack from my health insurance. I went off on health insurance in this country and how I was injured by the jab, and everyone in the waiting room was STARING at me.

Not my finest hour.

And that’s that. I’m on my own healing this. I will continue to do holistic methods, try new things, and just keep as positive as I possibly can, that this will, one day, just “wear off”.

Just as a disclaimer, my stance on vaccines have not changed; I have been and always will be pro-choice. Whatever you decide to do with your body is your choice and your choice only. I also acknowledge that the majority of people get the shot with absolutely no issues. This post isn’t meant to scare anyone. This post is about my truth and what is personally happening to me.

I chose to get the shot. Although it’s easy to say it wasn’t the right decision for me, it’s catapulted me into lessons and growth that is for the evolution of my consciousness. I choose to see that as winning.

But I’m sure as hell NOT getting any booster shots OR another Vaccine ever again.

With that being said, not going LIVE tonight for oracle card readings, but I have faith I will be back with these soon.

I am also contemplating recording a YouTube video about my experience. And that will be the end of this. I am SO ready to get back to my regular life.

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