Red Blood Cells Before and After Ozone Treatments

Rouleaux Formation Post-COVID Vaccination via Dark Field Blood Microscopy.

The dark field blood examinations seen below are examples of the blood of vaccinated patients before and after Ozone Therapy.

(1) A 62-year-old female who had received the COVID vaccination roughly 60 days earlier. 

The first picture reveals mild rouleaux formation of the blood. After a sequence of six autohemotherapy ozone passes, the second picture shows a completely normal appearance of the RBCs.

Patient’s blood with mild Rouleaux (Vaccinated 60 days prior)
Red Blood Cells were normal again after 6 Major Autohemotherapy Passes.

(2) A young adult male who received his vaccination 15 days earlier without any side effects noted and feeling completely well at the time, had the dark field examination of his blood performed. 

This first examination seen below revealed severe rouleaux formations of the RBCs with extensive branching, appearing to literally involve all of the RBCs visualized in an extensive review of multiple different microscopic fields. 

He then received one 400 ml ozonated saline infusion followed by a 15,000 mg infusion of vitamin C. 

The second picture reveals a complete and immediate resolution of the rouleaux formation seen on the first examination. Furthermore, the normal appearance of the RBCs was still seen 15 days later, giving some reassurance that the therapeutic infusions had some durability, and possibly permanency, in their positive impact.

Severe Rouleaux (Vaccinated 15 days prior)
400 ml ozonated saline infusion followed by a 15,000 mg infusion of vitamin C.

(3) A third adult who received the vaccination 30 days earlier also had severe rouleaux formation on her dark field examination, and this was also completely resolved after the ozonated saline infusion followed by the vitamin C infusion. 

Of note, similar abnormal dark field microscopy findings were found in other individuals following Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccinations.

When available, ozonated saline and/or ozone autohemotherapy infusions are excellent. Conceivably, this approach alone might suffice to knock out the spike protein presence, but the vitamin C and HP nebulization approaches will also improve and maintain health in general. Ultraviolet blood irradiation and hyperbaric oxygen therapy will likely achieve the same therapeutic effect if available.


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