Allison Turner – Severe Adverse Neurological Reactions From COVID Vaccine

This is Allison’s story:

“I’ve been hesitant to share this as I know how divided this has made people. I also know I may lose friends. But since hearing the news of the impending rollout for 5 to 11 year olds I felt I’m just as wrong as everyone else whose remaining silent if I don’t share my experience.

I was quite hesitant to have the Vaccine as most people know I have autoimmune issues/lupus.

I went to my GP who I’ve seeing since I was 12 & asked his advice. He said with no hesitation you must go & book in today please. If you catch you will die. I said that I was worried as In the last year I’d been having some issues that suggested brain involvement. He said it’s really safe go & have it. There is a rare chance you can get pericarditis as a side effect but we will treat it if it happens it’s easily treated.

The thought of my kids being without a mum pushed me to book in & I had my first .The first week I was fine & was encouraging family & friends to have theirs. But after 10 days I noticed I was having what felt like rapid irregular heart rate & it felt like palpitations. I brushed it off thinking I was just imagining it. After 2 days it intensified & I knew I wasn’t imagining it. I was also getting really short of breath had tingling numb feeling in my left arm & pain in my shoulder.

I went to the local ER & just walking from the car felt like my heart was bouncing out of my chest could hardly breathe & felt so dizzy. They did an ECG & bloods to rule out heart attack & I was then told I was fine that I was ok to go. I Had a resting HR of 155 & I could see that my HR was quite erratic & missing beats every few beats.

Over the next few days I felt weak, exhausted & generally unwell. I was starting to have chest pain & a heavy feeling in my chest. I Was getting out of breath quite easily & had a cough, numbness tingling in my arm, pain in the shoulder, couldn’t lay down or chest pain would worsen & my HR would go crazy, I was dizzy all of the time & drinking heaps of water.

About 5 day after advice from my GP I presented to ER again as my symptoms had worsened. My GP told me to go get an MRI & cardiac ultrasound. This time it was almost like I was wrong for showing up to the ER the DR actually said why have you come back? It wasn’t until I told him that I had lupus that he said oh well we need to check you for pericarditis. But we can’t do that here you need to go through your GP get a referral for cardiac ultrasound & halter monitor.

Once again I was told my ECG was fine & bloods were fine & I was right to go home with still no treatment. When I questioned the DR about my ECG being fine when clearly I can see my HR is too high, eratic & missing a lot of beats he said well yes it is but you need to go through the proper channels & go back to your GP. It was Friday so now I had to wait until Monday.

While I was in ER a friend was in the cubicle next to me also with chest pains after having his 5 weeks earlier, was also sent home & told he was fine. Once I got home my mother called to tell me that my niece was also having similar symptoms two weeks after her & needed a heart monitor also.

I Spoke to my GP on Monday & he referred me for a cardiac ultrasound, cardiologist & halter monitor. I couldn’t get an appointment for either for 3 weeks. The thought of going through this for another 3 weeks I thought was unbelievable.

By the next Saturday the pain intensified & was having sharp stabbing pains & ache in my chest. I was out of breath felt like I had a weight in my chest & just felt really uncomfortable so I asked my husband to take me to the ER at another hospital. They took my BP then told me I’d be staying the night in ER they did Blood tests again to test for heart attack & ECG.

My HR & blood pressure still through the roof. They gave me aspirin & spray under the tongue & a potassium drip. The DR came in & asked what I thought had set this off. I said I had the then 10 days later started having these symptoms. He said the phiz? I said yes & he said I think you have pericarditis from the I thought finally I will get treatment. By this time my appointment for the cardiac ultrasound was for the next day. The DR said we will keep you here until your appointment then discharge you for the appointment & go from there. In the early hours of the morning he came in & said I will give you an anti inflammatory injection that we use in pericarditis & see if that helps. Then change of shift a new DR comes in & says your ok to go I said what about treatment? He totally brushed me off & said if it’s pericarditis it’s a mild case down playing everything.

By midmorning I could feel my heart wasn’t racing it was 75bpm, stable & I could no longer feel the ectopic beats from the anti inflammatory injection they had given me earlier. I went to the cardiac ultrasound later that day & the sonographer was lovely he said good news you don’t have myocarditis but if you don’t get a diagnosis of pericarditis from the cardiologist just know that we are seeing a lot of people with heart inflammation after the phiz.

The next day went to cardiogist who wasn’t interested in listening to any of my symptoms he said I get the gist of it you’ve had some chest pain, some missed beats , that can be normal if you drink coffee, alcohol or have a period. I said I havnt had any of those things & this is not normal. He said you stress test was fine. (I couldn’t walk on the treadmill for two minutes without almost passing out) He said you will be fine to go for your next . I said you have to be kidding I still feel as though I might die from the first. He told me that I have a leaky valve which he didn’t elaborate on.

Over the next couple of days as the anti inflammatory injection wore off the symptoms started to return. My Hr went back up, was erratic, I could feel the missed beats again & the chest pain was creeping back. I started having episodes of leg spasms that would go on for over half an hour & repeat over & over. A couple of nights it went continuously until I couldn’t walk as I couldn’t coordinate my legs.

I then began having what I think are seizures every time I would fall asleep & other disturbing neurological symptoms. Ringing in my ears & it was like the smallest sounds were amplified & agitating. I was having crazy dreams where I’d wake up & feel disoriented & confused almost like I was hallucinating. I would wake up suddenly like being jolted every time I’d fall asleep & sometimes start to seizure & so thirsty like I’ve never been before drinking a litre of water through the night. I constantly felt like I was about to seizure , my muscles constantly felt like they were vibrating. My eyes felt like they were bouncing up & down every time I’d close them to go to sleep. I had blurred vision. My head felt like it had so much pressure it felt like it was going to explode. I had sharp pains in the head constantly ( which I do get sometimes with my lupus, but these felt much more intense). I had bruising everywhere from the blood tests but not only at the puncture site, all up my arms, even on my chest where the ECG stickers where. Some days I couldn’t even walk from one room to the other I was so out of breath & I had to sit down while talking or I’d be so out of breath I felt like I might pass out.

I called my GP to tell him what had been happening & he was totally dismissive of everything I was telling him. He told me that I have anxiety & need to get treatment. So 10 days after having a vaccine with known “rare” side effect of pericarditis I have all of the symptoms of pericarditis but it’s just anxiety?

I’ve had whispers from nurses & Drs saying they aren’t allowed to comment & that Drs aren’t acknowledging reactions in fear of losing their licences & if you mention reactions in a hospital you will see how the mood changes.

I’ve since seen my Dr that I see for my autoimmune issues & he has acknowledged that I’m having an “immune reaction “ & is referring me to see a neurologist & cardiologist in the new year! That’s right still no treatment. I now know that I have a leaky heart valve, SVT & god knows what else, a whole new range of neurological symptoms & my immune system is even more buggered than it was. I’m still having symptoms & can’t do much or it flares up. It’s been 6 weeks from when I first started having these symptoms & I’m finally starting to feel like I’m improving but it’s so slow & each day is different. I know people will say yeah but you have autoimmune problems but this is happening in very healthy people as well & our medical system is failing us. All the more reason to allow exemptions for people like myself.

But we are still expected to go back for a second dose even if it may kill us.

When Drs & nurses are being made to lie & are sending people home with life threatening symptoms with no treatment you have to ask why? Why is this being covered up? So think very carefully about putting this into your little ones, The thought of it chills me to the core. I am not anti vax, I am up to date with all of my other vaccinations & so are my children. But as long as I have a say they will never receive this one.

I have numerous once healthy friends who are going through identical experiences after having theirs & have all had the same experiences with ER & their Drs.”

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