Jennifer – Severe Lymphatic System Adverse Reactions to Moderna COVID Vaccine

This is Jennifer’s story:

“The COVID-19 vaccination reacted into my lymphatic system and breast soft tissue causing inflammation & pain on the side the needle was inserted.

I am putting this on Facebook so it can be shared, because mainstream media & our Government won’t make you aware. And the GP & specialist breast surgeon I’ve visited have no definitive information to provide.

So please share the post to provide awareness to other people & encourage other people that have suffered the negative impacts of the COVID jab to speak out too…

Almost 2-months ago I had my routine mammogram to get the usual all clear. I have no personal or family history of breast cancer.

Almost 1-month ago I had my 1st Moderna jab; because the Queensland Government decided to mandate the COVID jab & it would have restricted me from attending my daughter’s upcoming wedding.

Up until this point in time I was not in a rush to get the jab; because I have no health issues, I don’t take any medications & I have successfully survived the previous respiratory virus pandemic – the Swine Flu. During my Swine Flu infection I was registered with the department of infectious diseases & isolated for a month.

So I was willing to ride out all the contradicting opinions on this jab & survive COVID if I became infected with this newer variant.

I am fully vaccinated for everything else. My children are fully vaccinated. I even have the flu vaccination each year & vaccinate before travelling overseas.

I am not an anti-vaxer.

After the Moderna jab in my left arm, I couldn’t sleep for the first 3-nights because the pain was travelling up my arm into my armpit, neck & across my chest. The following days my neck, left armpit & breast continued to swell.

Seeing I’ve breast fed 4 children I know what it’s like to have your milk come in & your breasts engorge, but this was beyond that experience. Every vein in my breast was visible, I had red, hot patches on my breast, lumps everywhere in my breast & I was sitting with my extra large, very painful breast on a pillow taking pain meds and resting. And no…I’ve never had mastitis.

I tried to get to see my GP when the enlarged painful left side & breast were at their worst, but the doctor called in sick on that Friday; so the earliest appointment I could take was 4-days later.

Even though the GP had never heard of anything similar she took it seriously & sent me for an ultrasound the same day. The ultra sound showed my normal breast on the right side and my left breast full of inflammation that is currently a mass deep in my breast tissue. It was painful to scan the left breast.

Upon seeing the ultra sound results the GP provided me a referral to a breast surgery specialist who upon receiving the referral with the ultra sound phoned me & asked to see me straight away; even though he had other patients already booked; otherwise it would be another week until his earliest appointment.

The breast specialist had never seen anything like it. He’d “heard” of this reaction with the COVID jab & asked me if I had any information relating to it. So I told him about the below American Cancer Centre article; where 11% of women are presenting for mammograms after their 1st jab & 16% of women after their 2nd. He looked it up and was going to contact an American colleague to discuss.

If I hadn’t have had my clear mammogram weeks earlier I would have been one of those very worried women. Also thanks to this healthy clear, very recent baseline the doctors and I know that all this painful inflammation has been caused by the COVID jab!

So I asked the breast specialist…

Should I have my second more potent jab? And could this reaction happen even worse after it? He said that he couldn’t say because there is no information surrounding this reaction & that perfectly healthy people die after vaccinations.

So my GP is lodging the application to the Queensland Health Department to seek their direction. They will advise…

*Can I be exempt from my 2nd jab?

*Or do I have to run the roulette wheel to do what’s right for the elderly & immune-compromised, which could result in my own demise?

The GP & breast surgeon believe that because I haven’t presented to the hospital emergency near critical death from the jab that they won’t give me an exemption.

So I currently wait to find out the Queensland Government’s decision concerning my personal health & longevity… “

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