Moritz Loew – Died Unexpectedly of Heart Attack

The sudden and unexpected death of Moritz Lowe was announced on social media on November 4th, 2021.

 Mo suffered a heart attack and passed away at home with his family. 

“Life threw us a big curve ball last night. Mo suffered a heart attack and passed away at home with his family. It was a quick Irish exit. Words fall short of the shock we are in trying to process the loss that hurts so deeply. He was magnetic, magnificent, and lived for his family and friends. He loved big. He laughed hard. He connected all of us. Due to COVID protocols we are unable to have a full service. This will not stop us from celebrating his life with all our love. We will gather together Monday Nov 8 at 4:30pm in Seattle. Details to follow. All are welcome. We will toast, weep, share stories (so so many stories), and lift him up the way he always did for us. We will share more details on ways to support Mo’s family, including gofundme and food train. Love, Mo’s team”

“There are no words. That’s how I feel and I know it’s how you feel too. All week long I have had our people with us and the first moment is always an exchange of the same sad look of knowing, of sharing in the shock and sadness at the depth of this loss, and just quiet hugging. Because there are no words. What could any of us possibly say about losing that man? Obviously the children and I are devastated and have a lot of sad times ahead. But I am taking so much comfort in seeing all of our people in our new home. Because all we ever wanted was to have a space for you all to come to laugh and play pool and chat and cry and just be you. So I am inviting – no, insisting – that if you are in Seattle now or ever will be, you must come and be in the place that was always meant for you. It’s impossible to imagine the Loew family without Mo Loew, but we’re going to need you, all of you. Please, just come. And if it helps, I can introduce you as my yoga instructor. #BigTent – Bethany”

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