Tyler – 37 Year Old Father Needs Heart Transplant After Moderna COVID Vaccine

This is Tyler’s story:

My problems started April 26th when I got my second Moderna vaccination. I immediately developed a cough, a sore throat, and extreme fatigue. The severity of it would come and go until they end of August when I want on vacation in Hawaii. I started coughing profusely and had a sore throat. I began using an inhaler and Flonase then. It progressively got worse until they week before Thanksgiving I was coughing up blood. 

The Monday before Thanksgiving 2021, I was admitted to the intensive care unit. The doctors thought I had covid because my lungs looked like COVID lung. I had even been tested in October and was negative. They swore up and down it was COVID till the saw my heart with three blood clots in it and a failing kidney along with a failing lung. 

After 16 days I was “stable” enough to be sent home. The cardiologist at the hospital warned me I might need a transplant. On December 17th I went to the best cardiologist around and he was mystified why my heart failed. My arteries and heart have no obstructions. My heart has no scarring or swelling or and other signs of anything. The hospital diagnosed me with covid pneumonia, followed by heart and kidney failure.   My heart is only functioning at 15% and I am on oxygen. 

The cardiologist said I need a transplant and is sending me to Seattle to start the process of matching with a donor and getting on the waiting list. A transplant costs approximately 1.5 million and can be as high as 2.8 million dollars.

My share will be 20%. Plus I already have a massive hospital bill for 16 days and I will need to be in the hospital for 3-4 weeks after they transplant. 

Unfortunately I cannot afford it on a measly disability income.

Anything helps. Even a dollar. I feel horrible asking for help and a hand out. I have always prided myself on taking care of myself and family. But I literally have no other option then to lower myself to begging for money to save my life.

Tyler’s GoFundMe can be found HERE.

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