Sarah Atcho – 2016 Rio Olympian Diagnosed with Pericarditis After Moderna and Pfizer COVID Vaccines

This is Sarah’s story:

Obviously as you know, I’m trying to be as transparent as I can and now is more important than ever.

On December 22 I got my booster vaccination because I didn’t want to struggle with this when the season started. I was told that it was safer to get Pfizer (even though I had Moderna the first time) to avoid cardiac side effects.

On December 27 I felt a tightness in the chest and started feeling dizzy while walking up the stairs. This happened a few more times until I decided to check with a cardiologist who diagnosed me with pericarditis (inflammation of the thin membrane surrounding the heart).

I am now not allowed to get my heart rate up for a few weeks to allow my heart to rest and heal from the inflammation.

I am still doing everything I can with my coach to keep my muscles moving and he’s doing a GREAT job, thank you @patsaile !!

I have to admit that I am upset at the situation because we don’t talk enough about the side effects. I feel helpless since this is completely out of my control…

I am glad the vaccine helped avoid many deaths and reduce the pressure on the hospitals and hospital staff however I am frustrated that myself as well as other young and healthy people are suffering from these heavy side effects.

I hope you understand why it is important for me to share, I’ll keep you guys updated on the process

let me know if you’re experiencing the same, let’s help each other!

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  1. Unfortunately, the gene therapy jab was never a “vax” and will never be.
    It never helped to prevent any deaths, Instead it caused many untimely deaths and injuries and is still causing many and is now filling ER, clinics and other large hospitals – go figure.

    The deaths in the hospital were caused by the ban and global censoring of early treatment interventions like HCQ and Ivermectin to mention a few and the use of ineffective and killer government sponsored protocols including- ventilators and Remdesivir in the various hospitals.

    If it was a pandemic, how come majority died in the hospitals. Something is definitely not adding up.