Kimberley Kitching – Melbourne Labor Senator Dies Suddenly at 52

Kimberley’s death was announced today. She died suddenly.

Her death was reported in The Guardian (article here).

She was fully vaccinated per her own twitter account.

“I feel so lucky to be fully vaccinated from corona virus as of today. Thank you to Nurse Janet for being so nice. Please go and get it done, for your health and peace of mind, for your loved ones and your country.”

“Mr Morrison says I said “we were doing well on vaccines.” Yes, we as Australians are, despite him, his late-night panicked pressers increasing vaccine hesitancy and all-round reign of error. Let’s get vaxxed and put the miserable ScoMo lockdown era behind us”

Victoria, vaccinations are now available to everyone above the age of 18.

It’s time to get vaccinated for your health, your loved ones and your community.

To quote Alanis Morissette: Isn’t it ironic? The National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Does the Australian government care about all those disabled by the COVID vaccines?

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