Faith Ranson – 16 Years Old with Severe Adverse Reactions to Pfizer COVID Vaccine

This is Faith’s story:

My name is Faith, I’m 16, soon to be 17. A lot of you have probably already heard about me through Gerard Rennick and later on through channel 7 news, I was one of the first publicized victims of the COVID Vaccine for adverse reactions which happened 6 months ago.

Before all of this I was attending school, working a part time job, learning to drive, I was very successful in most things I participated in. I was a healthy, physically fit and mentally stable happy girl. I hadn’t heard of any adverse reactions and as my job was in a pharmacy and with everything I heard about, I thought it was a good idea to get the vaccine. After all, the Tasmanian government was very persistent about how safe and effective it was. I was one of the first in my age group to get the in Launceston. I wish that I did more research.

I got my first Pfizer COVID Vaccine the 24th of July, 2021.  I had the usual itchy arm, other than that, everything was fine. I got the second Pfizer COVID Vaccine on the 7th of August, 2021. I didn’t feel anything other than a sore arm for the first 24 hours, but 3 days after the I woke up to a 9.5 out of 10, stabbing pain under my rib cage that made me feel nauseous and wanting to vomit. As the day went on I went to my GP and the doctor had his suspicions that it was my appendix and that I needed to go straight to the hospital.

When I arrived at the hospital, it was around 6-7 hours waiting around, they ran bloods, ultra sound and X-ray and put me on a drip in the waiting room, which have since found out is illegal. After all of that they pumped me full of a pain killers, told me had a stomach bug and I’m fine to go home. I was home for 24 hours, the pain killers were pretty good but was still not feeling great at all so my mum took me back up to the hospital. When we arrived we mentioned i was there the night before and explained the situationOne of the surgeons came and had a look at me. They acknowledged something wasn’t right and after waiting around another 6 hours they came and told me that my vitamin D was low and they put me on a drip for vit Dand admitted me to the kids ward in Launceston General Hospital. They said that they would go in and do a precautionary labroscopic surgery on my appendix to look for any abnormalities.

I waited all the next day for the surgery and they made me fast for 24 hours without water. That night I went into surgery. I woke an hour after surgery in a great deal of pain to find that they decided to take my appendix and they put me back in the kids ward to sleep until the next day. The next morning they came in, they said the surgery was successful and everything was great and because of that were able to release me early.

I went home and for the next 2 weeks I was resting a lot, still experiencing the same sharp stabbing pains under my ribcage with no change, without appetite, not sleeping very well and because I’d just come out of surgery, I just thought I was recovering from that.

After the 2 weeks went back to my GP for a post surgery check up. He was still concerned about what I was feeling so he sent me back up to the the ED, On arrival, the doctor was concerned I was suffering from porphyria so we got the haematologist involved but everything came back clear. They tested me for lupus, mast cell disorder, thyroid, everything you can think of but everything came back fine.

It was then that they told me that there was also nothing wrong with my appendix according to the report. It said there was no appendicitis. They just said they took it because “we don’t really need it”.

My mum mentioned the Pfizer Vaccine for the 1st time and the the surgeon laughed and told me not to be so silly.

They didn’t know what to do so they gave me pain killers and sent me home.

The next day I wasn’t well at all, Mum rang telehealth and went through everything that had happened, they told us to go us straight back to the hospital. On arrival, they gave me pain relief and tablets for nausea, they had someone from gyno and paediatrics come down. I was then admitted for 2 nights and they treated me for the pain and nausea so I could at least get a bit of rest, they eventually said I could be having this at home, so they sent me home.

For the next week I was still in lots of pain taking pills, trying to stay hydrated and rest as much as possible but the pain wouldn’t subside. We went back to the GP and he brought up that he was worried she had a mast cell disorder, he then referred me to a professor in immunology and a paediatrician.

When we saw the professor in immunology my mum asked him if this was from the COVID Vaccine, and he said – yes it is from the Pfizer Vaccine. But in writing he refused to say it was the Pfizer Vaccine, instead he wrote it was a post viral symptom which is not what he told us in conversation. We put in an offical complaint to the hospital as did senator Rennick. The professor rewrote the letter and corrected the report to say that this was a delayed adverse reaction to the the Pfizer Vaccine.

A week after that my pain was getting to the point it was no longer manageable, so I went back to the hospital again… I was there for about 4.5 hours until they sent down a registrar from the peadiatrics, I was admitted straight away to the kids ward, and they gave me medication to sleep. 2 am that night I awoke to what was the first time I experienced my first tic. The nurse informed my mum to get her camera out and start filming this, she said we needed this footage. The registrar was called in and to the look of horror on her face, she said she had never seen anything like this, she was crying saying that she doesn’t know what to do. Meanwhile I was still having a violent tic episode. The doctor decided to give me some valium and it helped with the tic, it slowed down but not completely and lasted for about 2 hours, finally I just passed out from exhaustion.

The next day I woke up and I felt like I’d just finished a 10k marathon, and that’s when the day-time tics started.

My medication was changed and they kept me in hospital for the next 3 days, they then sent me home without anything but medication and still with the tics happening. They didn’t seem to concerned about the tic at all. To this day the tics, they have not stopped, they have gotten worse happening every night and lasting up to 4 hours an episode and are extremely painful.

It’s a 10 out of 10 muscle like pain, It’s like my muscles are pulling and spasming all over my body, convulsion like, can’t control it and the more I try, the more it hurts, so I just have to let myself go. Early December I ended up back at hospital again because things were getting worse, the triage nurse said, “I was very lucky I didn’t get COVID because it could’ve been worse and killed me”.

I waited 4 hours with my mum and asked for Panadol but they wouldn’t even give me that. We were then ushered into a small room with a dentist like chair in it. There was a senior paediatrician and 2 registrars and one of them knew my ordeal. He asked a number of times where our car was for some unknown reason and then said continuously pointing his finger at my mum “Be very firm with Faith” “This has all been caused by too much screen time”. At that point my mum had a gut full and we did not accept that as final and left in disgust!

Flash forward to three weeks ago, I had really bad pain and nausea and was told I had to return to the hospital again, I was told I need fluids, I didn’t want to go but I did, again they ran some more bloods. The doctor couldn’t figure out what was going on and said she couldn’t give me a drip and told me they’re not going to give me any pain killers either. The treating doctor had an emergency so she left. When she came back, she took me to a room in the back corner of the hospital and did acupuncture on me in the ED! She was patronising, telling me to breathe through the pain and I’m just going to have to live with it while I’m literally crying in pain. In the end, they just sent us home, I hadn’t even had a drink of water in 3 days as I hadn’t been able to keep anything down, I would just vomit anytime I tried. I had to force myself to get rehydrated with icy poles as it was all I could manage. Since then I haven’t been back to hospital and I don’t want to.

At the end of October there was a referral made to the Melbourne children hospital for the adolescent clinic and I was put on a waiting list, they accepted the referral. Fast forward we went back to the GP to update the referral because my condition is deteriorating at a faster pace, if you imagine the snowball effect. It’s getting harder and harder every week.

On the 28th of January 2022, I found out I was rejected on the grounds that I’m out of the region which hasn’t been an issue before. We aren’t sure if that is because of code brown but the GP and paediatrician have been making referrals for the last 15 years with no problem. Now we are looking for somewhere else to help me.

Currently I can’t use glass cups and mugs anymore because of random tics, just incase accidentally throw one and smash it.

I can’t learn to drive anymore, I can’t work but they said I can return when I’m better, I can’t follow my career, I haven’t been to school in 6 months! I have extreme light and noise sensitivity on and off. I take an average of 20 pills a day plus drinking medicine, memory loss, concentration difficulty and the latest is my legs collapsing on me out of nowhere and then having to be carried.

You can follow her journey by visiting her Instagram page HERE and also following the updates at her GoFundMe HERE.

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