Ashley Johns – 34 Years Old With Severe Adverse Reactions to Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

This is Ashley’s story:

Get The Covid-19 Vaccine They Said….

3 Months later, I’m here, 6th Floor-Cardiac Unit. But, HEY I haven’t gotten Covid!… Just a Cardiac Catheter to make sure I wasn’t dying…

Sleeping with IVs in both arms, 24 Hour Heart Monitor, Daily EKGs, Chest X-rays, 2x Daily bloodwork, Echocardiogram, Cardiac CT, Cardiac Cath Procedure, & lastly the Cardiac MRI to show the inflammation of my . Scarring indicating a heart attack, and a Coronary Artery Tear. Now I have an incision in my groin that’s super uncomfortable

They’ve figured out a decent cocktail of medications which has helped.

I’m definitely the youngest on this unit, by about 40 years and each doctor is surprised to see me here.

Telling doctors you have chest pain, palpitations and tightness is understood and they take you seriously! Especially when your Troponin Levels reach 7.30!!  (0.4 – 0.39)

Update: After reviewing the Cardiac MRI, it show’s the inflammation & also shows signs of recent scarring (heart attack) and a coronary artery tear!! So they just started me on this new med: “Isosorbide Dinitrate” my Cardiologist seems to think that with the right combination of meds and rest, that this “coronary artery tear” should heal on its own-eventually? 6-8 months?

Update: I made it home finally!! I’m doing okay. Long Road to Recovery. I still feel weird. I can’t lift over 10lbs, on 6 different new medications. Still have random weird heart palpitations throughout the day/night. But so far I’m alright. Cardiologist says it may take 6-8 months for this coronary artery tear to heal. However the Myocarditis can come back any day/month/year unexpectedly . I left the hospital with a torn heart, and a New morning routine of meds that mirrors my Grammie’s. . 34 and on Heart & Blood Pressure Medication’s & Plavix. Ect. Unbelievable. But to hold my baby again!! That may have already healed my heart I’ve never seen a little boys eyes light up more in my life then to hold his mommy again! I was instructed by 2 Cardiologist’s and an Infectious Disease Dr. to NEVER receive another COVID Vaccine again!! #ThanksCovidVaccine #GoodGame

Ashely Johns, a healthy 34 Year Old mother in Michigan is now suffering from severe adverse reactions to the Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine.

Ashley has suffered from an apparent heart attack, myopericardidits, weeks of hospitalizations, and months of testing and a laundry list of medications.

Her doctors have conclude her conditions are most likely to have been caused by her Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

 My case is probably 1 in a million, but it happened to me, so I’m not going to support the J&J vaccine, because I’m having these complications and life changes.  I have had a few people reach out to me and I just suggested that they not get the J&J shot. Now I just have to live with whatever, until I finish this medication, and pray it doesn’t come back again. I was instructed by 2 Cardiologist’s and an Infectious Disease Dr. to NEVER receive another COVID Vaccine again! 

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