Ernesto Ramirez – 16 Year Old Suddenly Died 5 Days After First Pfizer COVID Vaccine

This is Ernesto’s story:

My name is Ernest Ramirez, I was a single parent who lost my son a few days after he received the Pfizer shot.

Ernesto, my son, received the vaccine and, following his death, the only explanation that was given to me was an enlarged heart.

My son was in good health, and regularly played baseball since he was 7 years old.

Advertising claimed that the vaccine is safe for adolescents, and this convinced me to book-in Ernesto Jr. for the jab on April 19th.

Five days later he died.

I need to spread my story so that hopefully no one else will go through what I’m going through.

Ernesto Jr was my world and I feel I need to fight for him and others that are also suffering.

It kills me to come home to an empty house.

We need to yell, we need to fight, we need to do something. His life was worth much more than what the Government or anybody else thinks. 

I love the hell out of my country but I do not trust my Government anymore. 

Ernesto died of an enlarged heart five days after the jab, according to his autopsy which showed his heart was double the normal size.

Please follow Ernesto Ramirez Sr’s journey for justice and truth HERE.

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