M – Severe Adverse Reactions From Pfizer COVID Vaccine

From M

“These stories need to be told for anyone that may be suffering right now.. you are not alone.

I was told by Drs and politicians that the vaccines were good, they would stop you from putting strain on the medical system, stop you from having to go to emergency if you got the virus. Well I didn’t want to be responsible for putting pressure on our already strapped medical system.

I was holding out for the Novavax after doing my research. Then my work advised me that we had to have the vaccine and if we didn’t then I didn’t have a job. I wasn’t in a financial position for that to happen and have been working in my job for 11 years, so I went and rolled up my sleeve like heaps of other Australians thinking that they were doing the right thing and really let’s be honest I didn’t have a choice if I wanted to keep my job and a roof over my kids head.

Two days after my second dose of Pfizer Vaccine I started to develop chest pains I brushed it off and stayed in bed …ah that will pass.

The next day my chest felt like it was caving in, like someone was standing on it, my heart started beating the fastest I had ever felt it, I was sure I was going to have a heart attack. My husband took me to emergency.

I had blood tests, chest X-ray they gave me some medication and said it doesn’t look like you have any heart damage and after an hour the pain started to subside. I was told to go home take regular neuropen and rest it was a reaction from the vaccine and my body was trying to fight it too hard and that could take 2 weeks to two months to pass.

That was the start of the nightmare I have been living for the last nearly three weeks….
Since that first trip I have suffered ongoing heart palpitations, crushing chest pain, constant pins and needles in my hands, feet and tongue. I find it difficult to walk a few meters without my heart going crazy and my brain feeling like it doesn’t have enough oxygen. I have coughed up blood…. you think this was bad enough then the neurological symptoms started the constant tremor in my brain, feeling like I’m going to fall over when I walk, constant tinnitus in my ears, rash on both my arms and pressure that moves down to my chest and I feel like my lungs are going to collapse.

I have been carted off in two ambulances from what can only be described as seizures to be told by Drs and put on my medical notes as anxiety…. Anxiety! With no history of this condition, with NO further testing, NO referral to specialist… NO nothing….just bloody test for damage to my heart, and ECG that are apparently all good when your resting heart rate is 100+ (this is the new norm!). Told to go home, nothing they could do for me and pretty much don’t come back.

If you google COVID symptoms there is a long list of studies and articles that describe the exact symptoms I am dealing with which include neurological and nerve issues. These are not new symptoms they are currently being studied all around the world … but our trusted DRs in Victoria the state that has been dealing with this pandemic for nearly two years… They don’t seem to be able to make that connection and try to turn the blame on you…. An internal tremor in my brain is not stress, being picked up by an ambulance with a resting heart rate of 170 for 30 minutes whilst not being able to move my hands and legs, my brain and eye seizing … I won’t wear it and they shouldn’t be doing or saying that to people that were perfectly healthy prior to getting this vaccine, people that were doing exactly what they were recommending to keep them safe.

I have never felt so let down by the medical system in my life.

The answer to all this is pretty simple and it’s clear to me now.. the vaccine has made my body have the exact same immune response it would have had if I had caught the Virus itself but when you react to the vaccine you get zero diagnosis, medical treatment, intervention or sh*ts given. You’re left to fend for yourself, to go home suffer it for however long it will take for you to recover and fingers crossed you don’t just kick the bucket!

This was mandated by my employer but it’s not covered under work cover, I don’t get time to recover, my medical expenses covered, no it’s my sick leave it’s my annual leave that I’m going to be forced to take .. and at this stage god knows when I will be able to return to work again, or even when all this will go away.

My mum has been caring for me this entire time. I can hardly look after my kids, drive, do anything, all I want to do is crawl up in bed and make my head and my heart stop feeling like it’s going to burst.

I personally know so many other people that are suffering from symptoms after this amazing vaccine that gives you six months protection ….

And yes you might be the lucky ones that didn’t have any issues I’m happy for you…. but if you were in my shoes facing what I and many other people are living right now you would be looking at this from an entirely different perspective.

Our Government and our medical system are letting the rest of us down. It is negligent and they need to start telling the truth about the real number of people being affected by these vaccines and take responsibility for the fact they don’t seem to have any idea why people are reacting this way and how to fix it… but they need to say it’s real.

It has only been since taking myself to Melbourne that I’m receiving tests and referrals to specialists which if I had to wait in my small country town would be till next year. I feel it’s a little too late that the damage has been done and now my recovery will potentially be a much longer one.

The only good thing that will come out of this is that this vaccine will never touch my kids bodies… ever! I do everything I can so that they have a good immune system, they are healthy and able to fight viruses ….if they ever end up requiring medical intervention then they will hopefully get better medical treatment and care than I have ever got getting this vaccine!


So this is me now sitting waiting for which appointment is it today? oh a neurologist and half and hour prior having a halter monitor put on at a cardiologist…what a push to get some medical assistance.

It’s been three weeks since my second dose of the wax! Six hospital trips, two ambulance rides, numerous dr appointments ….for something that’s sold to us as it’s going keeping you out of hospital not put strain on the medical system …..it sure does a pretty ordinary job.. rating score!

It’s hard to be a healthy mum running 10km one day with no heart issues no neurological symptoms to the next feeling broken and then be told but numerous drs:

– Well we just don’t have any test to figure out what it’s doing to your body!  Really? Wtf-

 Good news is you don’t have any permanent damage! Happy days! Thanks guys

It’s caused a functional disorder that should pass but we have no idea how long will take.  Brilliant!

We are seeing lots of people presenting with a range of symptoms after the vaccine. You reckon, no kidding! 

I’m sorry to those that don’t want to hear about the old  it hasn’t affected you, you’re all good. I’m sure at some stage I will recover at the expense and treatment of myself that probably won’t include any medical intervention cause it seems they haven’t worked that out yet. If you had experienced what I have you would be screaming it from the tree tops… we need to protect our kids not from the virus, but from the vaccine being mandated. They are not worth the risk!”

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