Leigh-Ann Dale – DVT Blood Clots, Heart Problems, & Lung Problems Following Pfizer COVID Vaccine

This is Leigh-Ann’s story:

On May 3rd, 2021 at 10:20a.m. I received my First COVID-19 Vaccine (Pfizer – LOT – EY4825).

My symptoms started 19 days after vaccination. Had I not been distracted with helping my son deal with is own vaccine injury I would’ve addressed it earlier.

On May 22nd I went to Lakeside medical Clinic complaining of a pain behind my left knee. I was dismissed as there was no swelling, redness or heat.

On May 26th, 2021 my son drove me to the hospital due to severe pain in the back of my leg that was so sore I couldn’t walk on it. Once at the emergency room my blood was taken and my D Dimer was 101630 (Normal Range is 0-500). A Doppler ultrasound detected a 2.5 foot long DVT (Blood clot) in my left leg. No one that observed me had ever seen a clot of this magnitude. I was taken by ambulance from City hospital to St. Pauls’ hospital to have it removed surgically. Due to the severity and risk of the clot being removed I was asked I wanted to sign a DNR.

A contrast CT done at the next hospital found pulmonary embolisms, which prevented the surgery from being done. The surgeon indicated surgery was too dangerous to try and break up the clot as pieces were already starting to break off and lodge in my right lung. I spent a week in the hospital on a heparin drip and 7 days after on tinzaperin injections and I am now on blood thinners for life.

June 1st at midnight, I was back at emergency at St. Paul’s hospital with a massive soft tissue infection in my arm, armpit, breast and side from a pic line infection which took 2 courses of antibiotics to eradicate the infection.

June 20th, I spent the day at St. Paul’s hospital for a suspected new or moved blood clot. CT Scan was done to rule out additional embolisms due to an inability to breathe.

June 21st, I called the 811 Health Line to report my adverse reaction and was told to call back another time as there are only 2 people authorized to take adverse reaction reports. (Note: As 811 is a national agency, I am assuming this is 2 people throughout Canada)

June 28th, I receive a letter from hematologist recommending no further vaccinations (regardless of Manufacturer) until further notice.

July 1st, I awoke in the middle of the night to massive hemorrhaging that bled through my pajamas and into the mattress of my bed in what I can only describe as what looked like a crime scene. I spent an hour crying in my bathroom not sure what I could even do and the bleeding would not stop. My husband was overwhelmed when he came into the room to see what was wrong and was in absolute shock at what he was witnessing. I kept thinking no one is going to believe this has happened, so I tried to document it by taking pictures of the clots/blood. Once cleaned up I went back to bed only to have it happen all over again.

I went back to the hospital where I was told they believed the bleeding was coming from my uterus so I was “packed” with gauze to see if they could determine where the bleeding was coming from. They also needed to pump me full of 4 litres of saline from the blood I lost. I was advised that they would be putting me on medication to thin the lining of my uterus however that medication raises the incident of more clots. 10 biopsies of my uterus were also done to rule out cancer. Regardless I will be consulting with a gynaecologist for at least a year.

My GP would not fill out my Adverse Reaction paperwork.

July 14th, was another ultrasound on my other leg (right leg) which was ordered by a mediclinic physician due to similar pain which I feared was another clot.

August 12th I attempt to cross the border into the United States with my medical exemption letter with many calls in advance to prepare for my entry when trying to move my son back to Arizona for school. At the time, government regulations would allow you to fly into the US but not drive into the country. I couldn’t fly due to my clot.

My exemption letter was not honored, and the border guard had to transport me back across the border which resulted in my 19 year son having to travel back to Tucson on his own. He himself, was dealing with his own adverse reaction.

My parents had to drive down to the border to pick me up and drive me back to Saskatoon. To keep my mental state in context much preparation had been done to coordinate our visit to Arizona which happened to be my birthday week. My husband and other son flew to Arizona to meet us there and a house was rented to enjoy some much-needed family time to celebrate my birthday. My brother was also flying there to meet us for the break. Unknowingly, to my husband, I was sent home with my parents and the rest of my family spent the family holiday without me there. I was devastated and feared I would take my own life. Depression hit hard.

Sept. 1st, Another hemorrhaging episode. The Gynecologist said that unless I need a transfusion, not to go to the hospital as they were not helping me.

Sept 7th, I returned to St. Paul’s hospital with a leg red and swollen from my toes to my hips where I was then told it was post thrombosis syndrome because of the permanent damage to the vein that had a DVT. I am expected to deal with this for the rest of my life. After I disclosed my vaccination status I was only allowed to be treated in the waiting room for 7+ hours. An ultrasound of my leg was also done that day.

Oct 8th, my gynecologist put me back on progesterone and advised I will either have a DNC or a hysterectomy. She also suggested that I report my injury to Pfizer directly as they are legally required to report to Health Canada. GP is referring me to a urologist after blood in my urine and right-side kidney pain resulting in a renal ultrasound.

Oct 9th – 10th, I start hemorrhaging again at 5am.

Nov 17th, I return to the hospital because I can’t breathe and am having heart palpitations. I’m tachycardic on arrival. After chest X-Rays and bloodwork, I was told I was fine to go home.

By Nov 17th, I had seen Vascular surgeon, cardiologist, urologist, gynaecologist, hematologist, I had been hospitalized 3 times and have contemplated taking my life twice.

Nov. 30th, vascular surgeon is very upset that my leg has not been referred to her sooner and that she was quite concerned with it.

I was then prescribed with compression bandage / cast that gets changed out twice per week and cannot get wet allowing me to only shower on Tuesdays and Fridays. This will continue until the end of January at least. I have to go to homecare twice per week to have my bandages changed and have no energy including brain fog that prevents me from running my two home based businesses. I am also unable to stand for any length of time which is a vital necessity for one of my businesses.

A cardiology appointment for my son resulted in the cardiologist hearing about my vaccine injury and he insisted that I be referred to him which has now happened.

The Cardiologist requested a series of tests on my heart including a holter monitor and an echocardiogram which was done on Nov. 24th.

After not hearing about the results of the holter monitor, I call to find out if they could tell me anything. Only to find out that they lost my holter monitor and couldn’t find it. The non-invasive cardiology department called from city hospital to book another appointment for the monitor thinking they hadn’t done it yet. 25 minutes later they called to say that they found it and would prepare it for transcribing so the cardiologist could communicate the results to me.

Dec 22nd, I drove 1 hour to Humboldt in -40 degree weather to my Cardiology Appointment just to find out that everything “appears to be fine” and that I should be referred to a lung specialist.

Dec 29th, Urologist and Cytoscope appointment caused a heightened anxiety in me where a camera was inserted into my ureter into my bladder where I was pumped full of saline to detect abnormalities. None were found but I still have blood in my urine . No high grade level 4 cancer cells were present. Urethrial  RBC are present in the background.

Jan 11th, Ultrasound of my left leg where they found that valves have failed. Confirmation on what can be done including surgery to be discussed.

Jan 18th, Follow up with the vascular surgeon. Now BOTH of my legs are in compression casts that are only changed twice a week. Vascular makes an appointment for permanent leg therapy. Surgery not an option for the valve, as it is too dangerous.

Jan 19th, Pulmonary Function test at St. Paul’s hospital. Results show that I have a pulmonary obstruction. I have been prescribed 2 more meds to be taken everyday. A steroid inhaler and Ventolin.

Feb 3rd, sent to physiotherapy for custom compression hosiery for both legs that I have to wear everyday for the rest of my life.

To date, I have lost approximately $10,000 in lost business revenue. Monthly, I pay approximately $200 in prescriptions and therapies due to this injury. Because a Dr denied my claim AEFI, I cannot apply for the National vaccine injury compensation.

My leg is in excruciating pain nonstop. I am red and swollen from my toes to my hip. I have leg pain every day, intermittent episodes of racing heart, shortness of breath when eating and especially at night. Restless leg in recent weeks, short asthma –type cough mostly at night.

Shortness of breath and exhaustion with small tasks like stairs or pushing a shopping cart. Terrible night sweats and depression. I’ve tried Flovent and Ventolin.  I can’t trust putting weight on my left leg. Wheezing on the inhale and exhale. My leg swells with any heat or physical exertion. Insomnia despite extreme mental and physical fatigue. Even showering requires a 5 minute rest afterward. Overall, I am worse now than I was in June.

My self dignity is at an all time low after everything that has transpired in my body over the last several months. Fear of retaliation, heightened anxiety going into every appointment causing me to not sleep or eat properly.  The thought of surgery paralyzes me knowing the surgery usually yields an infection in my body not to mention the horrific bruising that happens to my body with every needle injected into it. My business has been halted which has affected our household income and staying on top of the books for our other business which once was easily handled is now overwhelming.

All of this, as I try to support my oldest son with his own adverse reaction thousands of miles away from me and my younger son as a grade 12 student trying to secure a scholarship to university.

For this reason, due to my personal experience in attempting unsuccessfully to report the negative side effects of the vaccine, I am skeptical of the official position of the Canadian government which I consider to be minimizing the risks.

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