Ashton Robertson – 30 Years Old Diagnosed with Guillain Barre After Pfizer COVID Vaccine

This is Ashton’s story:

I have been hiding and I have decided its time to fully come forward. The entire reason that I am sick is because I am experiencing a Vaccine Injury.

At first when this happened to me I didnt feel it was even worth the drama to bring up. But now, 6 months later, and still hardly being able to walk, among 500 other symptoms, I have decided it is now time, also most people have made up their mind by now. I have been connecting with people from all across the world with the same exact symptoms, and although it is rare, it is very REAL.

This post is not anti-anything. I decided to get it for a reason, to help protect myself and my community. I still believe in pro-choice and it is working for a lot of people. BUT i am really starting to see more n more people injured like myself. A pro basketball player, and a pro tennis player had to cancel their entire seasons like myself and touring.

With that said, i just saw the other day, an anti-vax rally leader, lost his wife to Covid directly. This isnt a black & white topic. There are people like me and there are over 700,000 who lost their lives directly to Covid, and millions more who are experiencing long-haul symptoms. For most people, the shots are working to ease symptoms and slow the spread.

But for myself and others… its the opposite. I blacked out 24 hours after ONE SHOT (Pfizer), suffered a violent panic attack and have never been the same since. Next week will be 6 months for me. This has been insanely hard and even harder to mentally handle.

Personally i think the mandates are way too insane. I can never get my 2nd shot, and even someone like me, would not able to do much with the level of control. How messed up is that?!!? Maybe ill talk more on that later.

But mainly… the other day i heard… “You cannot heal if you do not share the truth”, while i was watching a movie and it hit me so hard i broke down to tears and knew it was time for me to share my experience. This post isnt about you, its about my experience, and others. And I think the hardest thing to deal with is the doctors who are in complete denial anything like this is possible. Ive heard it from people across the WORLD, that when they go to get help after getting injured, they are being told to get therapy instead, or just shunned away, just like I was. People have lost their social media pages for sharing their story and its all very messed up in that sense. Its time for people to realize that this is very real and its very hard for us all who are injured to deal with, on every level. I never wanted this to happen to me. I just wanted to have a good summer, but you’ve seen my experience.

I cannot thank all of you for supporting me this entire time, and I apologize for not saying this earlier but I just wanted to focus on healing. Thank u for reading and please be respectful in the comments. This post is for my hope to heal, and to release this out of me. I still have a long way to go. Love you all.

From Ashton’s GoFundMe:

My name is Ashton Robertson and make music under the name, Spaceship Earth. Prior to April 2021, I was a healthy, thriving, independent 30 year old, hoping for a fun summer, after a year in a pandemic. That was all cut short at the end of April. I initially blacked out, and experienced my first ever panic attack. I had my roommate take me to the hospital, because I wouldn’t stop violently shaking and felt really dizzy. This was the start of a very long, slow journey…

Over the course of that same week, I was hospitalized 3 more times, because I kept feeling extremely dizzy, and felt like I was losing circulation across my body. I was very confused what was happening, and hoped it would pass soon. Each night in the hospital was honestly SO scary, and my life flashed before my eyes multiple times, especially the night I had to spend overnight, alone, not knowing if I would make it through the night.

At this point, my Mom flew from Michigan to Colorado, to come save me and take me back to Michigan to be closer to family, so I could have family nearby to help me heal.

I thought I would heal up fast, but as I returned back to Michigan, I started to experience extreme tingling in my feet, hands, and head. It felt as if i was losing circulation across my body, and would almost faint, every night. I felt extremely hungry at all time, and could hardly walk around this time. This is when I started to know someone else was wrong.

After seeing multiple doctors, I was diagnosed with Guillain–Barré syndrome. It is an acute rapid-onset weakness caused by the immune system damaging the peripheral nervous system. Typically, both sides of the body are involved, and the initial symptoms are changes in sensation or pain often in the back along with muscle weakness, beginning in the feet and hands, often spreading to the arms and upper body.

So essentially I have nerve damage across my entire body, because my own immune system attacked my nervous system, leaving the myelin sheath around my nerves damaged, which makes it hard to send signals to your brain, so walking and many other systems in my body have go haywire. Its very complicated.


Inability to walk normally

Extreme tinnitus/head ringing



Neuropathy in hands and feet

Extreme sensitivity to electronics

Constant dehydration

Constant hunger

Loss of sense of body for first month

& More

It has been rough to say the least. It is now been over 4 months later, and I still greatly struggle with walking, tinnitus, constant hunger, dizziness and more. I have lost my ability to play consistent music gigs, and am not stable enough to work a normal job. Most people with GBS take between 7 months to 16 months to fully recover back to normal. This has been the hardest lesson for me. I now like to think of GBS as, Getting Better Slowly. I also have over $10K+ in medical debt that my insurance was unable to cover and I didnt quality for grants unfortunately due to my stimulus check, doctors have not really been helpful, and alternative treatments are expensive and not covered by my insurance. So any help financially would be of great assistance right now!! It would help me with living costs over the next few months, and my alternative treatments. And reduction in my medical debt will be a great bonus. Any help will truly mean the world to me right now, and I will be eternally grateful for any, and all help, no matter how small, even if you just help me share this campaign.

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand my situation. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or if you want to support me in other ways, by offering healing tips, or for example wanting to directly help me order supplements or alternative healing treatments.

His GoFundMe can be found HERE.

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