Paulinha Abelha – 43 Year Old Brazilian Singer Died After Hospitalization of Nearly 2 Weeks

Paulinha Abelha, lead singer of the Brazilian band Calcinha Preta died, Wednesday February 23rd.

According to the death note released by the hospital, the singer died at 7:26 pm due to a multisemic condition. Other reports online say she had been in a coma for many days with a bacterial infection.

the hospitalization timeline:

  • February 11 – Singer Paulinha Abelha was hospitalized in Aracaju after arriving from a tour with the band Calcinha Preta in São Paulo. The hospitalization was for kidney problems, but the cause was not disclosed;
  • February 14 – The singer’s condition worsened and she was transferred to the ICU. From then on, she went on dialysis;
  • February 17 – The medical bulletin of that day reported that Paulinha was in a coma and, because of neurological instability, did not have sufficient clinical conditions for the transfer. At the end of the night, the situation changed and she was transferred to the Primavera Hospital, in the South Zone of Aracaju , to undergo further kidney tests;
  • February 18 – The medical bulletin reported that the artist remained in a coma, clinically stable, with a controlled infection and breathing with the support of a device. The singer’s advice also said that the possibility of brain death was ruled out, and that that afternoon she would undergo another hemodialysis session. According to the press office, Paulinha was undergoing a new treatment, which should only respond within 72 hours. Regarding the transfer to a hospital in another state, the advisory informed that there was no forecast of when it could happen;
  • February 19 – Late Saturday morning, a new bulletin reported that after the investigation with complementary tests, the possibility that the singer had “infectious diseases of epidemiological interest for the community” was ruled out. The document did not provide further details on which diseases these would be. At night, doctors reported that she was intubated and in a persistent coma;
  • February 20 – According to Sunday’s medical bulletin, the singer had a serious neurological condition and remained hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). She was also still in a coma and intubated;
  • February 21 – on Monday, the artist continued with a severe neurological condition, without signs of hemodynamic instability, breathing with the help of machines and requiring dialysis.
  • February 22 – On Tuesday, according to the bulletin, she remained with the severe neurological condition unchanged, without the need for medication to adjust the pressure, breathing with the help of devices and requiring hemodialysis to adjust her kidney function. At the end of the afternoon, the doctors accompanying the singer gave a press conference and defined her coma as a level 3 on the Glasglow Scale, which is characterized as the deepest.
  • February 23- The last bulletin released by the hospital, in the early afternoon of Wednesday, reported that the singer remained in a coma with a severe neurological condition unaltered, breathing with the help of equipment, undergoing hemodialysis and in continuous monitoring of neurological and renal dysfunctions. and liver. In the evening, the hospital issued the death note.

Paulinha posted a video to her Instagram page (video below) on June 20th, 2021 crying happy tears she got her 1st COVID dose with the caption: “VACCINE YES! @marcelop004 @rafaellasdm #vivaosus THANK YOU MY GOD!”

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