Alexa Quinter – 32 Years Old With Severe Adverse Reactions from Pfizer COVID Vaccine

This is Alexa’s story:

My name is Alexa Quinter and I received dose 1 of the Pfizer COVID vaccine March 19th, 2021.

One week later I was unable to walk without holding onto surrounding objects or stand in one place for more than 30 seconds without blacking out.

I’ve suffered mostly from debilitating vertigo and intense migraines that last for days. While I did previously experience dizziness/migraines on a much milder level, they were greatly exacerbated after dose 1 to a debilitating level. I now require the use of assistive devices such as a walker, cane, and rollator. Additionally, I now experience joint pain, muscle atrophy/freezing/weakness, extreme parathesia on the left side of the body (injection side), nerve pain and electrical “shocks”, trouble swallowing, menstrual cycle changes, ear ringing, extreme light and sound sensitivity, lack of depth perception, memory loss, decreased cognitive ability, and intense sensitivity to foods.

I now have limited mobility that has caused a complete uprooting of not only my life but my family.

Here is her most recent update and summary:

1) I began the process of Lyme Disease testing 3 months pre-vax, hence the amount of comparable data within that time frame. In case you didn’t know, getting diagnosed for Lyme disease is not easy. It all starts with a red flag, then it’s up to the doctor to decide how red that flag is, more testing is ordered – out of 16 markers, at least 2 must be flagged as abnormal. I had a few different reactive markers out of the 16. From there, you pay a lot of money out of pocket to receive an at home a test that can take several weeks to arrive and several weeks to process. I received my official results a week ago, and tested positive for 2 active strains of Lyme disease. Additionally, I have been infected with 5 tick borne illnesses throughout my life. These active strains were lying mostly dormant with mild flares for an unknown amount of time until you guessed it, I received my first Covid vaccine. I have been referred to an infectious disease specialist for next steps.

2) I had an MRI and CT scan in January 2021, everything was 100% normal. 1 month post vaccine, in April 2021, I had another MRI and CT. I’d developed lesions on my brain within that 3-ish month window. While the lesions are not a huge cause for panic since MS was ruled out, they simply did not exist before I was vaccinated. 

3) I had a routine work-up in January, all test results were normal. In April, my liver function (ALT) was elevated dramatically enough that my Neurologist asked if I was a heavy drinker or took Tylenol in excess – neither of which I do. In fact, I’ve had probably a total of 10 drinks in 2021 and opt for ibuprofen. This was probably the biggest shock today and also biggest cause for immediate concern. This info was likely brushed over during my hospitalization as they were more concerned with ruling out a stroke. My neurologist re-tested today, I should have more results soon, but she advised me not to drink alcohol or take so much as a Tylenol for the time being. (see pictures attached)

4) I tested positive for Orthostatic Hypotension today which could greatly contribute to my dizziness. This means when I change positions, my blood pressure drops. I tested negative for this pre-vaccine. I don’t have the results comparison to share today but can when I get it if anyone is interested. I have been referred to a Cardiologist

5) In 2012, I was diagnosed with a benign pituitary tumor, my endocrinologist told me that it had disappeared back in 2017 and that I didn’t have to continue getting MRIs. It was brought to my attention today, that while it hadn’t grown – it was still very present at the time he stated this and will need to be checked on. I will have an MRI to zoom into this part of my brain. It’s likely nothing and this has nothing to do with the vaccine.

6) I had an MRI of my inner ear in January 2022, and it appears the doctor brushed over the fact that further investigation was needed due to a possible hole in my inner ear canal, which could obviously cause dizziness. I will have more testing to determine if this is the case and was referred to Heuser Hearing Institute to further investigate my prior diagnosis of BPPV and vestibular migraines. Next week, I will begin taking a medication to offset all things migraine related called Nurtec. My inner ear and migraine frequency took the heaviest hit post vaccine because these areas were already weak.

7) I will meet with a Norton Neurosurgeon as well. Honestly, I forgot for what bc I got A LOT of information today but maybe the brain lesions? I’ll just leave it at that for now lol.

others out there that aren’t. Please stop shaming people that opt out. You have no idea what their reasoning is and quite frankly, it’s none of your business. We are all doing the best we can out here and no two people are alike but gaslighting people who are suffering, is trash. What happened to me may be “rare”, but it’s real and it’s happening to more people than you can imagine which is why I cannot and will not just “stop talking about it”. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for caring enough to read. This remains the best way to update my non immediate network but I know it’s a lot. Thank you to my family, friends, and even strangers I’ve met along the way for being present in my life and believing me – even when I didn’t have the data or the answers that I have today. To those that didn’t, I know you’re still watching and no amount of data that I provide will ever will open your minds enough to realize that someone sharing their experience for awareness is not propaganda. Telling someone they aren’t disabled when you’ve helped them pull up their own pants or walk down a sidewalk proves how many people’s allegiance lies within a political narrative versus human suffering. Even when it’s in front of their very eyes. I will never stop advocating for those whose vaccine related injuries have not been documented in their legal medical record just because mine now have.

It goes without saying, this has easily been the most traumatic year of my life. After being hospitalized post-vaccine, going to physical therapy weekly for 7 months, seeking the opinion of multiple specialists, and even losing a couple of friends because they refused to acknowledge my position – I finally have answers.

I’ve waited MONTHS to get into Norton’s Neuroscience Institute but finally did today. I didn’t walk out with a fix but I did leave with a Neurologist in my corner and more importantly, measurable data that proves that the vaccine not only attacked the weakest parts of my body – it created brand new issues.

Swipe to see:
– a list of what I’ve learned, what the next steps are, and how each does or does not relate to the vx
– comparable pre and post v data
– some closing thoughts
– me post vx hospital release/now

I am deemed disabled in the eyes of my medical team but I will not accept that as my fate. Though I still need assistance sporadically and have limitations, I am healing. I’ve grasped onto the fragments of my former life and evolved them into something more meaningful than ever.

I’m not the same Alexa I was last year, but I will continue to claw my way to the best version of myself and to recovery – but not without raising my voice for those who cannot.

If this information scares you, it scares me too. Imagine living your worst nightmare and being told to be silent about it.

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