Craig Barbieri – 33 Years Old with Severe Adverse Reactions to Moderna COVID Vaccine

This is Craig’s story:

Craig Barbieri is a healthy, fit & athletic 33 year old father and husband with no underlying health issues at all who had to take the Vaccine because he works at a hospital.

He took his second Moderna Vaccine in December 2021.  10 Days later his symptoms below started appearing.

Craig spent the pandemic working hard and also wore his mask, taking social distancing to heart doing everything he could to protect his family and asking others to do the same. He took the last two years very seriously and was meticulous about practicing safe health measures. That’s why he’s beyond stunned to have taken the vaccine & found himself completely disabled.

Craig’s symptoms include:  

  • Brain fog
  • Tingly body
  • Numbness in extremities
  • Facial swelling
  • Severe chest pain
  • Sores on mouth
  • Swollen lips
  • Body weakness

They’ve done 3 MRI’s, a lumbar puncture, the most blood work of all time. He’s on an antiviral, fluids and we have no answers still. They are saying he has a brain virus that’s attacking his nervous system now.

He can barely walk, and the headaches and body vibrations are preventing him from sleeping.

It’s so awful a perfectly healthy hospital worker in his early 30’s is now completely stripped of his normalcy.  He can’t even just get up and get dressed. 

His mouth is swollen and he was tested for every oral/virus and all came back negative.  They haven’t gone away or gotten better, they are painful and his lips are extremely swollen.  We are on day 8 and it’s only getting worse.

Since writing this article, Craig has also been diagnosed with Behcet’s Disease.

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