John Stokes – 21 Year Old NCAA Golf Player Diagnosed with Myocarditis After Pfizer COVID Vaccine

This is John’s story:

I am a Division 1 college athlete.  I’ve lost my fall senior season because of heart damage from the Vaccine.

I was a completely fit and healthy 21 year old and within 4 days of the second dose of Pfizer, I was hospitalized for 4 days.  

I have myocarditis caused by the injection.  I’m not able to do anything for a minimum of 3 months for more evaluation to see how my heart is healing or if some heart damage is permanent.”

John received his second Pfizer dose on August 31, 2021.  Shortly after he developed “flu like” side effects, however the chest pain he was experiencing got worse.

“I told my parents something wasn’t right, and we called the doctor,” Stokes says. “He told me to go to the ER. They diagnosed me with myocarditis, and they told me it was from the vaccine. I was hospitalized for several days after.”

While in the hospital, Stokes says his heart initially hurt so much that he was unable to sleep. He was monitored by doctors and given Tylenol and a second anti-inflammatory agent whose name he was unable to recall. His doctors, he explains, did not want to give him additional medication and advised him to rest. Eventually, the extreme pain subsided, though he says he still has chest pain that is, however, more manageable.

While he was in the hospital, he made a tiktok video, that went viral, before Tiktok removed it.

“I have been banned on tiktok for having a vaccine injury.  This is totally unjust how vaccine injured people are being treated.  We have to fight tyranny in all of its forms.  This country is in a precarious situation with mandates and censorship.

I will be deciding my next course of action, thank you for everyone who has been supportive of the vaccine injured. We are being discriminated against and I demand a change.  When there is a risk of adverse reaction and expensive medical bills, it is unjust to mandate and should be a personal choice, period.  I demand better.  And if you are injured by a vaccine you should be able to tell people.”

Here is an interview with John about his injury.

Here’s a sharable video I compiled on his story:

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