Mark Ruston – Blood Clots from AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine

This is Mark’s story:

I had 2 astra zeneca jabs before most people had been offered their first, I was fast tracked for the vaccine due to me being ‘vulnerable’ by having a compromised immune system since I had the kidney transplant.

I, like most people believed what was happening at the very beginning of this shitshow and I was told to ‘shield’ due to my vulnerability. I did this and didn’t see anyone for a year.

During this time the vaccines came about and i was already a bit wary of the thought of having one and i raised my questions about it with my kidney consultants who assured me it safe for me and that it would not interfere with my anti rejection tablets i take for the kidney, So I put my trust in the specialists that had kept me alive for years and went ahead and had the jab.

I felt ill for 3 or 4 days after the first shot, I remember I was very cold and generally felt like shit with flu like symptoms, It wasn’t pleasant but I got over it fairly quickly.

I was even more wary about having the second but went along with what the specialists had told me and I had it .. After the second jab my body temperature dropped to a more or less freezing temperature & I could not get warm for 3 months, I was wearing a vest, t shirt, a fleece, a hoodie, longjohns and tracksuit bottoms and a dressing gown in my house with a scarf round my neck and a blanket over me and with the heating on full and i could still not get warm


Secondly my nose didn’t stop running for 4 months, It was dripping uncontrollably all day every day and what was dripping out was at times foul smelling too.

I wasn’t feeling ill as such but still i didn’t feel right, I was always freezing cold and my nose was running like a tap, This went on for several months.

Thirdly a few months later I had a blood clot, Again i didn’t feel right in myself, begun to worry & got myself to hospital and they found a blood clot in my left leg.

It was luckily discovered in time & it was dissolved with medication.

Whilst i was at the hospital that night there was 9 people there with blood clots, The next morning I had to take more meds and go back to the hospital for a scan to see if it was gone and there were 11 new people there with blood clots. All 20 of us were seen in a children’s ward that was being used as a makeshift clot unit.

Now I was on dialysis for just under 5 years, 3 days a week, 5 hours at a time & here I had every drop of my blood taken out of me washed and put back into me via a machine & in all that time with that going on i never had a blood clot in me till I’d had these jabs.

I also had other issues shortly after the second jab with my eyes and ears, my vision went patchy and cloudy and I had problems with my right ear too along with suffering from severe headaches – something that i never get . Now i can’t definitely say that these last issues were from the jab but I am pretty f*cking sure they was as tens of thousands of other people had reported the same issues on the yellow card adverse reactions site.

Now I myself really regret having the first two jabs and I really hope that I have got off lightly with what I have gone through as a result of having them.

I will not let them come near me with any boosters / future jabs.

I am not anti vax, I believe this should be pro choice and my personal choice is no more of that shit for me.

I am bored of the whole f*cking thing now and I will not comply with any of it.

Basically 2.20am Sunday morning I woke up and coughed once and then screamed the house down for 40 minutes I was clutching my arm tight to my chest screaming in pain, I thought I was dying.

I was in so much pain I couldn’t even think to call 999 or anything I was just screaming holding my arm close to my body. It felt like razor blades were being repeatedly dragged through my left arm ..never had pain like it.

This went on for 40 mins at least before I must of just fallen back asleep out of exhaustion , I rewoke just before 9am and when I woke I was in a whole world of unrecognisable pain.

It was evil.

I had a 10mm thick supervein ( an av fistula ) made for me when I used to have dyalisis and I could see and feel that this was in trouble.

Blood bruising began to show through my skin on this now extremely swollen super-vien, the pain was not so bad by now and I thought I needed to speak to my renal team it was Sunday and no one was there so I waited till first thing the next morning when I got through and was told a doctor would call me back I think it was 16 hours before the consultant called me and said it sounds like a clot, Go to hospital now.

I rang ambulance that took 7 hours to get to me..I was taken to Northwick Park hospital swabbed first then tested positive ( still 19 fucking days later ) and I was slung in a red alert covid ward, For 18 hours I sat on a chair in a room and was seen by no one in that time and given just one glass of water.

I do not have the f*cking flu yet I am being treated like a leper again.

Anyway after nearly a day of really shit treatment I was starting to be seen by good people and was told they would have to operate on me today.

Eventually the next afternoon they did the operation and they have cut a huge blood clot out of my arm they have had to disect my av fistula too to remove the clot as this is where I clotted.

Here is the clot just before they cut it out.

As soon as I could stand I dressed & discharged myself.

This is my second blood clot in a few months.

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