Alex Mitchell – 57 Years Old With Extreme Blood Clotting and Amputated Leg

This is Alex’s story:

My name is Alexander Mitchell.  I have never had Covid or any underlying health conditions or allergies.

On the 20th of March, 2021, I got my 1st COVID-19 vaccination and received the AstraZenca vaccination and returned home.

I had the same as a lot of peoples side affects initially: i.e a dead arm and really tired for the entire weekend. Returned to work on the following Monday and after a couple of days felt back to my old self.

Twelve days after the vaccination on Thursday the 1st of April ( the irony ). I was at work (I am/was a Scaffolder) and just at the close of the shift, I thought what I had was a bad cramp in both calves. I went home had a bath and went to work on Friday and the same again. Since Friday was a short day I plodded through till I got home.

The next day (Saturday) I was still in agony so said to my wife ” if this is not any better in the Morning then I’m going to the hospital “.  Sunday morning rolled around, and I was still feeling sore but it’s a little bit better.

One hour later I was upstairs getting ready to go and get my daughters, when both my calf muscles  exploded with horrible pain.

One hour after that I was in Hairmyres hospital being informed that they are wanting to do a CT scan which they performed immediately.

It was at this time my wife and both daughters were taken to a private room and the consultant explained that there was very little hope of me surviving and to prepare for the worse as they had never seen or dealt with the volume of clots in my abdomen and both legs.

I came round from the ct scan and the results simply put, were not good.

The consultant explained that I had masses of clots from my abdomen down into both legs and needed to go to surgery right now, as I was in real trouble. They rushed me to the operating room for emergency surgery and when I came round the surgeon told me she couldn’t believe I made it through the procedure, and she managed to clear all the clots from my abdomen and my right leg, but that they were worried about my left leg.

Fast forward to 10 days after initially going to the hospital for emergency surgery, and I had to go back to the hospital to have a large section of my left leg to be amputated.

On Sunday the 11th of April, 2021, into Monday I had an above the knee amputation and spent 8 days in hospital until I was able to go home.

Once home I began the very slow process of trying to find out what I needed to do with regards to my finances and filled in my DWP PIP claim and a vaccine damage payment at the end of April. I received confirmation of both claims saying that my claims are being processed and they will be in touch. I followed up on my claim every week for 7 months before I heard back from them. 

To add insult to injury I have received two letters since requesting the 2nd vaccine. despite the fact I cannot receive any vaccine as per ukgov guidelines.  There is absolutely no pathway for people like me to follow other than benefits and an archaic system set up in the 1970’s that is not fit for today’s purpose.

I was dianosed with VITT – Vaccine Induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia.  At the time of writing this, there are 220 confirmed cases 50 probable cases,70 possible cases and sadly 73 fatal cases of VITT. More information on VITT:

I am so so heartbroken and feel so abandoned and discarded by the Scottish government and the Uk government.

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