Arooj Imtiaz- 28 Year Old Medical Student With Severe Adverse Reactions to Pfizer COVID Vaccine

This is Arooj’s story:

Hey guys. My name is Arooj, I was born in Pakistan and raised in Ireland.

Prior to my injury I was a 5th year medical student in Bulgaria.

I had my Pfizer Vaccine on the 10th of Sep ’21 and I’ve been disabled ever since.

Before I say anything I just want to say that I loved my life. Like most other wild and free 28 year olds I never imagined to ever be in a position where I not only lose my ability to walk and function but my degree and career that I was so close to attaining. My whole life, gone as I knew it, with a prick of a needle.

I put the Vaccine off for as long as I could – had COVID in April ’21 in Pakistan. I got it from the COVID ICU in the hospital where I was volunteering.

After my recovery I went back to work (we only had masks), at times I was in very close contact with patients unprotected but I never got sick again.

A few months later my father suffered a reaction post his Vaccine and was very scared but you’re categorized as more than just crazy if you’re a medical student claiming that the “science is not right”.

I’ve been working for my dream for the last 9 yrs, there came a time couldn’t stall having the Vaccine any longer, I was healthy, young so I took the chance. I flew to Ireland to get it because that’s where I felt the SAFEST. I got my Vaccine at 10 am in Waterford, Ireland.

My symptoms started to appear just 15 mins later in the order as follows: Dizziness, unconsciousness, full arm spasm, dystonia, inability to speak, drooping of face, tachycardia, involuntary leg movements, grimacing dystonia, facial spasms, locked jaw, full body tremor’s burning neuropathic pain all over my body vomiting nausea till this day.

I was rushed to the ER the paramedics were concerned; the doctors not so much. My symptoms stopped after a few hours and I was sent home.

I have had 3 near death experiences ever since my Vaccine, the first time on the same night. I turned blue and believe I’m only alive because my sister and father quickly performed CPR and arranged an ambulance. Two days back and forth later I was admitted to the hospital, the next day a neurologist walked in while I was tremor-ing and diagnosed me with FND. A diagnosis he made without no examination, no investigations, no collateral history from my family or medical history from my GP. An FND diagnosis meant no treatment for my seizures even though I could go into respiratory arrest.

I was under supervision 24/7 soon I lost my walking ability as any movement on my feet would lead to severe seizures. My father had to beg them to abort my seizures, my blood tests were not normal, they poked me for over 4 weeks did all sorts of tests but nothing was “wrong”, had had enough of doctor’s and nurses standing over me “observing” chatting, laughing while I’m having a seizure and feeling immense pain.

This experience has left me with PTSD.

It has been 4 months since I’ve been living at my parents’ home. Unfortunately every Dr, that I have contacted in Ireland refuses to take my case on. I have been advised to see an autoimmune neurologist for which I have to travel abroad. I have never needed the doctor and to my disappointment thought medical insurance isn’t a necessity in Ireland. I was wrong.

I did my part but nobody else did theirs in looking after me once I got a reaction. I’m dependent on somebody to look after me 24/7. My parents have done everything to give me such a beautiful life, and they’re doing everything they can for me.

Two Vaccine injuries in one family are VERY taxing both emotionally and financially.

It’s been almost 5 months since I’ve requested and not received my medical file from the hospital. My brain has been on overdrive trying to figure out how to make my symptoms better without any investigation’s. I have to be my own doctor. The list of symptoms gets longer every day.

I now also experience paralysis, muscle atrophy, numbness, burning head, stiff neck, depression, severe lows in mood, sweats and cold chills, random spikes of temp etc. I have to do my own blood work, MRI’s, other investigations. I have to source my own physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, HBOT and stem cell therapy so that I can hopefully walk again like I once used to and finish my MD.

We are all going through a lot so I would appreciate any help especially prayers ❤️.

Her gofundme story is HERE.

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