Catherine Olivia Teseniar – Moderna Clinical Trial Severe Adverse Reactions


This week Catherine emailed us to provide an update:

“I now have a rare cancer of the immune system called T Cell Lymphoma.”

This is Catherine’s story:

Three days after my 2nd Moderna dose, I had extreme head pressure, trouble speaking, stuttering, forgetting meaning of words, head twitching, tremors, confusion, forgetfulness, poor eyesight, poor balance, poor grasp, heavy legs, weird smell, sweating, pain in urethral area, hair loss , lines in nails and shoulder pain that worsened.

I went to urgent care and they sent me to ER. Cat scan came back normal. Offered spinal tap but I regretfully declined. Discharged.

Went to the research study clinic. They only did a Covid-19 test and took 8 vials of blood. They have not told me any findings on the blood-work but the Covid test was negative.

The neurological problems began to subside after two weeks. Fatigue and brain fog persists. Ivermectin helps.

I had to have shoulder surgery because of the inflammation response to the Moderna Vaccine. My orthopaedic surgeon said the damage to my shoulder was NOT because the needle was placed wrong but because of my reaction to the vaccine. I actually lost full range of motion after the first dose on August 26th 2020. My arm was in pain and I couldn’t lift it over my head.

The doctor, Dr. Santiago, at the study facility said it would be okay to get the second dose because she didn’t believe my arm injury was from the vaccine. So, after the 2nd dose, the extreme inflammation reaction caused further damage. I had surgery on February 4th 2021.

Moderna did not help me. I asked them for an MRI three times. They never helped me with any of the injuries even though my contract with them says they will pay for medical care if I’m injured from Their Vaccine. They did not report my injuries to the FDA when applying for emergency authorization use!

Meanwhile, my shoulder is hurting still and I’ve also developed swollen lymph nodes. I had to have one removed under my vaccination arm . When the surgeon removed it, he had to ‘take three’, because they were oddly melted together. He said they were also odd in color. He said they were like none he had ever seen before. I reported that to the study clinic so they could report to Moderna.

I then developed a Seroma, a week after lymph node removal. I had to have a drain stitched to my armpit for 33 days. I had to take more narcotics because that pain was worse than the shoulder surgery. My shoulder was still healing when the Seroma developed and this was all on my vaccination arm.

I have a new autoimmune condition of connective tissue. The doctors are still trying to figure out what kind. They think my new autoimmune condition is causing the swollen nodes under both arms and legs. Skin biopsies verified a connective tissue disease. They think possible lupus. I’m waiting for an appointment with a lupus specialist.

I have just developed a new symptom of pain in both knees.

Before the Moderna Vaccine’s I was very energetic, pain free , and sharp minded. I now feel 20 years older and my quality of life has dramatically decreased. I have constant pain. I’m fatigued and forgetful. I want my life back!

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