Chrystal Hopkins – Miscarriage & Severe Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccine

This is Chrystal’s story:

I was forced to get the vaccine or I would be stood down.  I voiced my concerns, but my voice and personal choice was stripped away from me with a mandate in effect.

I reluctantly got the first vaccine when I was in my first trimester of pregnancy so that I could meet the deadline to keep my employment.

I was told it was safe by doctors and the nurse who administered again assured me it was safe. I was told that it would be worse for me to catch COVID whilst pregnant than getting the jab. I thought I was doing what was right for me, my baby, my workplace, the community.

2 weeks later I experienced chest pain and heart palpitations.  Then I miscarried and gave birth to my 2nd twin. My 2nd twin had been perfect all through my scans until all of a sudden his heart stopped.

3 days later I was in hospital with sepsis. Organs were failing, lungs partially collapsed and rushed in for an emergency operation to remove infected retained placenta. I nearly died.

Testing was completed on my baby boy to find all testing came back with no issues and the testing can not provide any answers. My placenta testing came back fine and chromosome testing came back nil issues.

I will never know whether it was the jab that caused my miscarriage. But I wish I never had it. I wish I was never forced to put mine and my babies health at risk by taking the vaccine. 

These questions would then have never been on my mind and my babies may have still been alive growing beautifully in my womb. I would be feeling their kicks by now.

Maybe we would still be getting ready to set up a nursery.  Maybe we would still be looking forward to the month of May.  I guess I’ll never know.

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