Howard Harris – Severe Adverse Reactions to Johnson and Johnson COVID Vaccine

This is Howard’s story:

Update on my husband post forced Johnson and Johnson Covid Vaccine from 8/28/21.

Headaches, radiating chest pain, nauseated, shaking uncontrollably, extremely elevated pulse, weakness full body, can’t even lift a dinning roomchair, activity sensitive, extremely high sensitivity to exercise, BP x 3 medication changes and still between stage 2 and stage 3 hypertension depending on the episodes, multiple ER visits, heart monitor activated today for 30 days, ECHOCARDIOGRAM, throat echo and sternum stomach echo gram done at the same time done to our surprise during the ECHOCARDIOGRAM, lab tests, chest xrays, ext.

Today he got worse again during one of his heart episodes and ended up in the ER again with BP at 167/112 pulse at 116 resting.

I drove to the ER up to 80 pmh and he begged me to drive through a red light second vehicle back from the front stop line during his cardiac episode so next time he is riding in the ambulance plus they can get the readings more accurately to onset episodes since he was forced to get the COVID Vaccine instead of waiting 40 mins for ER Triage.

Below one of the clips is a video of him shaking uncontrollably that he experiences during episodes (this one is less severe and limited time to FB time limits for video) that started directly after getting the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine in August.

He used to warmup during a workout to 245lbs bench press with a clean bill of health in pre deployment physical, prior to being medi-vaced back to the USA from the other side of the world due to the COVID Vaccine.

My husband is a proud honest hardworking gold bar wearing active duty navy Submariner Machinist Mate for 20 plus years!

He is the kinda guy to be say if my bone isn’t sticking out or I’m not bleeding to death I’m fine. So for him to be in this space in time is not any small issue. Please help us pray and help spread awareness. God bless.

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