Joseph Keating – 26 Year Old Died After Pfizer Booster

This is Joseph’s story, as told by his older sister Kaylee:

Update on Joseph Keating –

We received his autopsy back and are in shock at the results.

He passed away from “Myocarditis in the left ventricle due to the recent Pfizer Covid 19 booster vaccine.”

WHAT. Seriously, that is what is exactly written on his death certificate. Shocking… and so very sad.

He had gotten the booster on Monday Nov 8 and passed away Friday Nov 12.

Joseph had NO UNDERLYING ISSUES with his heart. In fact, he had received EKG’s and echos his entire life and had always had a normal functioning heart. Even the pathologist said he had a “normal 26 year old heart.” How can this happen?

If you knew Joseph, you knew he LOVED science and he was always pro-science and pro-vaccine. He trusted science and did his part.

We understand Joseph represents a very rare and very small portion who experienced negative side effects from the vaccine, but we are choosing to share this news not by starting any controversy or retaliation or telling you to get vaccinated or not, we are sharing this in hopes that people understand that these reactions exist and are very real and to be rightly informed.

We want answers why this happened and we want more research done so no one else goes through this heartache. We want the CDC and the FDA to honestly communicate with the medical community and the public what is happening and what can happen, not be silenced.

We want to be heard and we want Joseph in everyone’s memory.

We love you Joseph and we miss you.


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