Julia Whalen – 32 Year Old Mother of 2 With Guillain Barre From the Moderna COVID Vaccine

This is Julia’s story:

My name is Julia Whalen. In May of 2021 I got the jab. I was so desperate for the world to go back to normal that I would have done anything to help that along.

Before this I was a perfectly healthy 32 year old woman. I hiked to the top of steep mountains, rode bikes with my family, walked 20,000 steps a day, worked a physically demanding full time job, and was a busy mom of 2 always running from place to place for whatever anyone needed.

Just 2 short weeks after, everything changed. Suddenly I couldn’t feel my legs and walking was a struggle. I have pain in my legs all the time despite taking pain medication. I need assistance getting in and out of the shower, I rely strongly on handrails and other things to grab on to when I lose my balance and feel myself nearly falling, I am unable to walk around a grocery store, unable to drive, unable to do the outdoor things that I love, and I can’t be the mom or the wife I used to be.

In June I was hospitalized and treated for Guillain Barre Syndrome. They told me they caught it early and that treatment should be effective along with physical therapy.

However, Months later I’ve also developed weakness and numbness in my right arm, numbness in my face, tinnitus, dizziness, falling, and tremors in both arms and legs. I also struggle with bladder leaks, bowel issues, excessive sweating (even in the winter), and severe brain fog.

I’ve even had to quit the job I love because I cannot get around myself anymore.

After exhaustive medical tests and hospitalizations I’ve gotten no closer to an answer and the light at the end of the tunnel. It difficult getting my current neurologist to listen to me and address my concerns. I’m desperate to get help and answers.

I’m telling my story because I’ll do anything to get people to listen to us. We have been censored for too long.

Her GoFundMe can be found HERE.

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