Natasha – Single Mom and Nurse of 12 Years With Extreme Adverse Reactions to Pfizer COVID Vaccine

This is Natasha’s story:

I have been a nurse for 12 years and got my first dose of Pfizer in September 2021 after taking extended time off to be home with my first child. I was a little skeptical about it but I was excited to return to work. I did not know of a single person had had any very adverse effects and I felt totally normal immediately afterwards. Not even a sore arm or fatigue!

About 10 days later I noticed I kept waking up repeatedly with totally numb hands as if I had slept on them. I was like huh, weird! About a week later my fingers were so stiff I could barely make a fist or hold a pen. My right wrist was so painful I went to the ER where I was dismissed with tendinitis and told to wear a brace.

Fast forward my symptoms quickly progresses to fatigue so bad I could barely take a shower every joint in my body was visibly swollen and very painful. Brain fog, memory loss My second ER visit showed a D dimer of 1150. Panicked, a stay US of all extremities was completed but negative for any DVT’S. ANA was positive this time. I was again sent home and told to follow up with a primary MD. Upon follow ups I was place on two round of high dose prednisone which relieved every symptom.

I have tested negative by the specialist for every autoimmune disease including sarcoidosis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. My abnormal labs cannot be correlated to any know disease as far as my specialist can figure out.

My Ace enzymes are 174, ANA is positive, aldolase and c reactive protein are all elevated but every other lab is negative. My insurance has refused to approve any MRI to further investigate the pockets of swelling I have in abnormal places. my ankles swell up so bad I can barely fit my shoes. My knees feel like sandbags and I can barely gather the energy to lift my legs up the stairs. The pain and numbness on my fingers is excruciating.

It crosses my mind every single day that I have no idea what is going on inside my previously healthy body. As a single mother I cry at night at the thought that If this keeps progressing my son may have to grow up without me.

I pray to God every night to please have mercy on me and heal my body.

The effects this has had on my career are drastic. I can no longer afford to stay home sick but every single nursing job I have applied to has refused me due to my ” half vaccinated” status.

The hospitals have the right to refuse my legitimate medical exemption from my doctor and they have all done so. I have stopped telling my story to friends or social media due to judgement.

Nobody including my doctors want to believe that any of this has been caused by the Pfizer Vaccine. as I wrote this I feel so hopeless and lost and forgotten. Being a new mom, this is supposed to be the happiest time of my life and it is shadowed with this illness and constant worry about my future. Please lift me up in prayer.

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