Rebecca – COVID Vaccine Destroyed Her Health

This is Rebecca’s story:

12 weeks! 12 weeks of investigations and today I am having more.

12 weeks since I got my second jab and in these 12 weeks I have had more tests/investigations/dr visits then I have had in my entire life! Never have I been so unwell. Never have I been this shitty.

I am a completely different person to the healthy, very active person I once was.

This vaccine should NOT be mandated! What is safe and fine for some people does not go well for others. For all those millions that have been jabbed and are all good – I am so so pleased for you. I truly am.

But this has completely ruined who I am.

Gone is the person who enjoyed exercising – I can not exert myself at all as I feel like I am going to collapse. I have tried to return to the gym a couple of times but my body just won’t let me do anything

 Gone is the woman who LIVED for her horses – who would ride everyday after work or even before work. Lucky if I ride one horse once a week at the moment when I am having a good day.

Gone is the wife/mother who LOVED being with her family – my life is just about getting thru a work day. I get home and collapse on the couch. Normally in tears from the pain in my head.

Am I bitter? YES!
Am I angry? YES!

Angry at Govt mandating it so we can keep jobs.
Angry at the Govt mandating it so we can keep our “freedoms”.
Angry because when I told my GP I would not be getting the booster as I can’t go thru this again, she just smiled sympathetically at me and said it’s ok we can try one of the other ones next time.
And more so angry at myself for allowing myself to be pushed into having it! It’s weird but even when I was sitting there waiting to have it I just had this gut feeling that I would regret it.

This is why we should have PRO CHOICE! No one should be forced to have something injected into them just so they can keep jobs/freedoms. And the next time someone says to me “it’s for your health” I will literally stab them with the vaccine .

I am completely exhausted both physically and mentally from the pain in my head. All I want for Xmas is to get my health back. That’s all I want and pray for.

I know I have lost a few FB friends over the last couple months due to my pro choice stance BUT people MUST keep an open mind and acknowledge this vaccine is not for everyone. We aren’t “anti vax” we are about having the choice to do what is best for ourselves and our bodies. There are a lot of us doing battle behind closed doors because we did try to do the “right” thing and are now suffering from the consequences.

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